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For me it was very important to do my YTT in India, because it has its roots and origin there. There are far too many institutions that offer yoga, also the ways to obtain a certificate are quite diverse (certainly also questionable), even with the price, there are apparently no limits. It really is a big challenge to find the right school. So I am very happy that I have been recommended by the Kailash Tribal School to a friend in India. After the very positive reviews and testimonials about the school and about Yogi Sivada's teaching style, it was clear to me that I´ll go to Dharamsala / Mcleodganj. Also, because I have been there twice during my previous trips, the decision was very easy to make. I was thinking about to go in March or April, but in the end it was August (Monsoon season). In retrospect, I am very happy because the frequent rainy days let me focus even better. And I was also able to admire the most beautiful and largest rainbow of my life. Of course, there were also wonderful days, which invited for a walk, it has rarely rained through a day completely. The environment, the in-house infrastructure, and the classroom are perfect for getting 100% into yoga. I recommend everyone to take a room for a month directly at school - this makes bridging easier with smaller breaks and you have everything close to each other. I loved the option of being able to cook in my room, so I could try out what I learned about the meaning and impact of food on my body in my everyday life. The small vegetable stalls or greengrocers on the roadside rarely let a home come home empty-handed.
When I decided to do my yoga training, I did not have much experience with yoga - I just spent a few hours in the gym. This non-existent base initially made me somewhat unsure if I was not over training myself. I must confess that prior to training, I did not really have an idea of ??what yoga really is. So, when I started with my YTT, the uncertainty disappeared very quickly.
Yogi Sivadas is a great teacher. He gives you the freedom and time to unfold yourself completely, to find your true self. He teaches you to look at things from a different perspective and to understand yourself even better. Yogi Sivadas teaches yoga with passion and conviction and you can feel it very clearly in each of his lessons. He is so positive, always clear and authentic in his statements. Every day we had a combination of theory and practice. The theory units I found very informative, but because of the many beautiful examples and stories very diverting. I loved the active parts in the morning and in the afternoon. The most important thing is, Yogi Sivadas is always there and you can ask as many questions as you want without feeling stupid.
I am so happy and grateful that I have found and selected Kailash Tribal School and Yogi Sivadas for my YTT. This experience has left a lasting mark on my life and changed it in many ways - now I know it does not take much to feel happy and balanced. However, if you don´t have the opportunity or time to travel to India to Kailash Tribal School, you have the unique option to join your YTT with Yogi Sivadas also in Berlin (he also spends 2-3 months a year in Germany). ?
Reelika Gottstein (Estonia & Germany) Reelika.Gottstein@telekom.de, reelika@gmx.de
After years of dreaming of doing my YTT in India, I not only finally completed it, but I just so happened to luckily find all I ever wanted in a school, teacher, and training. Yogi Sivadas is one of the most humble and sincere teachers I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of, and his wisdom and intellect are astounding. This course was much more than a yoga teacher training, it could be argued that you also receive a course in philosophy, anthropology, Indian history, metaphysics, Ayurvedic science, world religions, anatomy, biology and so much more. This course is a realistic and practical approach to incorporating yoga into your everyday life, whether it’s through Ayurvedic diet or poses to counteract the stress we put our bodies through. Yoga Sivadas helped to me to transform how I think and act on and off the mat, and I give him my utmost gratitude!

Also, if you’re looking for a power yoga oriented school where you will come out doing crazy backbends and handstands, and simply want a fun course where you get a certificate at the end, this program may not be for you (Nothing wrong with that either, but I could see how young sociable people may be disappointed). Yogi Sivadas's course is holistic and challenging based on much more than just Asanas, the methodology and lectures will encourage you to change your overall mental and physical programming with proper dedication (Sivadas doesn’t hold your hand or babysit you, he simply gives you the tools and knowledge to do so).
I recommend this course for people who are very serious about yoga and looking to make lasting changes in their lives, yet lots of prior yogic experience isn’t necessary as he teaches from the ground up with much patience. Also, I know the part of food not being included could be a negative, as it was for me while choosing, however I am happy it was this way as it gives you the chance to begin to prepare food that will best serve you and your needs based on Ayurvedic principles, that way you can bring those new habits home when you go instead of being accustomed to having all done for you as many trainings do. Also, the room and center are probably some of the best I’ve stayed in so far, clean, simple and in a perfect location to get acquainted with India.

If you’re undecided and overwhelmed with the infinite YTT options (choosing a school is really difficult with the unlimited choices these days!), I can assure you this school won’t let you down. This program is professional, organized, authentic, conducive to self-healing and worth every cent spent.

One of the best life decisions I’ve ever made, I deeply thank you Yogi Sivadas for absolutely everything! Hope to come back someday soon for my 300 hour!
Sophie Cook (Yogini Sudha) <sophiecook2293@gmail.com>
“Yogi Sivadas is a great Master of Yoga. His teachings are full of enthusiasm flanked by discipline and austerity. His tuitions are precise and clear. He creates an atmosphere of strong motivation and he has the ability to instruct the students in executing the postures correctly. In his program he covers all aspects of Patanjali Sutras explaining in depth the understanding of Patanjali, philosophic references, Ayurvedic processes and cleansing ways. He teaches with great experience and conveys the feeling being in a carefully way thoroughly looked after. Although the course was extremely tough, I woke up every morning full of joy with sparkles in my eyes. It was a great honor and blessing to be me having been thought by Yogi Sivadas and I am looking forward to continuing with the next 300 hours with this wonderful teacher.”
Sigal Ansorg <sigal.ansorg@gmail.com> Berlin Germany
I had NO INTENTION of becoming a yoga teacher!...... but I needed to reboot after a hard time after my work contract ended and I relocated to another country. I chose a yoga teacher training because it was something completely different than what I’ve done before and I needed something for my mind as well as my body.
I never thought that the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Berlin with Yogi Sivadas would change my life so drastically as it has done! It was incredibly intense, it was long days and hard work and I got blisters from the asana practice - but I also got deep connections with my fellow yogis, incredible conversations and an enormous amount of knowledge.
During this month I learned that yoga is not about doing the poses perfectly, but doing them perfectly FOR YOU!
The philosophy classes with Sivadas gave me a lot of insights, he has an open and very calm way of listening, and the gentle support in your path has been amazing!
I consider Yoga Sivadas my friend and mentor, I still have discussions and teachings from him as I myself has become not only a teacher, but also a yoga therapist, company owner and yoga nomad, travelling for workshops and classes. I  specialise in working with people that have difficulty doing yoga and need individual classes to make sure they get stronger and more flexible without straining the muscles. My point is this course can be exactly what you need it to be; a reboot, a holiday, a change, or a new path to be discovered in your life!! It’s up to you to find the right way for you!

Fleur Adams, Germany and Denmark www.yogahjerte.org
This January I did the Yoga teacher training with Sivadas. Have I already had high expectations in the beginning of the course, they have even exceeded. Sivadas primary focus lays on the health factors when doing Yoga. Therefore we learned about the human anatomy which helps to understand the correct way of holding a posture. This knowledge also let me to figure out the strengths and weaknesses in my own body. We talked about Ayurveda and discussed about philosophical questions of life. Very fascinating was to learn about meditation techniques. In a fast and ever changing world our mind is constantly stimulated with information. These techniques help to observe ones own thoughts and emotions and approach each day more consciously and with content. Thanks for the inspiring and educational time. I am already looking forward to the next one.

Malena Wiegmann <malena.wiegmann@yahoo.de> Berlin, Germany.
I loved every bit of my course in January 2019. It truly was a life-changing experience for me and I benefitted a lot from this. My fitness, outlook on life and overall wellbeing has improved. Also, I am convinced that the training with Yogi Sivadas has equipped me with all the knowledge necessary to teach a well-rounded yoga class, in which nobody will get injured. I really enjoyed Yogi Sivadas' focus on healthy yoga, his advice and discussions on Vedic philosophy and life in general.
Ever since the course has ended, I miss him and his teachings a lot. But I think his impact on me and my yoga practice will stay with me from now on.
Overall, I can highly recommend this school and would not want to continue my future yoga teacher's training with another school.
Anna Orinsky <anna.orinsky@yahoo.de> Berlin, Germany.
With the oversaturated market for yoga teacher trainings it's hard to make a decision on where to go. As soon as I saw Yogi Sivadas' school on Yoga Alliance accredited school list almost 3 years ago, I knew it was the one for me. I was so correct! Going to Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Hollistic Health for my 200 hour yoga teacher training was by far the best decision I've ever made in my life. I knew I wanted to come to India, where yoga originated, to learn and get submerged in the whole experience and it beats any teacher training I would've been able to get in the west. I wanted to expand my personal practice as well as gain the tools to teach others and gained all of that and more. This was a whole lifestyle course and it has changed my life for the better. It expanded my conciousness on so many levels. Yogi Sivadas has an incredibly vast multitude of knowledge. There are few yoga schools where you only have one teacher and small classes which made it more personalized. One of my favorite things was that there was so much emphasis on doing the asanas in correct alignment and not pushing your limits to where it becomes unhollistic and damaging but just enough to where you are leveling up in your practice. He taught us so that we would be able to teach people at all levels of ability. The accommodations were cute and sufficient- with your own bathroom and small kitchenette and balcony. Also the location was amazing in McLeod Ganj you could see the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas from the school and the people of the small town were some of the friendliest in India. I would definitely come back for my 300 hour YTT and I suggest it to anyone that wants to go to India for their YTT. Thank you so much Yogi Sivadas for teaching me a wealth of information I will take with me wherever I go.

Ellen Tuohy <ellen2e@gmail.com> USA
I did attend the Holistic Hatha Yoga TT in Berlin last January 2019 and I can only say it has been a totally amazing, enriching, unique experience. Before signing up I spent a very long time searching on the web and, since the offer is nowadays quite huge, I must admit I wasn't sure I made the right choice. Those things are always somehow risky and considering that I already was a Yoga Teacher with 3 more TT in the recent past, I was particularly intentioned not to waste my time and money (as anyone else I suppose).
But eventually I met Eric, which is the beautiful person organising the TT with Sivadas, and had a great feeling about it all. I assumed that Sivadas had to be a good person too and hopefully a great teacher.
Now the TT is over and I'm so happy to say that all my expectations have been largely overcome. I have learned so much about Yoga, Vedic culture and Philosophy, anatomy and spirituality... and for that I'll be always grateful to Yogi Sivadas which is a true yogi and an amazing teacher. Thus, I take full responsibility in suggesting this TT to all yogis which honestly and truly want to improve themselves as teachers, practitioners, humans. You won't regret it!
Antonietta Trotta  <antdesigner@gmail.com> Italy.
It's a challenge to put the experiences of this amazing four week journey into words. The decision of joining the 200h YTT with Yogi Sivadas was definitely the right one. I enjoyed every minute of it and it really helped me evolve on a deeper level than I had expected. Not only did I progress a lot in my own practice but I also learned so much about the Vedic culture and philosophy. Yoga is so much more than just a fitness practice and the training motivated me to wanting to share this experience and the positive impact Yoga has on every body's life in so many ways. The vast knowledge of Yogi Sivadas enables me to offer very well rounded, inclusive, healthy and holistic yoga classes. As I come from a sports medicine background I can't stress enough how much more I learned about the body and its systems working together and Yoga being able to harmonize them on many different levels.
Thank you, Yogi Sivadas, I found my guru and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and diving deeper into the topic with you in the 300h Yoga Teacher Training!

Tatjana Zink  <t.zink1308@gmail.com> Berlin, Germany.
After finishing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Sivadas in Berlin January 2019 it is with great joy and thankfulness I express my gratitude! For all the wonderful knowledge and wisdom received through this course. Yogi Sivadas was a true guru, inspiring and compassionate, teaching yoga, in a holistic perspective as a joyful and healthy journey through life. I got the best grounding and methods to aim for a more harmonized life, through a quality yogic lifestyle. This course changed me in so many ways. It gave me confidence and faith in myself, so that I with experience and time also can offer wonderful yoga classes to others in the future. I can now truly listen to my body and understand how it works together, act the best way, really feeling it, and teaching it to others. I really recommend Yogi Sivadas and this yoga teacher training so much. It will for sure help you to rise and enlighten, to experience more intellectual awareness and to find your inner peace and freedom, celebrating life! I choose to be a compassionate and dedicated yogini Aruna, carrying and sharing unconditional love to the world. Thank you so much Yogi Sivadas, Alice and Eric. We will meet again!Yogini Aruna.

Merethe Forfang <merethe681@gmail.com> Norway.
I did my 200 RYT in 2012, the following year, I returned for the 300 yoga teacher training certification. Six month prior to coming to Kailash, I was searching searching for yoga schools in India. Kailash was the only program that replied promptly, answered my questions on time and make me feel that I am going to have the time of my life, in the Hills of the Himalayas and learning Yoga.

The Kailash Tribal School, it’s location in the hills of Himalayas, to me, made this school extra special. Yogi Sivadas is extremely knowledgeable about yoga, anatomy, philosophy, and India.

In addition, I took the Reiki course as well as The Sound Healing course from Yogi Sivadas. I felt a connectivity and a deeper understanding taking these courses during the yoga certification. I felt all dots were connecting and the school gave me space and light to discover myself through these amazing energy channels.  He taught me to look at my life in a new light and offerings. Because of this school, and it’s curriculum, I continue to do my practice daily, I teach my yoga class with strong appreciation for knowledge I gained.

Thank you, Yogi Sivadas. Maryam Hosseinnia from U.S.A, Tehran, Kuwait. <maryamh@me.com>
One year later, I couldn’t be happier with the decision to learn from Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal School. The 200hr TTC course is tough, immersive, and incredibly rewarding. Yogi Sivadas blends a deep understanding of anatomy & physiology with ancient philosophy and timeless wisdom. The course gives deep understanding of the mechanics and benefits of asana, and an even deeper appreciation for all aspects of yoga and its underlying principles. I highly recommend the Kailash Tribal School and its teacher training program, and am grateful to Yogi Sivadas for being a true guru. Anu Parvatiyar (Yogini Anita) yahaanrahoyoga.com
After arriving in McLeod Ganj in August 2017, I set about locating a yoga school where I could complete a 200 YTT. I am very grateful I found the Kalash Tribal School. Yogi Sivadas teaches with integrity and compassion. The course was split between asanas and theory, my days were kept busy with yoga practice and learning about what yoga really means. The school is situated in the heart of Mcleoud Ganj but is also very peaceful with beautiful views. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning about Yoga.
Elizabeth Varley - UK <varleyliz@yahoo.co.uk>
Authentic high quality yoga school and teacher. Complete the 200 hour teacher training course at Kailash Yoga school after doing extensive research about the available course in Dharamshala. From the moment I first met Yogi Sivadas I knew that I would do the training with him. He teaches his courses with compassion and is dedicated to provide the best service to all of his students. He encourages constructive discussions during all the classes and really takes the time to answer every question from the students. The accommodations are also great with a gorgeous view over the valley. I ended up doing the Reiki master course as well as the sound bowl healing as well. It was truly a transformative experience and I am very grateful for Yogi Sivadas hard work and dedication. Hopefully I will be able to come back for the 300 hour course next year. Namaste. Michael Hausegger, Austria <m.hausegger@protonmail.com>
Spending a month at Kailash Yoga School for the teacher training with Yogi SivaDas has been one of the most life changing & unforgettable experiences to date. It flipped a switch in my own psyche on which has allowed alot of joy & bliss to prosper within. What I really wanted from a YTT was to delve into what Yoga really was, aside from the western view/approach, & that is exactly what this school provided me. Yogi SivaDas exceeded any expectation I had for a teacher. He has so much knowledge & personal experience of understanding this life from an existential viewpoint that makes him an incredible person to learn from. So very grateful for you & your school. Hope to return to the Himalayas one day soon!  Agnes Wywrot, Canada. agnes.wywrot@gmail.com

I did my Reiki training with Yogi Sivadas back in 2016. It was a very interesting and informative (if unconventional) course which set me on the road to learn more about Reiki and other complementary therapies. Reiki is now part of my life and I give Reiki treatments alongside my life and health coaching. I am grateful to Yogi Sivadas for his teaching and hope to be back to the Himalayas and see him again!
Ignaty Dyakov Russia & England <ignaty.dyakov@gmail.com>

“I just completed the RYT 200 yoga teacher training with Yogi Sivadas along with a Reiki and Sound healing course. My feeling is that I deeply feel privileged and honored to have had the chance to receive all these knowledge by a true teacher in the person of Yogi Sivadas. This was not the average experience. It was a life-changing awakening, a journey through understandings guided by a master, a time with my self in beautiful and peaceful environment. A big thanks you to Yogi Sivadas for being a true teacher, a good man and a beautiful spirit! Quentin (Yogi Vijay)."

My contact : - +33 6 31 17 04 05 

quentin.vignaud0@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/quentin.vignaudhttps://www.instagram.com/lapresquiledubonheur/
I came for the July 2018 course to Kailash Tribal School and this month is really has changed my life forever. I know it will never be the same after all the knowledge and all practical skills which I got there. Yogi Shivadas is really the best teacher and I’m proud to be his student. I will really recommend this school and course for everyone and I’m absolutely sure you will be satisfied with all the things which you will learn and understand! Yogi Shivadas thank you so much for opening my eyes and mind! And I will miss our lectures, discussions and asanas practice. I was felling great while learning and now I should to bring this feelings, energy and knowledge to the world!

Maria Prople<mashenkalife@yahoo.comRussia & UAE.
Yogi Sivadas is knowledgeable, caring, and personable. He is accommodating and does whatever he can to make the students feel comfortable. The classes consisted of both philosophy and postures. Each class was engaging and I found myself transforming in body, mind, and spirit. Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life for the better. I feel more grounded and confident. I am grateful to have had this experience and would recommend Kailash Tribal School to anyone who is interested in learning authentic Yoga including the philosophical, physical, and spiritual practices. Jennifer Habel jhabel321@gmail.com USA & China
" I came to know about Yogi Sivadas of Kailash School of Yoga from my Girl Friend, she herself is a Yoga Teacher and her teacher has spoken really highly about Yoga SivaDas, which made me very curious. 

Before meeting Yogi SivaDas My approach of Yoga was only limited till Body exercise & I was unsure of whether yoga was really something I saw myself pursuing as a career because I felt I was not good enough, but the experience, compassion, patience and dedication he showed me was instrumental in inspiring me and preparing me on my path to becoming a yoga instructor. His approach was very Holistic, he explained every aspects of yoga with a reasoning and history behind it. He also inspired me to leave few bad habits which I had since several years, and which was my weakness and now i am writing this testimonial after 1 month of completion of my course, I can definitely say that I feel Much much better. Can't thank enough to my Friend, Teacher, Mentor and my Guru = Yoga Sivadas.

I feel very lucky to have had learnt from him and cannot recommend him highly enough as a teacher whether it be for Yoga Asanas, Psychology, Anatomy, History.

Love and Peace from Delhi India. Vijesh Singhal <vijesh@bohame.com>

«I studied yoga teacher training at Kailash early in the season of 2018 and it was in a more quiet time in Mcleodganj which I appreciated. I recommend staying at the facility as this enables the student to focus on the studies instead of spending time for transport and getting disturbed with the busy town. The rooms are nice and clean with a small-equipped kitchen to make your own food (which I prefer).

The training itself it perfect for anyone at any level. Like other schools Kailash don’t get hung up in a certain style but is more universal, which can translate into learning how to establish your personally fitted foundation and functional yoga practice towards a yogic life. On this foundation you can hereafter build and customize your personal need and preferred style of yoga for you future both in private and as a teacher. Instead of narrowing it down to a certain style and thus excluding the diversity of yoga, this training opens up for all styles and nuances of the yogic life. What I also liked very much was the link to Ayurveda and the understanding of the unique individual every person is, opening a whole new world of understanding myself and future students. This will certainly help me as a teacher to meet every student at their premises and what will be beneficial for their life and health.

Also I like that we’re maximum 12 students giving us more teacher time (we were even fewer giving us even MORE time to question and corrections), and practice and getting feedback from drop-in yoga practitioners putting the aspiring teachers to the task and challenge of handling the widespread differences from total beginners to experienced customers. This is very valuable lessons and confidence builders!

Last but not least I appreciate the way Sivadas encourages each and everyone to fit the yoga to their own personal health. Too often I’ve been comparing my flexibility and myself with others instead of working slowly deeper into what my body serves and deserves. Yoga practice is personal, and not for anyone else. This way, as a teacher, you can teach others to practice yoga for themselves and their own health, and not for pictures and numbers of likes on social media. This is so immensely important to emphasize! Listen to your body and its limitations and team up with your body and the reality of your personal health, and the good results will show with time and practice. Yogi Sivadas succeeds in teaching this, and he succeeds in teaching a gentle and including practice where everyone will find their expression, be able to work within their bodily possibilities and limitations and avoid injuries. Turning life to the better.

All in all i recommend the teacher training at Kailash as it is a very good foundation for your yogic life no matter your age, level of experience or body shape. This is a good start to the rest of your healthy, wholesome and balanced life.

Linn Elise Goos Rølvåg   (Yogini Jyoti) <lrolvag@gmail.com> Norway»
This yoga teacher training was everything I was looking for, and more. There are so many yoga courses out there, so I’m still astonished that I managed to find the ideal yoga course that teaches the real meaning and aspects of yoga. I love Yogi Sivadas’ holistic approach- fitness isn't at the core, it’s an important aspect yes, but yoga is so much more than that- a philosophy, psychology, and above all a lifestyle suited to your personal needs that lasts a lifetime. Yogi Sivadas has so much knowledge about all the aspects of yoga, about the history and philosophy of India, and more, so if you do this course, be prepared to have your mind blown with wisdom concerning all sorts of things. I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience the authenticity of Yoga and India. The accommodation is also great, I had everything I needed to be more than comfortable- hot water, electricity, a kitchen, big bed and a balcony. I already miss Mcleodganj and the school so much and I hope to return soon to do the reiki courses (I have only heard great feedback) Thank you so so so so much for all your valuable teachings and for helping me make such a beautiful transformation. I will share the wisdom with the world for sure, the world needs it. Namaste and until next time. Pia Unutzer. Bavaria, Germany<piaunuetzer@gmail.com>

Thanks again so much for your enlightened and engaged teaching. I had a wonderful time in your school, learning not only a lot about yoga history, philosophy and teaching but also about myself. I came back healthy, inspired and in tune with myself. In fact, all my senses have intensified during my stay at McLeodganj! I recommend your school to anyone who wants to get immersed in the art and life of yoga – rather focussing on the health aspects than on performance as a goal. Although I only  did the 200hrs course so far I do feel that I have already learned what it needs to help anyone – even those who are not fit yet – to get the best out of yoga.

So again: thank you from my whole heart! I do hope to be able to come back some time in the not so far future for the 300hrs course.

Bettina von Kupsch <bvkupsch@bluewin.ch> Switzerland.

I finished the Berlin Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Sivadas in January 2018. Picking a YTT is very difficult, because there are so many available. I really recommend you Yogi Sivadas. He is open minded, very spiritual, and very profound in his teachings! The holistic approach of his Yoga teachings is good for the body and the mind. However, who thinks this is some kind of Yin Yoga only, is wrong. It is a well rounded style, that offers something for everyone (believe me I am a "Power-Yogingi"). He explains all poses in detail and reasonates on the health benefits and the correct alignment on the basis of anatomic explanations. He is willing to answer ALL your questions, which I loved. The theoretical part is very spiritual and profound. You will learn a lot. His Teacher Training is really a journey and you learn not only about Yoga but also about yourself. I truly recommend him!

And from next year on, there will be 2 teacher trainings in Berlin, which you can also book! Take the chance and get yourself a really good Yoga Teacher Training for a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier with my choice! Jessica Kasprzak, Berlin Germany <jessy_ka@web.de>
I attended the 300hour advanced yoga course in November 2017 and it was the best decision I could have made. The exceptional and extensive,  wisdom and knowledge shared by Yogi Sivadas is appropriate for all those wishing to deepen their practice of a yogic lifestyle and hone their individual teaching techniques. My only regret is that I didn’t take the full 500 hour course to extend the experience.
The yoga centre is set close to town, so shopping is easy for food and there are good restaurants nearby that offer a wide variety of food. The course keeps you busy most of the time, but being so close to town means that you can enjoy the bustle of Indian life as well as the calm of the yoga centre, a perfect combination.
It’s scary to book a long retreat without really knowing much about it, but Yogi Sivadas is a kind and generous man, with a passion for helping us all to become the best we can be. Thank you from England. Lynne Mawby <lynne@tlc.myzen.co.uk>
4 weeks ago I passed the 200 YTT in Berlin. It took me some time to let things settle first before writing the testimonial, as there’ve been so many new informations and impressions to handle with. Although it was physically and mentally a very forcing course I would not miss this special time.

From Yogi Sivadas we could learn a holistic yoga generating the best benefits for health. And furthermore he put yoga in its real context:

not only to practice yoga as a way to train your body but also to realize the positive effect on your mind and way of behaviour which means to install yoga as one part or your yogic life within a holistic way of thinking.

 Sivadas has such a profound knowledge on so many subjects like history, ethnology, medicine, alimentation or philosophy for example that it’s a pleasure to follow his lessons. And again: yoga is not taught as an isolated subject, but as a part of medicine, philosophy … and so as a part of everyone’s life. And the transfer of knowledge is done in a very pleasant, humorous and open-hearted way, sometimes in form of metaphors or stories.

Hope I will have the possibility to join another course in the future.

Dr. Christine Maria Manuela Baringer<christine@dres-baringer.de> Bavaria, Germany.
It's been a couple days since I finished my 200 YTT with Yogi Sivadas in Berlin and, boy, I feel like I will need a lifetime to process all the knowledge and wisdom he shared with us during the course. His way of breaking complex and confusing philosophical thoughts down to their essence and bringing them to life in beautiful stories and metaphors was inspiring. He encouraged us all to not only learn the content and be able to repeat it but rather to make the knowledge of Yoga and Indian philosophy our own and to integrate it into our individual lives. The same understanding is visible in the way he teaches the physical aspects of yoga: as a holistic practice adaptable to the individual needs of a person.

To me personally however, Sivadas philosophical teachings were the most valuable part of the course. In the Western context I feel that spirituality, mindfulness and yoga are often understood as ways to optimize the ego, to ever improve it and never grow past it. Sivadas however – in my subjective and humble understanding – told us that, yes, you need to get to know and understand yourself but that actually in the end you need to get over yourself (!) to be able to see the beauty around you and enjoy it! I will cherish this awareness in my personal yoga practice and pass it on to whoever listens. I am very grateful for a challenging yet wonderful time! Maria Linsel <mia-linsel@gmx.de> Berlin, Germany YTTC 200 our course January 2018
Hello & Namaste!

I am Aniket Pande, 300 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher from Kailash Yoga Tribal School, Mcloedganj, Dharamshala, Himanchal Pradesh, India.

I would begin with thanking Yogi Sivadas for sharing his wisdom and enormous experience with me.
I wanted to adopt Yoga as my lifestyle and go deep into the practise of asana and philosophy. That is the reason I visited Yogi Sivadas for the second time.

I knew that the meaning of the word 'Guru' is "the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance". It was first time that when I met Yogi Sivadas I also understood the meaning of the word 'Guru' in its full essence.
I learnt not only the fundamentals of Yoga poses and practises but also the nuances of Yogic lifestyle. Yogi Sivadas brought into notice my problems and provided me with explanation of the solutions to overcome them. His efforts to make an individual independent is something I admire and respect.
My learnings at Kailash Tribal Yoga School stay with me and guide me in the direction of progress of my individual self and society. My way of thinking towards my body and mind has become better and I thank Yogi Sivadas immensely for this.

My stay at Kailash Tribal Yoga School was very pleasant and rewarding. The valley of Mcloedganj is witness to some wonderful sunrises and sunsets. The weather stays pleasant and the nature is all around you. The town of Mcloedganj is pretty.

Hi my name is Genna and I completed the 200+300hr YTTC in November 2017.

I had done very little yoga before I started, and my goal for the course was to build more of my own personal practise as well as learn about the Yoga philosophy and way of life.

I found the entire course very functional, and Yogi Sivadas teaches in such a way that makes it easier to apply to your every day life. As well as being functional it also allowed one to be able grow individually and not become too reliant on Sivadas. I particularly liked that I was never forced into any poses, everything was done at the individuals own pace and comfort, and we were always reminded to take our time. Through this I really felt I had more benefits in the long run.

Now having completed the course a month ago I feel more than ever how it has affected me in such a positive way, both physically and emotionally. There is still so much to learn and Sividas has given me an understanding of Yoga and its philosophy that I can take as far as like.

The accommodation was simple with exactly what I needed, clean sheets and basic kitchen utensils - and Mcleod Ganji is a pretty place where nature is only a 10 minute walk away.

If anyone has any further questions about the course please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail gennatozer@gmail.com

From Zimbabwe.
I attended the 200h TTC in August 2017. I decided to study at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga because I wanted to improve my own practice as well as getting the foundations to teach others. My interest was to deepen my knowledge of the yogic philosophy and of the anatomy. Yogi Sivadas is an experienced teacher who keeps his students engaged and focused on all different aspects of yoga. I feel both the course structure and the teacher met my needs and I believe learning from Yogi Sivadas has helped me to modify my own approach of yoga to a more holistic one. I believe I now have a better understanding of my own body and can modify my practice accordingly. Since I have come back home, I feel I want to share my knowledge and help others to develop their own practice in the same way.

The school offers a safe and nurturing environment, and the rooms are a nice and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to further deepen their own practice. Nadege Soula nadegesoula7@gmail.com France & England
Kailash Tribal School 200h+300h Yoga Teacher Training.

My name is Emil and I did the 200h and 300h yoga teacher training course with yogi Sivadas. As a novice yoga practitioner my personal goal of the course was not to become a fulltime working yoga teacher but rather to deepen my knowledge and practice
about the subject. I told my self that if I would reach the level of feeling comfortable teaching others, that would be a bonus.

I chose to take the courses with Sivadas through recommendation from a friend who did the same course 2016 but also because of the holistic approach of the
practice and theory.

With a background of doing a variety of sports and having a job which involves me standing all day, stiffness and minor old untreated injuries were brought into light through the practice. 10 weeks later the difference is definitely noticeable. In my left hip an old injury from when I was 15 made the area stiff and locked up. 10 weeks later the mobility is almost equal to the right side. Following the guide lines when it comes to diet and morning routines also have promoted a  increased general sense of wellbeing. Tuning the body and also losing 7kg was a bonus but not a goal.

In my opinion the course covered a vide spectrum of of the term "yoga". Philosophical, anatomical, spiritual, holistic, therapeutically, historical are a few. From my previous rather limited knowledge about yoga I can now say I have a deeper understanding about the subject and feel I can promote healthy guidelines weather it comes to diet, practice or practical lifestyle. I really appreciated the smaller group form, max 12 people, which gave us the possibility to communicate with Sivadas about specific thoughts/issues which might be impossible in larger classes.

Sivadas way of first teaching us a stable foundation then promoting us to rely/listen to our selves and deepen our knowledge rather becoming dependent on a external source was great as it promotes confidence and introspection. What I learned through out these 10 weeks is something I will take with me for the rest of my life, a magnifying glass that helps me to look within for balance.

For anyone who is interested in broadening their idea about healthy yogic living, theoretical or practical, I recommend the courses with yogi Sivadas.
Emil Jorming <emiljorming@gmail.com> Sweden & Norway
YTTC 500 in Dharamsala

 First of all, I decided to study with Yogi Sivadas due his vast experience on yoga and teachings, his yoga knowledge background, every course group is small (up to 12 students), the holistic approach of the practice and the very comfortable accomodations of the school. I came to get a firm practice and tools for teaching, so I booked for a 200-YTTC but then, during the course, I decided to stay longer and get the 300-YTTC because I knew there was a lot more to learn from Yogi Sivadas and the environment it was propitious for that.

I thanks a lot Yogi Sivadas to gave me the tools to improve my health and help others through the yoga path.


En primer lugar, decidí estudiar con Yogi Sivadas debido a su vasta experiencia en yoga y enseñándolo, cada cursos es pequeño (hasta 12 estudiantes), el enfoque holístico de la práctica y el alojamiento muy cómodo de la escuela. Llegué a conseguir una práctica de yoga sólida y herramientas para enseñar; así que me inscribí en el curso de 200 hrs; pero luego, durante el curso, decidí quedarme más tiempo y obtener el 300-YTTC porque sabía que había mucho más por aprender de Yogi Sivadas y el ambiente era propicio para eso.

Muchas gracias Yogi Sivadas por darme las herramientas para mejorar mi salud y ayudar a los demás a través del camino del yoga.

Iván Rodríguez Contreras,  From Chile <ivanrodriguezcontreras@gmail.com>

I attended 200h TTC in July 2017. I am Pilates instructor and studio owner. My plan was to broaden the horizons with one more way of 'workout'. I was also curious about pranayama and meditation but I haven't had clear idea if this would have been interesting for me to incorporate in my life. The course was above all the expectations on all levels. As a Pilates instructor it was important to me to understand what yoga is - its complexity but yet simplicity - suitable for everybody everywhere and at any time, and not just another workout. And this is how Yogi Sivadas teaches.

He is exceptional teacher who shares all his knowledge and at the same time he allows students to have their own opinion and way of thinking. Yogi Sivadas is very professional teacher with many experiences who in my opinion designed the course to fulfill expectations of every student no matter of their previous experiences.

Now one month after I finished the course I have to admit that in the past I was always a little bit sceptic about yoga, it was that weird people thing. But now I am proud to be one of them. I love my morning routine, I love pranayama, meditation... I still have our chanting in my mind but I am still learning. So yoga become a part of my life and I am looking forward to grow with it.

Thank you Sivadas! Ziva Olup <ziva.olup@gmail.com>, Slovenia
I graduated from the 200 hr YTTC in May 2017 from Kailash Tribal School. I firstly want to express my deepest gratitude for Yogi Sivadas for this beautiful course, helping me to open my awareness more, understand the amazing philosophy of Yoga and teaching me to take care of myself, both body and mind. I personally struggled with the course due to my health issues and I don't think I would have been able to finish without the compassion, support and kindness Yogi offered me. I learned probably the most important lesson of my life: to surrender, to accept and to honour my body and its needs.

The programme Yogi Sivadas has put together is amazingly comprehensive and Yogis knowledge and wisdom keeps amazing day after day and his patience in teaching and answering questions of the complex topics is never ending 🙂

The beautiful town of McLeodGanj and the great premises of the Yoga school offer a safe haven to nurture yourself and take time for your process and learning. I really enjoyed staying at the school, the rooms were very comfortable with a balcony and away from the busyness of the city.

I'm so happy I ended up having my training at Kailash Tribal School, Yogi Sivadas teaches beautiful, mindful Yoga that is far from the Western fitness yoga and that is exactly what I came to look for. I feel I have now so much to give to my students and my own practise has evolved to a beautiful nurturing practise that is making me healthier and happier.

I hope to return to Kailash Tribal School at some point to continue my training.

Thank you Yogi Sivadas.

Namaste, Tuire Niinimäki

Holland & Finnland

In this era of Globalization, the world has become a global village getting inputs form each nation filling the global basket with latest technologies and innovations. One great philosopher said about the role of India as a nation  "Indians are coming to this global basket empty handed not because they don’t have anything instead they don’t know what they have." Stuck in a similar circumstance, getting intellectually eroded by the system becoming a rebel, I started seeking true knowledge. I thank the divine order to have made me meet Yogi Sivadas from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Here in Kailash Tribal School, I learned the fundamentals of spirituality starting form a balanced lifestyle and conduct, Moving into Asanas which were told and explained to us in the most scientific manner and not just by mere imitation. The philosophy classes quenched my deeper spiritual understanding of my own existence, the world and the cosmos. My stay in the school has been a transforming and an evolving process. Today I feel I have touched and am residing in a domain beyond explanation.

In today's unbalanced world I guess this knowledge of genuine Vedic and Yogic science is instrumental to create an inner harmony that for sure will get reflected on the outer domain too. I bow my head in reverence and thank Yogiji for his humble and enlightening discourses. The benefits are beyond my words, as it has reconstructed my individuality. Siddharth Banerjee <sid.ban03@gmail.com> New Delhi, India.
"I took Yogi's 200 hour Yoga certification course and it has helped me in reset my central nervous system. I now respond more than react, I am calmer and more happier as I catch myself when I begin to dip into unhealthy thoughts. I learned so much about life and my mindset. Yogi Sivadas taught us that Yoga isn't only about the physical, it is a lifestyle and a mindset. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the yoga lifestyle and mindset. Yogi Sivadas and his courses at Kailash Tribal School will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you Yogi!!"

"I had been playing with Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls for about a year before I took Yogisivadas's Sound Healing course. I learned more than just sound healing, I learned about the body and vibrational therapy, how sound impacts the body, the brain, the frequencies and overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system. I loved this course and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health. I also appreciated that Yogi dispelled all the myths about Singing bowls, he helped everyone in the course understand what to look for when buying a bowl and what not to listen to when someone is trying to sell you a bowl. Thanks Yogi - you helped me start my business as a Sound Healer!Kristen Firpo (USA & Bali) kristen@healanywhere.com
I came to Kailash Tribal School (Yoga & Holistic Health) from the UK, to learn more about yoga, but not only did I achieve that, I also learnt a lot more about myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I have also deepened my philosophical understandings, developed strength and fitness and gained considerable confidence in my ability to help myself and others holistically, with a much more solid knowledge base, grounding and understanding. Additionally, I have enhanced my daily routine to include some very beneficial tools and techniques to further improve my health, but something I can also share with clients. An unexpected bonus was the friendships developed through sharing the growing experience with like-minded yogis from many countries, and I am looking forward to the advanced course. Thank you Yogi Sivadas and Alice (Madam). Namaste Mike Hanna <mike@mindtransform.com>

I have waited for quite some time before writing this review. It is simply difficult to put my feelings about Kailash Tribal School into words. My experience learning from Yogi Sivadas was the most amazing experience I've ever had. That is saying a lot. I came to the school after 2 years spent teaching in Ghana. I learned much about myself in that time, but my time spent with Yogi Sivadas not only taught me about myself: it taught me about Yoga: Unity: the Cosmic Consciousness: Love. It changed me. I am not the same person I once was, and I am so grateful for that. My mind has been opened and prodded and found incapable of understanding all things. I find deep peace in accepting my inability to understand all things.

Today I taught my first Yoga class in Pennsylvania. The experience was beautiful. I was given the complement that the class was a "sacred ceremony." This is testament to what I gained from Yogi Sivadas. He is a brilliant yogi, whom I like to call a practical mystic. He takes the mystery of yoga and makes it scientifically understandable. Then he reminds you that science itself is still all a part of this great illusion. And you realize that everything is nothing: infinity is zero: everyone is you: duality is unity.

Do yourself a favor and learn what you can from Yogi Sivadas. I, for one, am not finished learning from him. I will be back, Yogi. That is one of the infinite possibilities that I choose to make a reality. 🙂 Namaste.  Kristen Vogel USA <kmvogel91@gmail.com>

I opted for 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training course with Yogi Sivdas at Kailash Tribal Yoga School in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. I really enjoyed the experience with Yogi Sivdas. It won't be too much to say that this experience of 200 hours was more fulfilling and enriching than any other experience of my life yet. The chanting and meditation classes in morning put me at ease for the rest of the day. The Asana's classes in morning and evening made me understand my body and mind. It made me understand the strong points of my physicality and the week points as well. The solutions suggested by Yogi Shivdas were very helpful. The Asana's made more and more sense week after week. Every small detail was very well explained by Yogi Sivdas. The discussion about yoga philosophy was a very enriching course. There are numerous things that I took out of those discussions for myself. There are things that make sense to you and then there are things that don't. When things don't make sense Yogi Sivdas really talks about the subject in and out. We talked about almost everything meaningful. From a tiny atom to the entire Universe. I am glad that I opted for a Yoga course with Yogi Sivdas. He is an amazing teacher and a master in his subjects. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn something new and better. Thank you. Mumbai, India. Aniket Pande (Yogi Anand) <aniketgambpande@gmail.com>
I feel gratitude towards Yogiji for the kind of experience I experienced at Kailash Tribal School and the perspective knowledge I came across while learning yoga under him. The two important learnings from my experience in the teachers training course that I carried with me are: 1. Be it yoga Asana's or be it life, there is nothing that is 'supposed to be liked this.' There is obviously one particular pose for every Asana's, but Yogiji's teachings taught me it is no competition or a matter of being perfect than anyone. It is about the posture that is the best for oneself. The variations of Asana's he taught was for different body types. Just like in life, the phrase- 'It is supposed to be like this' is quite irrationally rigid. Every person is different physically, mentally and spiritually. Life is not ' supposed to be ' any particular way. Nothing is right or wrong based on a parameter of how it's supposed to be or not. His teachings about differentiating between the functional world and spiritual was one of the wisest point of views of the world I have come across. 2. He second learning was - ' To be an observer in Life.' Through his discussions, it was quite prominently highlighted as a fact. All the rich Philosophy all texts that made the same fact a thing of entirely different realm, Yogiji made the same fact understood in a comfortable and blissful way. By the end of my teachers training course in Kailash Tribal School I had gained a Holistic experience of yoga and gained immense and rich knowledge about yoga and life. I thank Yogi Ji for the beautiful and enriching course. Namaste! Allahabad India. Grusha Grace Victor (Yogini Anjali) <victorgrusha@yahoo.com>
20161008_180557-1On the 17th of October 2016 I arrived in Mcleodganj with the intention of staying for two weeks. As soon as I reached Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing and met Yogi Sivadas, I knew I was going to stay longer: I wanted to do the 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course with him. It was one of the best decisions I ever took and I will be forever grateful to have been able to study with Yogi Sivadas. It is and has been such a transformative period in which I have gained so much knowledge and insights. Where to start to share the experience?

One of the things I liked very much was the emphasis on the therapeutic and holistic effect of the “basic” asanas. You don’t need to tie yourself into a knot or bend over backwards to be a yogi/yogini. Yoga is for everyone and can be practiced by anyone. As Yogi Sivadas said: “If you cannot appreciate the basic asanas, how can you appreciate the small things in life”. It taught me to be patient, focused and aware. Practicing asanas is just a small part of yoga. I loved our lecture classes about philosophy, the sutra’s, anatomy, diet, Ayurveda, life-style, science, consciousness, the universe and beyond. With only a small group of dedicated people in our class we had the opportunity to discuss and ask as many questions as we wanted. Yogi Sivadas always took the time to answer all of our questions. Sometimes the answers would have a scientific background; sometimes an insightful and meaningful story would provide us with the answer we were looking for.

While doing the 200h YTTC, I took the opportunity to take Reiki classes and a sound-healing course with Yogi Sivadas as well. His guided meditations brought me to an inner place I had never been before and opened new insights about myself. I learned that happiness and knowledge comes from within. “All you ever need to know, is already within you”. Sometimes we just need a person to tell us this.

Regardless of the fact if you are a passionate yoga practitioner, a Reiki-healer, a student of Ayurveda, or none of the above, I would recommend to everybody to visit Mcleodganj and the school. The inner journey you go through is profound and will change you forever. You feel like you see the world for the first time, again. A world where the colours are more colourful, the people more beautiful and where one’s possibilities are infinite.

Namaste, Jeanine Sophie Curvers (Yogini Lalita) <jeaninecurvers@gmail.com> Belgium & Netherlands 
mariaI feel thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in the 200hr YTT at Kailash Tribal School in November this year.I already had my 200 YTT diploma since 2015  and practice yoga for about 6 years (hatha) , this time I was interested to complete 500 hrs YTT and of course learning yoga from a different perspective so I decided to go back to India and join Kailash school which was a great decision.Yogi Sivadas is the Director and Yogi instructor of the school, I trained with him and gained so much more knowledge, he is very talented teacher who imparts his deep knowledge about yogia history, lifestyle, philosophy, ayurveda, anatomy. Yogi Sivadas has a very solid asana classes with different variations, sequences, alignment and individual considerations based  in Dosha types or physical issues. I highly recommend Yogi Sivadas and Kailash Tribal school to people looking to learn yoga or deepen their knowledge in the yoga path focusing on the holistic healing.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and intend to visit the school next year again to complete my 500 hr YTT. Mariuxi Jarrin, Belgium. <mariuxijarrin@hotmail.com> Thank you Yogi Sivadas!
img_6447Yogi Sivadas is the director and Yogi (Instructor) of Kailash Yoga School. I trained with him during two seasons (Summer and Fall, 2016). I grew a lot during that time and delved deeply into conscious concepts regarding yoga philosophy and psychology (i.e., memory, Historical Foundations of Yoga {Pantanjali Sutras, Sanskrit, etc..). He delivered solid Asana classes and showed the students various variations/sequences, with alignment and individual considerations (i.e., Particular Dosha Types). I would recommend Yogi Sivadas to people.students looking to learn Yoga, and all its aspects- focusing on the holistic healing. Gian Michael Sarabia USA <sarabiabm@gmx.com>

To Yogi Sivadas
My Yoga Master

Thank you from all my heart for 2 and half months and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, full of learning, experiences and pleasure. It is my luck and honour that I find you as my healing yoga master. I'm exciting for continuing the learning and share this path with the world. Thank you for this gift! Waiting to meet again and to come back in the future for more learning. Namaste

Noa Shihor, Israel Oct 2016 <noashihor84@gmail.com>
IMG_7245I completed the 200 hours teacher training at the Kailash school in August 2016 and throughout I learned something new in every class. Parts of my own, and universal, psychology and physiology were also revealed that I was previously unaware of, giving me an understanding and broader perspective that can be carried throughout life. The course includes an expansive and personally adaptable approach to yoga as a concept and there is an emphasis on integrating the philosophy of yoga within the different aspects of the training.Yogi Sivadas has also been approachable, knowledgeable, dedicated and eloquent and as such I have found him a particularly inspiring teacher.

I consider myself as a 'beginner' coming to the course and after my experience I think it is accessible and relevant to anyone with an honest intention to learn more about yoga and further the experience of their own practice. I know I will enjoy practicing what I have learned here for years to come.

- Joseph Grugeon-Dixon, England <plays_guitar@hotmail.com>
I completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training Program at Freistilyoga Berlin in January 2016. Yogi Sivadas travels to Berlin to provide the training course. The training was of highest quality, intense, and life-changing. How much it will affect your life depends on you, and that is the beauty of it, because only you can live what Yogi Sivadas has taught. The classes were supremely well organised. Some people say 4 week training courses are too much to take in, in the short space of time. Perhaps that applies to some teachers, but not so with Yogi Sivadas. He made it very possible to learn everything easily in 4 weeks: It was how he structured the course, how he lectured, and the discussions and questions that were allowed. It also gave space to provide your own thoughts, so that the teachings were unforced. They were gentle and stark at the same time. The practical parts were extremely excellent to develop you as a teacher, providing different aspects from meditative to vigorous. The buildup of the course was remarkably professional, leading you gradually to a more advanced state, mentally, spiritually and physically. I was grateful that Yogi Sivadas also introduced his personal experiences in his teachings, because that is powerful, deep and memorable. It goes beyond saying, that Yogi Sivadas can advance the world by his teachings, his wisdom and compassion. Dr. Gesche Heiss <gescheheiss@gmail.com> Germany.
5) Rodrigo Otavio Lima FernandesYogi Sivadas is a truly amazing teacher. If you are looking for someone who is not going to force any belief system but make you think on your own, he is the right person. Some of his lectures were absolutely mind-blowing and they made me change in many ways how I see yoga and life. Sivadas also motivates and guides you through a gentle and safe Asana practice, which made me being able to train within my capacities without injuring or overtraining. I am looking forward to finish the second part of my training with him in a few years.Thank you very much,Rodrigo Fernandes, Berlin <rodrigofernandes@gmx.de>
P1130292I recently completed my 300 hr training with Yogi Sivadas. I had a fabulous experience during this course. I have had a few years of my own yoga journey. I had this extensive quest for knowing more about this wonderful path. I had sourced all over, collect many books, studied with various schools and followed many traditions. Here with Yogi Sivadas, everything came into a better perspective. It was a power packed series of sessions for me. He encouraged me to ask questions without any hesitations. I was able to get most of the answers I was looking within a very short period. It is now time for me to get all these answers into perspective and thereby leading to further questions. I look forward to meeting him and spending time with him. He is a warehouse of abundant yogic wisdom. It is truly a blessing to have studied under him. Thank you! Karthick Natarajan Madurai India and USA. <kntrjn@yahoo.com >
I have completed 200 YTT in May 2013 and 300 YTT in October 2015, coming back second time around truly felt like I was returning back home. Yogi Shivadas has dedicated his life to teaching yoga and is unselfishly sharing all he has learned through his lifetime. He will be guiding you to practice with patience, up to your own capacity, but also to employ complete focus and dedication towards your studies.
Yogi Shivadas is teaching classical Hatha Yoga, incorporating all the 8 limbs of yoga with his teachings. Apart from expected asana training you will cover concepts, ideas and practices such as pranayama techniques, meditation, yoga nidra, bandhas, kriyas, nada yoga, bhakti yoga, anatomy and physiology, study of yoga Sutras, yoga philosophy, and introduction to Sanskrit, Ayurveda and much more. It is a holistic training, with theraputic focus which takes you on a journey of self-discovery. This course thought me how to incorporate a yogic lifestyle, into my daily routine. You will learn how to better care for your physical, mental and spiritual health by understanding ayurvedic concepts on body type or constitution, eating the right diet, applying cleansing techniques, learning to listen and interpret your body responses, and finally to reach state of mindfulness and contentment. Yogi Sivadas teachings incorporate wisdom of both East and West, assisting students to evolve and gain better understanding about themselves. At times his teachings may challenge your views, ideals, preconceptions, assumptions that shaped you through years of conditioning. You will learn to view yourself as part of the infinite consciousness and not as stand alone, selfish human being. Yogi Shivadas is helping his students increase awareness and knowledge about themselves and the world around them. He would often say that he wants us to achieve independence, find our own guru inside and not to follow blindly his or anyone else’s teachings.
Worth mentioning is that this training is delivered in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, in the foothills of amazing Himalaya Mountains. The little village of McLeod Ganj is continually bursting with activity, colour and interesting people. It a melting pot of cultures, Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese. There are many beautiful hiking treks that you can explore in your free time. In terms of accommodation you can stay with the school or book your own accommodation in the village. If you stay with the school you will have the most beautiful view, and be able to cook your own food as most rooms have cooking facilities. Alternately there are many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants around.
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and study with Yogi Shivadas. The quality of his teaching has prepared me well and gave me confidence to pass on my knoweladge to others. I will be more than happy to assist you with any further questions.
Biljana - Yogini Rita
12233162_10153248022610959_118693792_nNamaste! Congratulations on finding this gem of a yoga school and this one of a kind teacher: Yogi Sivadas is the reason to come to the Himalayas to study Yoga.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to study for 500 hours with Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal School. This school is a comfortable and compassionate oasis, and feels like home. This is a place where you should come if you want to develop your body, mind, and spirit, all with equal love and attention, without the competition or stress. When you come here, you truly get into harmony with your true nature.
Yogi Sivadas has the kind of innate and indigenous knowledge that is most difficult to find, and his familiarity with the western mindset makes him the perfect person to deliver the knowledge in a way that is understandable, graspable, and inspirational as he leads by his own humble and authentic example. He emphasizes tribal knowledge, as the name of the school suggests, encouraging us to remember and embrace our global tribe. Yogi has the most incredible life story that will make you realize that the world is ours, and will make you want to shine your light on as many others as possible, and dance in the beauty of this existence.
Kailash Tribal School is all about tailoring the yoga program to the person, and helping you discover what you need in order to make your life balanced and harmonized: in Yoga, in your diet, in your relationships with yourself and others, and branching out to every other aspect of your life. Yogi Sivadas makes sure to always remind us that practice with patience leads to perfection, and practice without patience leads to pain and problems. Join this special yoga family for a truly therapeutic journey, and step closer to discovering the highest version of yourself.
I loved the Yoga course so much that I decided to also take the Sound Healing and Reiki Master course that Yogi Sivadas offers, and I would highly recommend them all to anyone with interest in these subjects. I think everyone should take them, as they are like massages for the soul! I felt like my time here at Kailash Tribal School helped me to recharge my batteries and come to a much deeper sense of peace than I have experienced before, for which I will be eternally grateful!
If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be very happy to answer any questions and share my experiences. If you want to learn more about my healing journey, or follow my gypsy life, feel free to check out my blog as well; I am featuring an interview with Yogi Sivadas coming soon! Contact info below 🙂
Love, Peace, and Freedom,
Dia ~ Yogini Deeksha ~ Gypsy Soul
P1130135'I met Yogi Sivadas in 2013 when I took the 200hs course at his Yoga School. It was such an amazing experiences that I new I wanted to go back for more courses. That happened this year between July and August! Not only did I take the 300hours course that I've planned but also I re took Reiki and Sound Healing! Why? Simply because the learning environment that Yogi Sivadas creates is yoga for the mind! His vast knowledge and modern approach to the ancient teachings of Yoga make his lectures one of a kind. The harmony, and serenity I experienced at Kailash Tribal School is immeasurable! For any one interested in going beyond asanas and breathing techniques, Kailash School is the place. Get ready to experience a journey to the Self and a treat for the mind and soul!’
Namaste, Ivanna (Yogini Abhaya)
USA, Argentina, Iran & Kuwait. ivannakh68@yahoo.com
P1120168I was recommended to this place by a trusted international yoga teacher. Sadly, there are hundreds of over-filled and badly taught courses out there. This is not one of them.
Small groups, no dogma, excellent teaching. Yogi Sivadas is a very spiritual dude with decades of experience. He is very grounded, and balances academic and scientific aspects with genuine spiritual connection.
He taught me balance, how to calm my mind, reiki, sound healing, chanting on top of the asanas and biological expertise necessary to teach yoga myself.
At one point, seeing I was loving the yogic literature, he brought in hundreds of ancient tomes and surrounded me with them and just let me sink into their pages and wisdom! My point is that he finds your interest and builds around it.
At the end of the course I happened to lose my wallet in town but him and his crew looked after me, got me on the bus and even made sure I had enough to eat etc until I got to my next destination. They really care and I can't imagine a better entry point into the world of being a yoga instructor. Samuel E. Raven, London, England, samtheraven@gmail.com
11067482_10205447642643554_3259155521931339007_nIn March of 2015, I took the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course from the Kailash Tribal School in Dharamsala, India. In my three years of world travels, it was truly a highlight experience. Taught from end-to-end by Yogi Sivadas, it was a pleasure to work with someone that not only had clear mastery over the asanas, but more importantly embodied and taught the wisdom of the yogic lifestyle. Yogi Sivadas gave ample time in all classes to allow the discussion to open and unfold, leading the group to arrive at it’s own wisdom. I also appreciated being in a class of twelve students, allowing for each and every student to interact and contribute to the collective wisdom of the course. I came away having two complete yoga classes to teach, a fundamental belief in the wisdom of the yogic lifestyle, and a deep appreciation for Yogi Sivadas’ personal wisdom and dedication to spreading it.

Kent Halliburton, USA, khalliburton@yahoo.com
yogamanaliI have been practicing yoga for many years, and i decided to do a yoga teacher training to go deeper in my practice and my knowledge of yoga and all its aspects. choosing Kailash tribal school to study was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Yogi Sivadas brought an entirely new perspective, not to mention wealth of knowledge, on the philosophy, psychology, and every other component of yoga. the patience, intelligence, and sense of humor were just a few of the many wonderful characteristics in Yogi Sivadas that made for the best teacher i could have been blessed to have the opportunity to study with. the class was small, just 12 people, which allowed for more personal guidance, and all of our questions were thoroughly answered in the discussions. it is a course that focuses on the functionality of yoga and integrating it into daily life. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a teacher, learn about every aspect of yoga, and efficiently bring to others and future students/teachers the tranquility that living a yogic life has to offer. thank you for the incredible life-changing month; I will never forget it! namaste to all!
Mayan Whyte, New York, USA, mayan.whyte@gmail.com
P1130207I have been studying the 200hrs teacher course with Yogi Sivadas and decided to also complete the 300hrs as the course was so wonderfully structured. The amount of knowledge, which is vast, opens new doors and pathways. What I always deeply appreciated while being with Yogi is that he wants to make you an independent teacher with creative thinking rather than just someone who follows the teacher blindly. After 10 weeks, I feel more grounded and am able to make more solid decisions and although I am not at the school anymore, Yogi is always a helpful person if questions come up in the future which he somehow always finds time to answer.
I am currently in Rishikesh and have seen some other teachers, but for my taste, they have not the same way of passing on knowledge in a way that isn't neither too technical nor too challenging to understand. He never imposes his opinion onto others and always leaves room for discussions. What makes him a great teacher I believe is his humbleness and his open mindedness as he has been travelling the world and his thoughts are therefore not only one sided. He therefore lives what he teaches.
A wonderful environment to practise I've found and although food is not included, it actually encourages you to be more self responsible. I recommend this to everyone without hesitation.
Please contact me also on my personal email address if you have any doubts or further questions under Oliver Brandenburg (Korea-Germany) kimg290783@hotmail.de
Thank you Yogi Sivadas for a wonderful time of selfstudy, self discovery and self realizatdion.
IMG_6725Kailash Yoga School was a life altering experience and Yogi Sivadas a true blessing to this world! His passion, energy and wisdom that he departs on the students is extremely inspiring. His spiritual and mystical mind coupled with his scientific approach to the themes in the course made a westerner like myself able to understand it all in a holistic way. This yoga course has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life and it was all because of Yogi Sivadas - a teacher that allows you to become your OWN teacher and lets you find your own way instead of trying to mold you into something you aren't. Thank you again Yogi Sivadas for helping become more mindful and aware of my true nature. I hope to be back in India soon! Namaste!Agnes Wywrot, Canada, agnes.wywrot@gmail.com
P1120177I came to the 200 hrs yoga teacher training with precise intentions: I wanted to learn and experience yoga in a suitable way for me: within a small group of people, with an inspiring and dedicated teacher and within a peaceful set up. To start with it, all of the above worked out, but so much more as well that I could not have dreamed of. The month spent at Kailash Tribal School of yoga and holistic healing with Yogi Sivadas and 11 beautiful fellow students, was one of the most rewarding ones in my life. It was truly an experience; a journey within that gives you a taste of your true nature and the tools to create your own sattvic life in a holistic way that unifies the body, the mind and the spirit. On a practical level: If you enjoy having open discussions about all questions of life, yoga or whatever the syllabus is inspiring you to think about in an open-minded environment, then Yogi Sivadas' school is the place for you. He is such a knowledgeable person that lives to share his wisdom - a wisdom worth being shared in the world! Thank you so much! Michal Antonovich, Berlin, Germany <michal.antonovich@gmail.com>
IMG_1476I have finished my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Kailash Tribal Yoga School in Mcleodganj in the Himalayas.

Yogi Sivadas is a divine blessing to this world. Sharing his seemingly infinite knowledge in a comfortable environment filled with humor and respectful expectancy of the individual. He patiently encourages his students to become their own gurus, by enlightening us with such valid ancient wisdom to be at peace with ourselves during every moment of our lives.

Come here and you will wake up every morning to a symphony of birds, stepping out onto your personal balcony to the majestic Himalayan Mountains silhouetted by the rising sun, many eagles soaring in celebration of the new day.

I enjoyed practicing asanas in the bright airy classroom, learning to practice with patience and given the proper guidance to self heal the injured back I had arrived with. The uniforms were comfortable, an unexpected welcome change to the western yoga pants I had grown custom to. I will miss being lulled into Shavasana at the end of every class by the transcendent voice of Yogi Sivadas.

The surrounding area has everything a person could need. Although I had my own kitchenette, which was a welcome luxury at times, there are so many cafes around with a variety of cushions at such affordable prices, I ended up only making tea and eating fresh local fruit at home. A reliable fast laundry service is just above the stairs, if you don't feel like hand washing.

I am wishing and encouraging every one of my friends and family to come and have this experience as I have. The world would be a better peaceful place, starting with peace coming internally from each individual.

Namaste - Yogini Tara, Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA, tarablock520@gmail.com

Jean ItierI have spent the last few years of my Yoga practice wondering what it is about Yoga which makes me feel the way I do. I could never put these feelings into words and even after the Yoga teacher training I took in Rishikesh, I was just as clueless by the end of it.
The advanced course has allowed me to finally understand the relationships between my body, mind, spirit and breath. I now, more than ever, feel connected to the world around me and my true self. It is thanks to your modern, scientific and spiritual approach that I was able to make sense of Vedic philosophy and integrate it into my practice and teaching.
Just like words cannot describe our connection to greater things, I find myself unable to express how much the Advanced teacher training Course has brought to my life.
I am forever grateful for what you have taught me.
THANK YOU! Om Shanti!
Jean Itier jeanitier@gmail.com
driva"I came to the Kailash school of Yoga and Holistic healing for the 200hr course and realized pretty soon that I'd made the right decision to choose this school. Yogi Sivadas is a very knowledgeable teacher, patient with a lot of humor, and with a practical and down to earth approach to yoga, and life in general, that I really resonated in me. The month spent at Yogi Cottage was a truly transformational experience and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to embark on the journey to become a yoga teacher or just deepen their own practice."

With love, Driva Louise Leyonmarck from Sweeden driva.louise.leyonmarck@gmail.com
P11201811"I had a very satisfactory experience with Yogi Sivadas. He is very well knowledgeable in all the aspects of Yoga and many other things that are important for a Yogic lifestyle. A nice to mention thing is the view of the Himalayan mountains from the classroom 🙂 "

Jeanne Karle (Yogini Nanda) USA jeanne.karle@gmail.com
P1120182In March 2015 I have followed the 200h YTTC at the Kailash Tribal School to improve my yoga practice, open up some locks in my body and mind and learn more about the philosophy of yoga and its therapeutic values. But thanks to yogi Sivadas' teachings and approach the yoga teachers training goes way beyond that. His course leads everyone who takes it on a journey towards a new way of life; a life that focuses on self-respect and a healthy life-style, on respect of others, the nature and the whole universe. Yogi Sivadas is good hearted man and a talented teachers who spreads his immense knowledge with passion, intelligence and humor. On a more practical side, the school is located in a very charming little town, Mcleod Ganj and the room at Kailash Tribal School are very cosy, clean and well equipped.I am happy to share my experience with more details by email : dillingeraline@gmail.com. Alline Dillinger (Yogini Ekata)
1743665_10152248944617792_1811466222_n (1)Happy Chinese New Year! ?? ????
This huge city is almost empty, and even quieter than any other years before, now im sitting down in front of PC and facebooking haha
I have been teaching Yoga for 8 months, over 500 classes(90min/class) + 100 private = almost 600 classes...
Huge city, huge amount of yoga teachers out there, I needed to do my best to survive in this industry, and that made me step up more, started with minimum pay and I needed to handle classes as many as I could handle every day, sometimes 5 classes a day, each class 90min, at the beginning, I just felt my body tired, and as a new teacher, I demonstrated a lot, make people get used to my style of yoga, and some Chinese who don't understand English, and they don't do anything if I don't do anything, they just copy my every moves lol
Now they are getting used to my class and I don't need to do much as before,
Yes, it is like yoga machine, that is how Chinese works,
And I learnt a lot through that period of time, 8 months....
Now I even can read some people's mind little bit, some people come to class and just want to be lazy, practice without intention basically.
I taught so many people, and I really like to have that experience, I have met someone who has lower back problems, and I saw the progress through yoga, and I'm really satisfied with it.
If I talk about all the students i have, and the happenings in last 8 months, it might take a day to write all of it. haha
But now I'm realizing one thing is being Yogini and being Yoga teacher is 2 different things, looking at myself now, do I follow yogini life? Almost, I'm trying but it's little bit hard to follow yogini daily routine, I'm totally living as a yoga teacher, less practicing yoga, more teaching, more talk, (from start class until finish never stop talking lol) I can feel my energy is releasing through talking, anyway, my point is teacher needs to observe student, student's level, and mood, body condition etc, so the teacher can modify or change sequences as they need.
I learnt advanced level of yoga asanas, but barely I teach that now in my class... that means most people are beginners, I think the teacher need to guide them how to let them improve more, figuring out which way, and how to practice more effectively and let them into advanced level without damage their body.
One thing is admiring, keep saying good job, beautiful, cheer them up more, and say "it's ok" even though they couldn't make it.
Many people are afraid of their flexibility, some people think they can't attend class if their bodies are not flexible, especially men lol so I reduce stretching poses in class with male members (one time I had a class only with men, they were almost competing with each other, because I gave them all the hard and strengthen poses lol they loved it!) and the other thing is let them be careful of their body, heal your body through yoga rather than damage yourself through yoga.
More and more thinking about these kinds of stuff and more and more less practice yoga for myself. Now the asanas is not important to me anymore, I was searching for yin yoga, flow yoga, ashtanga yoga, anti aging, back and spine therapy yoga, whole bunch of yogas in this world, but conclusion is, asana is asana, make own program/session of yoga class for specific people, that was it.
And now I am realizing "self awareness, spirituality, discipline mind" those kind of things...
Actually your mind can control your body easily, but your body doesn't control your mind, so my point is how to discipline people's mind more stronger??
When I was having a hard time last year, I was doubting about my job, many people can download yoga videos, and they can practice by themselves, but now I know, they need my energy and my care, they can't have that from videos.
Talking about yoga, I can talk with you whole day haha
Thinking about my last 8 months, it is amazing, I didn't get what my master said last year at my yoga school, www.yogatribe.org now I reveal it myself one by one haha
One of my Chinese yoga teacher friends, asked me, "Aren't you happier than before you become a yoga teacher?" Actually yes!! Yes I'm happier, happy now even though my salary is lower than before, I'm happy from my heart
Jiyoung Alice Lee (Yogini Deepa) Korea & Shanghai China (maximooth02@gmail.com)
karlaThe intention that moved me towards the 500 hours teacher training course at Kailash Tribal School was not really the idea of becoming a teacher one day, but a strong desire to learn more about that fascinating art, from which I had experienced some amazing therapeutic benefits in the emotional field. The outcome was way beyond my expectations. Without knowing it, I embarked on a powerful journey of self-discovery and, to my surprise, by the end I found myself free from a long list of physical health complaints that I had presented to Yogi Sivadas just before our first day of class. The course is perfectly structured, Yogi Sivadas uses different media to transmit his knowledge and profound wisdom. Classes are not comprised solely of theoretical and practical lessons, discussions, readings and videos, students are also invited to embody yoga into their daily routine - we breathe yoga, we live yoga.
Yogi Sivadas has a special talent to guide his students through a discovery of their own path, respecting individual pace and empowering each one of us to find, to develop and be loyal to our independent personal style and beliefs. As he says: “be a practitioner, not a follower”. This course was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I had in my whole life, and I would highly recommend it not only for those wishing to teach, but for anyone who has a genuine interest in learning more about life, meaning and themselves.
Email: karlagrunewald@gmail.com Brazil / Australia / United Arab Emirates

abhayaIf you are looking for a place to learn how to heal yourself and others, you are at the right stop. Yogi Shivadas has an unbelievable experience teaching yoga as well as excellent expertise on a topic. He is very good at dicing complex philosophical theories into basic language, so anyone can understand. He is also very verse in all kinds of practices beyond yoga – such as reiki, sound therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. Besides that, yogi Shivadas and his awesome staff (Aneesh and Madam Alice) are very welcoming and supportive during the whole journey of one becoming a yoga teacher. They go beyond what is necessary to make you feel able and achieve your goal of becoming better person and great yoga teacher. This is the school you want to go through with your yoga training! Thank you Yogi Shivadas and Namaste! Tereza Stratilova t.stratilova@gmail.com (Yogini Abhaya) from Czech Republic"
dhiraI feel thankful to have had to opportunity to experience what I did during my 200-hour course at the Kailash Yoga Tribal School with Yogi Sivadas. I’ve gained insight and understanding into the yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle and the positivity that these ways of living can bring towards ones health, and subsequently to their lives. Over the course of this month I’ve broadened my awareness and my perspective in ways I hadn’t considered before. It gave me the space and time to appreciate the subtleties of my life and I am now motivated to continue to live in a healthy, content, mindful and balanced way both mentally and physically. Through the ever-present journey of self-discovery I have realised the personal importance of patience, meditation, physical and emotional individuality and universal oneness. Sophie Beecher from Australia sophie_beecher@hotmail.com
padmaI went for my 300 hour advanced teacher training at Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing in July 2014. It was my second stay at the school as I had received my 200 hour teacher training there in 2013. I really enjoyed doing my 300-hour training program at the school. The course gave me the opportunity to ponder deeper into the many aspects of yoga. I learned a lot about how we can use yoga to heal the body and the mind. I think that the school offers a unique opportunity to work with the combination of yoga and Ayurveda. Yogi Sivadas has a great amount of knowledge in each of these fields. I use many of the techniques I have learned at the school every day. Both to my own well being and for the well being of others. I will recommend others to go to Kailash Tribal School if there are interested learning more about the healing powers of yoga. Christina Stougaard Hansen christina.stougaard@gmail.com Denmark
ritaThe month of August 2014 was a month of incredible personal growth and learning thanks to taking the course at Kailash Tribal School. I really appreciated Yogi Sivadas’ emphasis on philosophy, which he brought to life with nuanced anecdotes and metaphors. In addition, Yogi Sivadas leads a gentle asana practice and encourages his students to be patient and compassionate to the whole self, body included. The asana practices are a nice balance of healing mindfulness along with challenging engagement. The facilities at Kailash are top notch and clean, creating an environment very conducive to learning. The small classes of Kailash allow for personalized learning and time for all our questions. Yogi Sivadas is a truly dedicated and genuine teacher, encouraging us to come to our own conclusions about things rather than spoon feeding us information. It is clear that he has done the necessary self work to balance his energies in order effectively guide others in balancing their own personal energies. I will carry the knowledge and practical practices I’ve learned from this program with me for the rest of my life, and I am endlessly grateful! I am open to any questions, contact me at codybri000@gmail.com Brianne Cody from USA
deepaI did the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Kailash Tribal School in September this year. Due to some personal circumstances I was almost not able to take part but in the end I completed the course and 'm so happy I did that! It has been a great experience, I gained so much more knowledge - Not only about how To master different asanas but also how to become a real yogini. Yogi Sivadas imparts his vast knowledge about yogic history, -lifestyle,-philosophy and ayurveda and he can also be a great therapist analysing some stuff about life in general sometimes!;-) I improved my asana practise a lot and had a really nice time with great people at Kailash School. I'm happy I met Yogi Sivadas who has such a great Heart and who is a wonderful and helpful person and I already miss watching the eagles from my balcony in the morning. I can recommend Kailash Tribal School To everybody who wants To get a great education in Yoga on a real Indian base in a beautiful environment next to the Himalayas!:-) Petra Bredthauer Yogini Deepa Germany. piiitraaa@yahoo.de
vimalaI am so grateful I found Yogi Sivadas for my 300 hours advanced yoga teacher training in the beautiful Himalayas. The Kailash Tribal School of Yoga programme was the perfect blend of asanas for the body, and tremendous insight for the mind and spirit; as we absorbed fascinating information on yoga philosophy, yoga psychology and yoga from a healing and therapeutic perspective. For me, Yogi Sivadas is “practically spiritual” – strongly connected to his spirituality, and yet also grounded and practical about how to bring that into your daily life. His parting wish for us was to "be a little lamp of conscious wisdom”, as we continue spreading the ancient legacy of yoga, on our personal path as yoga teachers. I’ve been doing exactly that during the few weeks since I've been home; and it is both humbling and rewarding to share some of his immense knowledge with my students, family and friends. I encourage you to expand your yoga experience through Yogi Sivadas’s practical wisdom, generosity, and deep knowledge of the vast subject of yoga. You are welcome to read about my time at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga on my blog http://www.yogaressa.com. Namaste, Julie (Yogini Vimala), a South African yogini living in the US.
adyaWords can't even begin to explain all the was my experience at Kailash Tribal Yoga School. I originally came to this school to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training, but loved it so much I decided to stay and do my full 500 hours advanced training with Yogi Sividas. My level of yogic understanding, my personal practice, and the health of myself and family has all greatly benefited from this course. Yogi Sividas creates such a well balanced learning experience that focuses greatly on a holistic approach to well being and general health. He also is extremely adaptable and is wonderful at creating a course that fits your specific needs and requirements. Also the reading material and resources he supplies you with as part of your course tuition I have found to be invaluable. So much to learn and I know have the tools to continue learning far beyond this course. Also the small intimate course sizes are extremely beneficial. You get plenty of one of one with the instructor and are able to ask and have answered any questions you may have. I highly highly recommend Kailash to anyone interested in deepening their yogic practice, it will be a profound experience. I know it was a life changing one for me! Kari Gustafson USA. dreamwranglers@gmail.com Namaste, Yogini Adya
sunitaWords cannot express how grateful I am to have studied with Sivadas. I am French and have been trained in USA for the 200 hours. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga in a more traditional and holistic way so I decided to fly to the Himalayas to do the advanced teacher training. Familiar with yoga, healing and shamanism I was expecting a "normal" training.. But in fact the journey and growth had been immense... This experience as been life changing! 🙂 More than just an amazing teacher, Sivadas is a true master, a beautiful being! He has SO MUCH knowledge and share his light with lots of clarity, of simplicity. He takes a really good care of his students and teaches us how to be more aware, more present. I learned with him precious tools for my everyday life and for my yoga teaching. I will keep for ever in my heart and in my soul his teaching. If you ever have the chance, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn with the most amazing and simple teacher I ever met. please contact me if you have any question: elsa@le-bonheur-est-en-nous.com Elsa, Yogini Sunita FROM France. (one with good morals) www.le-bonheur-est-en-nous.com
santhiNamaste, I completed the 200hrs of yoga teacher training with yogi Sivadas in August 2014. It was an experience that i'll never forget and changed my life for the better. I feel now that I have a strong foundation for teaching yoga but the course provided me with much more than that. Yogi Sivadas will give you the tools to live a happy and healthy life and help others do the same. He was a genuine and compassionate teacher and I feel so lucky to have had him as a teacher. Our class size was small and personal and the setting was magnificent. I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to learn a yoga lifestyle that is happy and sustainable. Yogini Shaantih 🙂 Carly Lansens Canada. cllansen@uwaterloo.ca
jyothiI came to Kailash Yoga School 5 years after attending drop in classes there while traveling around India. I dreamt of coming back to do a more comprehensive and intensive course to further my practice. I thoroughly appreciated Yogi Sivadas' holistic teaching style and overall approach and loved the school environment and studio. I completed my first 200 hours of YTT in July 2014 and am very grateful I did so. It taught me how to adopt the yoga philosophy as a lifestyle and consolidated my personal asana practice. I hope to return to the small Himalayan village and humble yoga school one day to see Yogi Sivadas and study further, I highly recommend taking a month to study here for some self-analysis and deeper understanding, it will challenge your perspective on things." Madaline Seely (Yogini Jyothi), New Zealand. madelineseeley@gmail.com
nitaMy time at Kailash Tribal Yoga School was a humbling experience. Having previously partaken in a 200hr TTC elsewhere, I came to the Himalayas to complete my 300hr TTC. What I gained from my 300hr was far greater than any certificate on offer. I was immersed in an environment where I was encouraged to learn and develop an intimate understanding of my own natural qualities. With yoga and ayurveda I am aided to live a healthy and happy life free from the past and future. Yoga is for each and every one of us and it is up to the yoga teachers of the world to show that we all belong on the spiritual path to enlightenment. I now have a greater understanding of how yoga is to continually be adapted to each individual and their environment. Living in a modern society in Australia I am confident I can pass on the ancient wisdom of India mindfully through yoga asana, meditation and positive energy. Studying yoga in India has been essential in developing my awareness of the imbalances shared in our world and has left me inspired to pursue a career in yoga therapy. I highly recommend you take the time for yourself to come to Kailash Tribal Yoga School and with your breath as a tool, undergo a transformation that will leave you with a clearer perspective of yourself and our interconnectedness. Rosie Wilson (Yogini Nikita) rosie.wilson@hotmail.com Melbourne Australia.
kylaI attended the Intensive Advanced Reiki Master Training at Kailash Tribal School this spring, before the rain. I am STILL integrating the presence of gratitude & self healing that Yogi Sivada encouraged within and around us during our month together. Our time was spent discovering that within ourselves that required awareness as well as the cosmic dimensions beyond the concept of self; a state of relating & being interdependent & connected to everything else. Through the means of Yogi Sivadas' gracious lineage, we learned the traditions of Dr Mikao Usui & Vedic wisdom conveyed by a Guruji who has wandered the world, understanding himself and others in relation to science AND spirit. I would return throughout many lives to learn from him! It was a gentle process of energy work that began within ourselves in order to serve everything, everyone else. Kyla Lyn Shimkus, Canada kylalynshim@hotmail.com
anjaliLast year I decided I would like to go to India and take my 200 hour TTC. My best friend knew a girl who had done it and hooked us up through Facebook. After chatting with her and doing almost no other research I decided to just go for it and register with Kailash Tribal School. I believe the universe listens and knows and whatever you put out will come directly back at you in one way or another. I felt connected and I had a feeling that where I was headed was going to be great; life changing. Yogi Sividas surpassed that feeling. He taught me more than I could have ever imagined and for that I will be forever grateful. It was a wild experience of growth, love and awareness. I will never forget him saying, "blink your eyes course is over, blink your eyes life is over." That has changed everything for me. Thank you, Yogi Sivadas, for shining your light and giving me the opportunity to shine mine. Kristen Pascall, Vancouver, Canada. pascall.kristen@gmail.com
jayaI can vouch for the fact that this is a beneficial four weeks of your life. It is more of a therapeutic and de-conditioning experience than you could imagine. The focus is on providing you with the teachings via talks, discussions and sometimes heated debates, documentaries and personal study so you can enlighten yourself and conquer the Lower Self, this being the main thing holding us back from attaining our true dreams and goals and being happy. So obvious, yet when you are in a conditioned society that level of thinking can become entrenched in your head. After this course my mind feels more free, clear and evolved. I am definitely more in a position to teach yoga above and beyond the practice of asana and I am excited about the journey ahead knowing I am equipped for the ride. Sivadas has a great deal of patience, focus on health, boundless enthusiasm and puts a lot of emphasis on the real meaning of Yoga. It encourages a healthier and more transcendental approach to teaching. To future students reading this, this course is more than you think it is going to be, it works to create people who will be great teachers because they have been taught how to deal with themselves first. It strips away the ego and reveals the essence underneath, the consciousness and the wisdom, what is essentially the micro-universe. Once this is realized we are more equipped to help others realize themselves. But expect all this to happen on a subtle level, and you are doing it all yourself. (yeliabhtur@gmail.com ) Ruth Bailey (Yogini Jaya) UK
cnaI'm a medical doctor which is a great but stressful job. For myself I wanted to learn from Yoga how to help myself. At Kailash Tribal School I got a lot of Knowledge to help me to find my own balance. It was the greatest gift I could get at this moment of my life. During my 200 hours course, I could ground myself again. I got interest again in the important questions of life: Who are we? Who am I? Why are you living? How the world around us? Why does it matter? What is important? Since then I try to enjoy every breath and it has got so much easier. During this month the ceiling above me has been removed and now I contemplate the stars. Kailash Tribal School is great, because it makes everybody grows with the help of yoga. Yogi Sivadas help us to implement this knowledge in a modern and creative way in our life. If you are lucky and can take this time for you and for your future students: do it! Nathalie Scherz (Yogini Chetana) from Switzerland.
induMy soul purpose brought me to Kailash Tribal School, it was the same sensation I have when I know deep inside myself I am following my highest self.. Having for long time the dream of discovering the ancient wisdom from different traditions around the world, Yoga was my first inner journey when I used to close my eyes just to feel my body, my mind and my spirit, not knowing that years later I ended up in the Himalayas learning from a great teacher, Yogi Sivadas, who not only helped my to discover my own nature, who helped me to understand that no matter the path we choose in life we are cells of the infinite cosmic consciousness that is expanding without comprehension, un manifested, sublime, wordless… the training was spiritual at the same time scientific, perfect combination of our inner world: Shiva and Shakti dancing together in a perfect communion.. perfect explanation of the meaning of Hatha.. I treasure also the opportunity to learn tabla from Kushiram, our sound healing training.. every breath I took in the school was transformative, pure wisdom… I was reborn again… sandra.morale6@hotmail.com Sandra Morales (Yogini Indu) Colombia & Australia
deepaIn Korea, old people saying that "Buckle up first button is very important" If you buckle up first button with second or third hole in your shirt, you will screw up rest of your buttons. Shivadas was my FIRST button in my yoga life. I think I have very good first step with Shivadas. I have strong foundation to build up my own solid building. Some people said Guru waiting for disciple who is ready. I was looking for a place to learn all about yoga. The cosmic consciousness pulled my consciousness to here to learn history of yoga, life, philosophy etc. I guess I was ready for yoga. 2 and a half months is quite short period compare with whole life time. This short period of time changed my self and my life totally. I didn't learn only for yoga. I learned all about our life, our life in Patanjali's sutra, misery and suffering, learned how to deal with it. Our nature, universe, our body all in here we learned. Oh also learned Sanskrit! I was so excited to learn it. I love it! So happy to have that chance to learn with native teacher !!! This program doesn't heal everyone here directly. Shows variety of tools to get healing yourself. I'm the person who take my harvest. I'm the person who pick the crops and learning for my self. If I ask question to my self. * What was the best thing in last 10 weeks? = •Able to control my mind •Addicted to meditation •Aware of my self better *What was the worst thing in last 10 weeks? = •Language (struggling at the beginning, but through meditation, improved focusing, increased my English skill) Among his great speeches, I will keep these in my mind forever, • Time is project of your mind • You don't perceive your self well, you can't perceive others as well • Expectation gives you more disappointment, acceptance gives you more chance to fulfillment A lot of his great speech that you should to listen! It's amazing speech that will touch your heart. I came here to be a yoga teacher. But I learned more than that. I even didn't expect it. Not just through the course. Through nature, through experience and through people. We had a lot of laugh, joy, fun and sharing. I totally transformed to a new person now. I can realize that. It's such an amazing experience!! Many thanks to my guruji : Shivadas and madam Alice (her warm heart, cuddle and listen us) Kushi and Anish's fun energy and all of staff in here like family. I appreciate to all of them again. I reborn with new family! I will miss you all. But I will remember we are all connected, we are one ! so we are not in a part! While I take the course, I didn't know it but now I look back and see all of your love, care and cheer! Also our memories we shared together that's biggest souvenir for me. Many many of my bliss and appreciation from bottom of my heart 😉 Korea and China (maximooth02@gmail.com)
akhilaMy journey to India started with great excitement and nervousness! I was worried I will not be as good as all the other fellow students because most of my yoga was at the gym and self home practice trough android app's. When I started with my first day I could not have imagined what and incredible journey I have entered myself into for the next month. I learnt yoga from the beginning and what is the most important guidelines to practice and teach to others. But aside from the yoga I have spiritually and mentally learned so much and grew so much in myself and found healing and answers I wasn't even looking for! I have learnt so much over the 200 hours I did and I am looking forward to return to complete another 300 hours to obtain my 500 hours as a teacher. Thank you very much Yogi Sivadas for everything you taught me. Rachel Janse van Vuuren, South Africa. Email: rykie.bee@gmail.com or Facebook: Rachel Janse van Vuuren
semeraYogi Sivadas is down-to-earth, straightforward and inspiring man who shares the bunch of practical knowledge for healthy tuning our lifestyle in the course of nature. Defining spirituality as: 'individuals taking care for themselves', he does not mystify some black holes in the knowledge – indeed – he demystifies superstitions, inviting for self-awareness & self-responsibility as well as giving the true tools for such fine goals. Absolutely recommended! (semrakikic@gmail.com) Bosnia

swetaBy far the best education of my life!!! They say when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears!!! I have finally experienced this today. Being raised as a Hindu in India and now living in USA for the past 10 years, I was a bit lost and came here thinking I will reconnect to my roots…my Indian roots (to be precise) but surprisingly found myself grounded and connected to my human roots, connected to mother earth and its splendour. This is not just a yoga program but an “Art of Living” program which teaches how to live for better!!! And after 10 weeks, I am better version of my own trueself? My 10 weeks advanced yoga teacher training and 3 levels of Reiki course was not limited to just asanas and scriptures but included a whole spectrum on human anatomy, workings of human mind, yoga history, evolution, food, meditation, Sanskrit, yoga as therapy, chakras, pranayamas and finding your divine nature. The program design is challenging but exceptionally well planned and organized. The atmosphere in and around the studio is very calming and gives a gurukul feeling. The view from the studio and the student rooms is beyond exceptional. The peace from watching the sunrise and sunset in the Himalayas is simply divine. The educational books, music and resources provided during the course are a true treasure for life. Acharya Yogi Sivadas is a true scholar and it was my pleasure to study under his guidance. This is not the end but a beginning of my true calling my dharma!!! Yogini Shweta sadhanapartners@gmail.com
kamalaI have been here at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing for the 10 week program, and what an amazing experience it has been. I turned 60 y.o. the first day of class. I felt that this would be a great way to start the new decade, and yoga teacher training is something I have wanted to do for some time. I am a nurse practitioner in the U.S., working in family practice and psychiatry, and was particularly interested in healing with yogic and ayurvedic techniques, as well as further developing my spirituality, meditation practices and fitness. I was worried that my body would not tolerate 4 hours of yoga classes daily, and only committed to the 200 hr. course initially for that reason, although I was actually more interested in the content of the 500 hr. course to follow. My worries were unfounded, and I benefited greatly from the physical practice, without injury. I have chronic back pain, from 38 years of various forms of nursing. This is much improved, and I lost 9 kg. while here. Yogi Sivadas always advises gentle practice, listening to one's body, and resting when needed. This approach was perfect for me, and for everyone, in my opinion. Additionally, I have been so impressed with his teaching of the vastness of yoga as a way of life that leads to individual peace, more peace in our relationships and the world around us. Yogi Sivadas is a teacher with high ethical standards, along with a strong commitment to communicating with his students individually in ways that work. He extends his assistance to everyday issues as well. International students have various issues that arise during a long-term stay. He goes above and beyond to help with these needs as well. I plan to start a small school at my home in Wellington, KY, for yogic healing, meditation and Reiki. We have a small organic farm that backs up to the Daniel Boone National Forest, which I think will be an ideal setting. I have been inspired to move forward with this plan by Yogi Sivadas, and am proud to say he has been my teacher. p.s. In the far left corner of the photo is the tip of Mount Mani Mahesh Kailash in India. LINDA SMITH-DIKE (lhsmithdike@gmail.com)
padmaNamaste Sivadas! Let me tell you story!!! I just want to share with you my "yoga" news! I'm currently teaching yoga twice a week at the school I work at. I teach to the staff and I've students who have never taken yoga (and now love it) and some who have some experience. I also have private one on one lessons two times a week! I'm so happy and grateful for these opportunities! I can't thank you enough for all you taught me in India!!!! I find myself repeating your words constantly! So, your message is spreading around the world! On the personal level, I'm keeping up with my practice of yoga and meditation! I've also began a new phase on my diet and I'm currently introducing new food! I'm doing very well and that's very exciting too! Once again, thank you for being an inspiration to us all! P/S: I worked hard to get to this posture and I want to share it with you! OM SHANTI. Ivanna Khorramshahgol (Yogini Padma)(ivannakh68@yahoo.com)
divyaThe 4 weeks with Yogi Sivadas was an amazing learning experience on many levels. I have learned much about yoga and its philosophy so I can continue learning and spreading the lifestyle further towards myself and others as well. We have been provided the necessary tools and information, which I consider to be the essential part of the course. I hope to take this opportunity and continue and broaden what I have begun to learn during these 4 weeks. Once again, I am thankful to you Yogi Sivadas for your knowledge, patience and I hope to plant and nourish the seed so that everyone and I can enjoy the “sweet fruits”. ~Yogni Divya~ Adriana Solarova (asolarova13@gmail.com)
vidyaThank you for guiding me on this beautiful journey! The 200 hour Teacher Training Course was an unexpected and surprising and truly enlightening experience! Your guidance and insight truly helped me to realize that it has been inside of me all of my life! Thank you for showing me truth, but still understanding that this is the beginning. The teacher training course and the Reiki course has provided me with the proper tools towards freeing my mind and living a life that is not only beneficial for me but also those around me! Even though I was only here for 4 weeks, in the grand scheme of life, I feel like I have received a lifetime worth of knowledge! Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience! ~ Yogini Vidya ~ Antonia Wollert (toni.bologna27@yahoo.com)
padmaI finished my 200hr TTC with Yogi Sivadas end of September. I am very happy I chose Kailash Tribal School because not only did I improve my practice but I learnt so much more about the philosophy of yoga (which most people dont know about). We also spent many hours talking about so many things like health, food, spiritualism etc.. and also ended a few nights a week with interesting movies/documentaries. I came home with a different frame of mind and only then did I realize how much that course had done for me, not just physically but more so mentally and spiritually. Although it's difficult to practice consistently and to keep a serene mind in the real world with everyday stresses, I feel better equipped now. Thank you Yogi Sivadas for that! I hope to share the knowledge I got from him soon. Love and Light. Dorji Yuden (Yogini Padma) From Bhutan. dorjiyuden@gmail.com
ushaOnce again I came back to Kalish School of Yoga to complete the advance teacher training course. The structure of the advance course and being able to once again seat in the 200 course from the morning chants to afternoon lectures was refreshing and extremely beneficial for me. In the advance course, we went further in the Philosophy, ethics and lifestyle of Yoga along with studying the anatomy and physiology of Yoga, Sanskrit and teaching methodology. Having the opportunity to return to Kailish school has deepened my understanding of asanas and yoga therapy. By the time your finish with the program, you are ready to bring back new knowledge, and new tools as guidance toward the spiritual path and to pass it on to others. This is truly an life changing experience toward bringing peace, comfort, happiness to your life and surroundings. Namaste. Permanent Mailing address: 3208 west lake street #124 Mpls, MN 55416 Current Mailing address: P.O. Box 3323 Safat, 13034 Kuwait Mobile: +965 65175460 Email: maryamh@me.com website: maryamhosseinnia.com
amritaHaving done online research for about a month before finally deciding on Kailash Tribal School, I now know I have made the best choice. Not only was Yogi Sivadas forthcoming with answers to my queries, but his replies reverted so quickly even at odd hours ( I soon learnt that he does not sleep much)! Thoroughly grateful for deciding to undertake the 10 week 500hr YTTC, as the additional time spent here has made me much more grounded, centred and just peaceful. The breadth and depth of knowledge that Yogi Sivadas possesses is most astounding; and I was much impressed by the spiritual integrity that was the basis for every aspect of the course. In the 10 (short) weeks that I’ve experienced Kailash Tribal School, I have felt a shift in my inner being. YTTC is more than learning to teach yoga, it is about learning to live your yoga. This unique course has given me a much deeper understanding of yoga and myself. I have learnt how to use yoga as therapy to aid various chronic disease and physical ailments, and also how to incorporate Ayurveda into tailoring a yoga programme for different individuals’ physiological, mental, emotional needs. I have also gained a deeper understanding and respect for Patanjali’s sutras, through the many weeks of intensive lectures. Yogi Sivadas as a teacher is always approachable, forever open to any questions big or small, deep or ridiculous; and as a fine and gifted teacher with the most dedication of any YTTC I’ve researched on. I am extremely satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms and compound, safe and well maintained. Yogi Sivadas maintains standards with complete professionalism; the course was thorough and I really feel well prepared to begin teaching as soon as possible…Having been blessed with numerous chances to practice instructing. Thank you for orchestrating the course and putting in the tremendous effort to share the wisdom of life, the universe, body mind and soul. Spread the love and light! I will most definitely return again to be immersed in the school’s welcoming energy and valuable teachings. Gwendolyn Kam (Yogini Amrita) Singapore, Sydney, Sri Lanka Gwendolyn.kam@gmail.com
padma2Dear Yogi Sivadas, I'd like to thank you soooooo very much for a wonderful experience while at your school! I've learned so much from you, not only about yoga but about life! I deeply admire your determination to make a dream come a reality in your life and how that inspires other people who visit your place! Above all I admire your integrity and respect for your students! Looking forward to learn lots more from you and to be amused by your stories! I wish you all the best life has to offer! Om Shanti! (Yogini Padma) From Kuwait.Ivanna Khorramshahgol ivannashahgol@hotmail.com.
padmaI attended Kailash Tribal School of Yoga & Holistic healing because I wanted to learn more about yoga and how to teach it to others. I think that the way Yogi Sivadas teach the art of becoming a teacher yourself is very dedicated and personal. For me the yoga teacher course have been a process of personal transformation which I contribute to the style of teaching at the school. YTTC 200.


alenaThat was my second trip to India and the second TTC I took with Sivadas. Still feel that there are so many things to explore and to learn! Coming from Russia, living in Sweden and travelling around the world enlarged my scope a lot, but the deeper understanding of life and the meaning of the knowledge acquired I got when being in India and learning yoga not as a fitness, but as a style of life. One should experience this, as it's impossible to describe all the transformation processes going on inside after philosophical discussions and practices that the course involves. The fact that I came back to study at the same school means that there is much more to learn and to explore about self and the world around, and I truly enjoyed this time devoted to self, being far from the usual routine and learning how to live life fully and being present in each moment. After the course I continued my traveling in India and Nepal, and once when heard the phrase "If you meet Buddha on your way, kill him", was a bit confused how to interpret it, but then found out the direct link of this phrase to the course I took at Kailash Tribal School. The meaning of this phrase is that whatever Buddha says to you, take it with, but don't identify yourself with this and don't think that this is the only true knowledge. One should process things in own way without copying others, but learning things and defining what works for oneself". This is about the course I took - I learnt a lot and got a good guidance, and now feel like having a good base for building my life in own way based on deeper understanding and awareness of how things work for me. I believe that one can take a lot from the course and raise the quality and enjoyment of life. Happiness, peace and love! Alena Ipanova (Russia/Sweden; email: alena.ipanova@gmail.com)
daraI can easily say that the 200 hours yoga teacher training at Kailash Tribal School in May 2013 was the best month of my life - at no point during the entire month did I want to be anywhere else or any other time past or future. I was fully present because I loved and was fascinated by everything we covered from the morning chanting, the thorough practice (Hatha and Ashtanga), the lectures on various topics going from the yogic philosophy, the yoga sutras, the yogic lifestyle, diet, ayurveda, the human anatomy, you name it! Yogi Sivadas is a true yogi, full of knowledge and wisdom from ancient times that he knows exactly how to expose and relate to our contemporary world. And the icing on the cake is the beauty of the yoga hall, overlooking the slopes of the Himalayas, birds chirping away, cows, goats, monkeys hanging out outside in the fresh, pure air of the mountains. Priceless..." Perrine Renard perrinerenard@yahoo.com
harita2 years ago in July 2011, after feeling the gentle nudges from my ancestors, I decided to embark on the YTT journey with Yogi Sivadas. I came away from the 200-hour training a transformed spirit! Yogi Sivadas encouraged me to embrace yoga not simply as a physical fitness program but as a way of life. Yogi Sivadas truly serves as a vessel of the universe’s magnificent lessons, for he showed me how to honor yoga as a liberating and an ancestral, life-affirming practice! Since leaving the Yogi Cottage, I’ve been able to nourish and grow these initial seeds of wisdom into abundant, healing trees by applying them to my own life. I’ve allowed myself to experience a deeper sense of self-awareness and balanced control over my happiness. In that way, the course was an ongoing experience that never ceased for me; honestly, this training carries the same potential for you too! Such is why I knew I needed to return for a second round—for the advanced course in 2013. Once again, Yogi Sivadas planted seeds of spiritual wisdom. His advice on how to practically apply spirituality to the modern world is grounding. Yogi Sivadas is a living example of how yogis/yoginis can live as spiritual beings in a society that lacks spiritual balance. I truly enjoyed learning more about myself, yoga as a philosophy, Ayurvedic therapy, and how to use Yoga and Ayurveda to heal and treat illnesses and diseases. The Reiki and Sound Healing courses aligned perfectly with the training. Also, Yogi’s stories are so captivating and entertaining that I never get tired of hearing them! Guruji, I cannot thank you enough for this journey! I have a great deal of respect for you and the work that you do for society. May Kailash Tribal School continue to be blessed with abundance, wonderful students and life-giving energy and vibrations! Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti! Yogini Sheena “Harita” Sood shantisheena@gmail.com
Yogi Sivadas' blend of contemporary scientific knowledge and ancient mystical knowledge made this course really special. He goes into detail on the history and philosophy of yoga and also talks about modern scientific ideas related to yoga and health. Yogi Sivadas is open to questions and makes learning fun. He teaches us to be moderate in our practice and develop yoga classes that are beneficial to everyone. McLeod Ganj, where the school is located, is a beautiful town in the Himalayas that is special in and of itself. I thoroughly enjoyed my 200 YTT and I learned a lot! - Ivy Goldstein, YTTC May 2013, goldsiv@gmail.com

shashiJust returned to the States after completing the RYT200 course with Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal Yoga School in McLeod Ganj. Truly one of the most special months of my life. Yogi Sivadas offers decades of experience, abundant wisdom, and most important to me a complete lack of hypocrisy - a problem I was running into here in the States. I wanted to study with someone who offered knowledge of the original precepts of yoga and lived his/her life accordingly. I found that in Yogi Sivadas. Additionally, the incredible beauty of the Himalayas that surround McLeod Ganj is a daily inspiration. Leaving the U.S. to study in India afforded me a level of solitude and peace that would have been difficult to achieve at home where so many distractions exist. I highly recommend Kailash Tribal Yoga School and Yogi Sivadas.Tami Cilk tamicilk@gmail.com
jyotiMy month in Mcleodganj surpassed my expectations. I come to Kailash Tribal school confused by life, tired, stressed, anxious and generally feeling a mess. Having only done yoga ever in the gym with fitness being the main goal I was totally unaware that yoga was a whole way of life and potential to help me through all the things I saw as issues or problems. I am able to leave feeling 100% satisfied, excited about life in the present and find out what the future holds. Thank you for opening my mind.Luclucyabbs@gmail.com Lucy Abbs YTTC 200.

divyaAcharya Yogi Sivadas, Thanks for a very special month of yoga lifestyle training and guidance. I believe I was destined to join this specific course at this time as it really matched perfectly with where I am on this extraordinary journey in life. It has been very affirming and it was fantastic to gain such an in depth insight into Philosophy, the Yoga and Ayurveda connection and so much more. I will continue on my path better for this wonderful experience of the past month, enjoying the journey itself, living in the present, appreciating every moment, from the most simple things to the ad hoc adventure (like paragliding). I will continue to strive to ‘be the change I want to see’ and maintain a positive energy. Sincere wishes for the continued success of the Kailash Yoga School and may your own journey bring happiness and adventures. Louise O'Rourke YTTC 200.louiseorourke7@gmail.com
My experience at Kailash Tribal School, under the wise and compassionate guidance of Yogi Sivadas, was one of the most profound and transformative experiences in my practice of being a holistic healer, transformation that it is still unfolding and informing my practice months after leaving the peaceful Yogi Cottage. I live in a place that is full of yoga teachers and teacher trainings, and yet, from the first afternoon of lecture with Sivadas, I found that I had finally met a teacher who was in alignment with what I wanted to be learning about the practice of yoga. His approach is gentle and the space he holds for all levels of ability is broad and safe. I have spent many years now in the study of bodywork, movement, spirituality and what it means to be human, and one of the things I loved so much about this course was getting to understand familiar ideas and concepts in a completely new way. His approach to yoga is one which encompasses the multitude of aspects and it was an inspiring and refreshing change of pace from the "yoga as exercise" mentality of so much of the West. It left me feeling very excited to share this more holistic approach with my students and clients. During the YTTC I also had the great opportunity to study Sound Healing with Yogi Sivadas and Ayurvedic Massage. Both wonderful courses full of so much potent information! All in all, it was a great experience and one which plays such an integral role in the work I do now. Alicia Banister, CranioSacral Therapist, Reflections Integrative Therapy www.reflectionsintegrativetherapy.com
taylorMy daughter and I attended the March RYS 200 yoga teacher training course at Kailash Tribal School, taught by Yogi Sivadas. I had researched probably at least 50 schools throughout India and intuitively decided to attend Kailash Tribal School. It was absolutely 100% the best decision I could have made. It not only fulfilled my expectations, it surpassed them. Yogi Sivadas managed to combine his vast experience and knowledge with a practical approach that is easy to incorporate in one’s life. I went there with some chronic health issues, but despite the rigorous asana practice – with Sividas’s knowledge – I actually strengthened my body, so that by the time of graduation I felt stronger than I had in years. Now as I begin teaching on my own, I realize what a strong foundation he gave us, along with so much valuable information that we can share with others. Yes, Yogi Sivadas was a great teacher for us, but also just a genuinely good person, with so much positive energy. We stayed at his Yogi Cottages, which we highly recommend – not only was it clean and quiet and had a beautiful view from the balcony, it so helped to be so close to the Yoga Hall (in the same complex). We both just highly recommend all aspects of Yogi Sividas’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Marlena (Yogini Asha) and Rozzi (Yogini Leela) marlenamcnamara@yahoo.com
rayeesI just finished my 200 hours in Dec 2012 with Yogi Sivadas, it had been an amazing experience every day something new unfolds from the training in all the aspects physical, mental and spiritual, this course gives you tools for your day to day life, and really create a deep awareness of our true purpose in this human birth, Yogi Sivadas provide you with perfect routes to develop your own practice and instinctive ways to develop your Yogic Practice for a life Time... The surroundings support me in the most divine way this course, the weather and accommodations couldn't be better!!! I am filled with gratitude. Namaste Marcella Reyes Marcellareyes33@gmail.com
anjaliYogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. It was the best decision to come back after my TTC to learn more and again to enjoy the good energies of the Kailash Tribal School. The clean rooms with kitchen are an ideal place to study and recover. The transformation that happened during my ATTC was as well physical, mental and spiritual. It is not just a series of yoga classes or a set of yoga teacher instructions; its a complete physical, philosophical and spiritual guide to life. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego and teaches a gentle practice which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. You will return with an authentic and thorough understanding of yoga, with the wisdom to apply the teachings in your own life and you will have all the tools necessary to teach others. It has been a gift to be surrounded by the stunning Himalayan Mountains, by an incredible group of students and of course to be led by our wonderful teacher Yogi Sivadas. I am excited to bring all that knowledge I have gained and the love and light from India to my students and I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all the eight limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. Namaste Gaby Zweng (Yogini Anjali) www.omkarayoga.ch
aneeshaThose who have always been intrigued about the education of the body and the mind, Yogi Shivadas’s authentic Yoga teachings awaken you to new dimensions of a BodyMindEnergy World. Yogi Shivadas puts a strong focus on the aspects of anatomy and physiology by explaining meticulously the structures and functions of each system of the body. This helps the student to journey through the depths of self awareness and self discovery of the body and mind during their yoga practice and daily activities. He coaches you through a sensible and healthy lifestyle, introducing you to the old ancestral customs of India, teaching you how to commune and connect to the natural cycles of life while fuzing it with today’s modern ways of the living. Yogi Shivadas emanates vibrant energy and openly shares his fascinating knowledge about every aspect of life. He has created a beautiful sacred space where students practice a relaxing gentle Ashtanga Program in the morning and a light Hatha Program in the late afternoon. Through a gentle approach, the Yoga Program allows students to slowly discover their own rhythm of breath, pace of movement and capacity of strength and flexibility. The Yogi Cottage is situated on Baghsu road. It is a very convenient location where everything from local food markets, laundry facilities, restaurants and medical shops are within a 5 minute walk. Most rooms have a balcony with a gorgeous view of the Himalayan mountains. My accommodation did not come with a kitchen but I still managed to find a few healthy restaurants within the area. One nearby restaurant I highly recommend is Llamo’s, offering vegetarian and nutritional options. I also suggest buying some fruits from the markets (the papayas and pomegranates were my favorite!). I enjoyed them as an early breakfast before I started the 7 a.m. lecture class or had them later as a light dinner. To fully appreciate the program, it is best to keep an open mind and to fully engage in the materials and exercises that the course offers. By staying focused within the course, the students can transcend through many negative toxic behaviors and can naturally heal themselves psychologically and physically. The end results of the course will truly reflect the commitment and devotion that was put towards the readings and practices. I came to India to study under the Yoga Tribal School to received my 500 hrs Certificate with Yoga Alliance along with a Reiki Masters Degree. I am very happy to have completed the 500 hrs Program here as it gave me the necessary time to fully grasp the discipline of the Yoga lifestyle. I cannot be more grateful and thankful to have been given this life-changing experience. Yogi Shivadas nurtured me through a path of a natural and greater fulfillment of life. I am now leaving India with a feeling of wholesome balance, inner peace, courage and aliveness! I am eager to integrate and share this new and fascinating knowledge with my community back in Canada. Meghan Terrell - Yogini Aneesha (miss.megterrell@gmail.com)
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA"Be creative! Don't be worried of what you are doing. One has to do many things, but do everything creatively with devotion! Then your work becomes worship. Then whatsoever you do is an offering at the altar" - Osho. That is about Sivadas, a great techer from whom I had a pleasire to study! To study not only yoga and philosophy, but to study life to be more presice - to feel life and myself being in-one with the nature. I remember the phrase that became a guide for me on my way: "life is a journey, but it's not the final point which is important, it's the journey itself". The teacher training course gave me a lot, as much as I could and wanted to get, opening hidden sides and shining new light on things! Sivadas is like a book that you read and re-read again and every time find lots of new and interesting things! Great experience and huge source of inspiration - this is what I brougt back with me! I trully enjoyed every moment of practical and theoretical classes, chanting and meditetion! I also took courses of auyrvedic massage and soundhealing the practical knowledge of which I use now in my daily life! Apart from the positive physical and spiritual changes that the course gave me, I can say simply that my life became lighter and more enjoyable! And this I feel now after 2 month I'm back to Sweden! It's a constant work on yourself in living a life with no egoism, enjoying being "here and now", being grateful for what you have! The most important thing I got from this course is the direction! Now I know where I am going and enjoy every moment of my life-journey! Alena Ipanova (alena.ipanova@gmail.com)
anjaliIt's hard to put into words my experience at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. I didn’t expect the transformation that happened during my yoga teacher training program. It was both, physical, mental and spiritual. Yogi Sivadas provided the most informative, inspiring and fun environment that allowed all of the students to work and live to their highest potential. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. I learned a lot about my own limits, and i developed a consciousness about the universe and about myself. I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all the 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. The ayurvedic massages helped even more to improve my body health. The Reiki Course and Sound Healing Course intensified the yoga teacher treaining since all is connected. It's been a gift to be surrounded by the mountains and eagles flying in front of the room and of course to be led by a wonderful teacher, Yogi Sivadas. I am so excited to bring all that I've learned and the love and light from India back to my students. In gratitude and love, Gabriela Zweng (Yogini Anjali) [info@omkarayoga.ch] Switzerland.
abhayaI Finished My 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and Ayurvedic Kundalini Yoga Massage course, at Kalaish Tribal school with Yogi Shivadas in the Himalayas. It was a magical and unforgettable experience. I learned a lot and I developed a new knowledge and consciousness about myself and the whole universe. I become unified with the whole world, beyond divisions!!! This yoga teacher training course is very deep and the personal approach of Yogi Shivadas can bring Yoga to the students beyond the asanans. Because Yoga is not just fitness or competitive practice of some sport ... It's a way of living... Living unified and fully in the presence with the whole universe. We learned about Philosophy, History and psychology for bringing better Yoga Teaching for this world, to unify us and the whole Universe! This yoga teacher training course and my meeting with Yogi Shivadas was an important step in my life. Now, I don't want and I can't Go back, look back... It's to late... If you are ready to accept a new visions and certain deeper realities of yourself, you will open and expand your consciousness and awareness in Kailash Tribal School...After that, you can't do like you don't knew about yourself, life and health with the wisdom you gained with Yogi Shivadas. After this course, you can not forget that we must live with mindfulness, but the most important for me is try to maintain my knowledge, health and peaceful state of mind I gained here and being better human being and sharing my wisdom of yogic living with others.!!! Thank for everything!!! With truthfulness, Tamara xxx Tamara Ouellet, Tamara.Ouellet@usherbrooke.ca
ushaMy time in India is near over as I begin my 12 hours bus journey back to Dehli this afternoon. I arrived to Mcloud Ganj a little over a month ago on a yoga teacher training. I came to this program with out expectations, except to get better at the practice, how little I knew that I had signed up for school of life. What I learned in one month is only the beginning to deeper self awareness. For now, body and mind is charged and ready for real life discoveries and challenges. I plan to teach yoga to friends and family, and to do Reiki or sound healing per your request. Along with the certificates, I was given a spiritual name “Yogini Usha” meaning: “morning, dawn, sunrise”, on this note, I will wake up each morning with deeper sense of self awareness and consciousness. Yogi Shivadas thank you for everything you taught me, I will miss your stories. Certified yoga teacher, Reiki master and completed Himalayan sound Healing. Maryam Hosseinnia ( Yogini Usha ) YTTC 200 maryamh@me.com Salmiya, Kuwait
anaI finished my 500 hour yoga teacher training with Shivadas. And it has been such an intense and meaningful time for me. I am also very happy that I chose to do the 5oo hours , because it gave me a bit more time to settle in the school, learn more and to improve my asanas more. I would definitely advise anybody, who has the time, to do a longer course with Shivadas. You will not regret it! Also the setting of the school is really beautiful and still in the center of the town, where you can find all kinds of good restaurants and shops. I loved my room that I had rented in the school too, very convenient and very bright…It became a real home. And that is important for me, after travelling for so long. I learned much from Shivadas’ approach to yoga; which is adjusted to the modern body and also to learn to be kind and soft to yourself. (That was a good lesson for me …;-0 ). Now I have more than enough knowledge and selfconfidense to teach myself. I am now a yoga teacher in Cambodia. Thank you Shivadas, for being such a great teacher. I loved how you were always open for all kinds of questions and that you didn’t keep any taboo! I have become more grounded, more balanced and so more happy! And that is, what is yoga about!! If you have any questions about the course, please contact me by email. Or if you are travelling through Cambodia and want to do some yoga with me… My name is An AYTTC 500 iamfreetobemyself@yahoo.com
tracy"I just returned from the Kailash Tribal School and I really enjoyed it. The teacher has decades of experience and has a balanced and moderate approach to yoga. He won't push you beyond your limits or into any positions you aren't ready for. I especially loved that aspect of it because I think that yoga is all about breath, moving at your own pace and finding a good center. Some yoga videos I've done move so quickly and just seem "too fast." He'll hold downward dog for several breaths and you'll quickly work up a sweat. I feel like I gained so much in the course. We spent 4 hours a day doing yoga. We had 2 hours of Ashtanga in the morning and 2 hours of Hatha in the afternoon. We also spent an hour a day learning about cleanses, breathing, meditation and chanting. Then, another 2 hours of lecture in the afternoon. It's a pretty intensive course, but it is a great introduction to teaching yoga. I know people who did the 500 hours and their knowledge is about double and a half mine (literally because that's how much more they do!). I'd say I'm glad I didn't do the 500 hours there. I think for me it will be better to break it up. I'm thinking I might get my next 300 hours later after I've processed what I learned. It definitely depends on what you're looking for. If you want to teach professionally, I'd recommend 500 hours and it's probably easier and more cost-effective to do it all at once. I don't actually feel confident enough to teach alone and independently at this point. I'd want much more practice - probably 300 hours worth! I feel ready to teach family and friends and perhaps understudy with an experienced teacher, but I think 200 should be considered entry-level/intern level. There is soooo much involved in the world of yoga and ayurveda. You could literally study it for years. And, it also depends on how much you already know about yoga. If you are experienced, you'll be able to start studying how to teach it faster. I am not as experienced, so I spent the first two weeks learning how to do the postures properly. The on-site housing is fantastic. We had a kitchen and wonderful porch with a stunning view of the valley/city. The rooms are clean and bright and all the cooking/bathroom supplies are provided. The town itself is tourist friendly with lots of places to eat vegetarian food and hike. Although, I'd recommend turning inward for the experience. There were some days I never left our little yogi cottage area because the yoga room was just upstairs. It feels like a little haven compared with all the shops and tuk-tuks and excitement of the streets, which are all the things that a tourist in India loves, but are also things that can distract you from your yogic bliss. I think the most important aspect of the course is that everyone internalizes yoga differently. And, this is especially important when teaching. What is helpful for one person, may not be helpful for another. And also, just because you enjoy a certain position or can move your body one way, it doesn't mean that it is the best way to teach it. Our class was in constant dialogue about what worked for us, why it was helpful or why it was not. I loved hearing about how yoga works for other people. I also loved the focus on yoga for your dosha (element). Some people need vigorous yoga, others need slow yoga, depending on their constitution. And, they don't always crave the kind of yoga they need. So, that is a very interesting topic. Yoga in the west is quite different than yoga in the east and I think that's the benefit to learning yoga in India itself. You will connect with yoga in a way that is closer to how it originally evolved before it left the east and traveled to the west and was digested and expressed with a western flare. I think it is always better to learn from a different perspective so that your own becomes stronger. Oh, you mentioned teaching for kids. He does cover teaching for kids a bit. I was also interested in that topic, so we discussed for a day or two. I think if you're interested specifically in children, you should let him know and he could probably give you more information. Although I think the best approach is to take the information he provides and then practice and gain experience later through attending and teaching classes. Teaching yoga is like teaching anything. You learn the principles and then when you step into the classroom, you begin to apply them, but not usually before or maybe just in your head! Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to help. If you do decide to go, say hi to yoga shividas from me. I am so glad I attended his course. I think it will impact my life positively for years to come. He has helped me to view my life through a more balanced lens and also showed me how to think critically about the kind of yoga that I practice and why." Tracey Goldner, traceygoldner@gmail.com Tracey Goldner, 540 NW Silverado Dr, Beaverton OR 97006.
jenSending immense gratitude to Yogi Sividas for his extensive and supportive yoga teachings. My academic residence at his Kailash Yoga School offered a truly life-enriching experience. Yogi Sividas is not just a wonderful teacher and person; he also holds expert training capabilities as well as a vast knowledge of all aspects of yoga, including philosophy, physiology and anatomy. As a yoga teacher working and living in New York, I was seeking to travel to India to complete my advanced studies; the Kailash Yoga School offered the ingredients to make it all happen. From the moment I arrived at the school in Dharamsala to the moment I departed, my soul was stimulated and nourished by the beautiful surroundings and all the offerings of a Classical Yoga education. Yogi Sividas’ curriculum is extremely well rounded and includes a current understanding of the role yoga plays in our lives today. Yogi Sivadas offers his guidance and attention to your evolution as a student by offering various assignments and different experiential learning methodologies. The school facilities are beautiful, and open with stunning Himalayan views that inspire the body, mind and soul. The town of Dharmasala itself is small, friendly and very easy to live in and navigate. During my stay at the school, I was able to complete my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training as well as become a Certified Reiki Master. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the asana, energy healing and academic educational training I received at the Kailash Yoga School. I look forward to returning to support future trainings. Jen Maneesha Warakomski RYT 500. NYC, NY USA www.jenwarakomski.com/ or jjen@jenwarakomski.com
I completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Course in April 2012. This course helped me to deepen my own practice and really understand what yoga is as a holistic way of life - not just conceptually, but experientially. It is through this understanding and personal experience that I feel confident to teach others and share my experience. I'm really glad I opted to do the course in India; the Himalayas are beautiful, and I really felt a sense and flavor of the history/roots of the ancient yogic way of life. I don't think I would have felt this had done the course in my home country. I experienced yoga in a safe, blissful and healing capacity through the YA 200 hour course at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. Yogi Sivadas is a wonderfully inspiring & wise teacher; the course is taught in a variety of mediums to suit all learners and really encourages independent learning & thinking, so that yoga can be applied to a number of settings in the modern world. I came away from the course feeling bright, light, renewed, inspired and ready to teach! mouniraalmenoar@hotmail.com Mounira Almenoar - Yoga Health Wellness http://mouniraalmenoar.blogspot.com.au United Kingdom. Thank you Yogi Sivadas
adyaThis is a school that deserves recognition. Yogi Sivadas has his own style of teaching that encompasses all his students needs. Classes are not taught from a manual but from his knowledge, intuition and insight. Each class is unique while following the curriculum of YogaAlliance. Classes are small and group discussions are encouraged, along with sharing of ideas and knowledge. Even if you are an experienced yoga teacher, I believe you will still learn so much and be an even better teacher. In the asana classes we are constantly reminded to listen, feel and understand our bodies. When we follow this philosophy ourselves our students will benefit. No-one will suffer injuries if they hear what Yogi Sivadas is saying. It is not about what you can do, it is about what you can understand. Nutrition and an understanding of anatomy play a major role in our daily lives and this is explained and reinforced. Former habits are re-evaluated. Philosophy, history, mythology and ancient teachings are explained and adapted to modern times. An infinite world of possibilities are opened to us and we are offered the tools to seek what we need and encouraged to continue learning and adapting with awareness. Accommodation is clean, bright and conducive to peaceful study. The town will meet your daily needs for meals and supplies. You will definitely get value for your money with any of the courses offered at Kailash Tribal School. AYTTC 500 hour, Reiki Master, Sound Healing and Ayurvedic Massage course Graduate of Kailash Tribal School. 
ninaThank you soo much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you x 'Ask me a question about anything! anything in the world' I have never known a teacher brave enough to ask such a question...let alone answer them all with such vast knowlege and understanding, and most of all patience! Having completed 200hrs teacher training and Reiki to master level under Yogi Shividas I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. His knowledge, imagination and open mind, have opened mine! If you are reading this wondering if this is the right school stop wondering! I'm so glad I did. The only distraction from the inspirational teaching being the incredible mountains and eagles soaring outside the studio! You couldn't ask for a better setting. I leave here after doing things I never thought possible, full of energy and a whole lot of love. Thank you. please feel free to email me on ninapulford@hotmail.co.uk I am more than happy to answer any questions xx
deviI was privilege to have private lesson- Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki I. and II. level with Yogi Sivadas,Tribal School. ....Yogi Sivadas is a great Yoga Teacher....a great teacher not just teach but also inspire and motivate student to learn about Yoga & Lifestyle & Well being. ...I`m professional Medical Aesthetician/Therapist.My work include Anti-ageing Treatments,Weight Management&Well being Body and Mind....Including Yoga and Reiki Program would be definitely beneficial for my clients to get better results of treatments. ....I was happy with accommodation provided by Tribe School .....safe ,close to shops and restaurants. ....Also Thank you to Management of Tribal School ...very helpful and kind. ....Look forward to take Advance Yoga Teaching- and Reiki Master III level Course. See you next year. Many Thanks and all the best.
paulineThis yoga course was exactly what I needed. It allowed me to be mindful 4 hours a day and I had a wonderful feeling of contentment after every asana session. It was interesting to learn about philosophy and the true purpose of yoga too. The accommodation was great, the balcony with the view of the mountains and the wildlife was my favorite place in the whole town. YTTC 200 October 2011

savithaAfter my month of teacher training with Yogi Sivadas I not only feel prepared to teach yoga but I also feel much more prepared to face the onslaughts of life in Los Angeles, California. From the indepth philosophical take on yoga to the anatomical breakdown of the asanas, Yogi Sivadas dedicated long hours and lots of attention to making sure his students understood every aspect of yoga. He managed to do so without ever forcing ideas or opinions onto his students- rather, he let us make our decisions and offered up as many theories and histories as he could so that we had a wide variety of information to pick and choose from. I had an incredibly pleasant month in Mcleod and with Yogi Sivadas. I feel stronger, more confident and more capable in my practice and in my teaching. If anyone has any questions regarding the teacher training or Mcleod Ganj, please feel free to e-mail me at e.r.bensinger@gmail.com

sudarshanYogi Sivadas, Thank you very much for a deep and very insightful course. The time I spent in the course was a time of great clarity, vision, understanding and openness. During the course most of my current questions regarding yoga, life and the universe were answered. This course was such an important part of an ongoing journey into self-realization and universal-realization. It gave me a solid foundation of knowledge to understand the true nature of reality. I think one of the most important things you said during the course over and over again was not to "believe" you or others, but rather try to understand and then research for ourselves what is true to us through further self-investigation. The tools and paths which we should take in order to further research and discover our true nature were understood in a deep level, after peeling off old conditioning that greatly interferes with our progress and insight. I am very grateful to have experienced this course and I will integrate what I have learnt and understood in this period to many aspects of my life and to further spiritual evolution. Sincerely, Edo Maimon 200 YTTC October 2011 +972-545600787 edomaimon@gmail.com

britneyMany Thanks & Much Gratitude to you Yogi Sivadas. Through the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours my self Awareness has Expanded by way of your Guidance. I have gained a Humble understanding of what an "Advanced" practice is & how it's not about "Putting you feet behind your ears" ( which I will do less of 🙂 but rather it's What is happening between your ears" ( which I will make less of 🙂 I Appreciate and Honor your life & all of it's experiences, for it has given you a way of Intuitive Teaching ~ Like no other You molded the program perfect to my needs, even before I knew what they were. May your school continue to thrive and nourish the infinite potential of each Yogi & Yogini wise enough to study with you. I will carry your wisdom back with me to Pure Love Yoga of St. Augustine and share the light and knowledge that you so generously gave! With Abundance, ~ Peace, Love & Light, ~ www.pureloveyoga.com

nYTTC with Yogi Sivadas was so interesting for me. I took one month for my practice, for myself and to change my life ( specifically my job). I loved the 2 kind of yoga. We used to practice Asthanga yoga in the morning and Hatha in the evening. It was very beneficial to learn 2 types of yoga, to find the balance and the best way for you and for your students. After YTTC, I felt ready to teach on my own and I opened yoga studio in France with confidence, motivation and peaceful. I am so happy to have done it. Yogi Sivadas is very kind with all of us and I agree with the way I teach. I used to follow all his instructions ( routine in the morning, regular homework). All the students was saying about me: « You are so serious,.... ». I think it was the best way. Just be concentrate and exactly know why you are here. At the beginning, I thought the language will be a problem. Sure it was very difficult but may be it was also an advantage because I needed to focus on the essential. Follow the essential, practice with patience, do the best that you can and go on your own...I learned more than that in August 2010! And what about the group? It was wonderful, a small group. Everybody were going on his own way but we have had some very very nice moment together. I miss all of them and may be ...a next time. 

lenkaDear Sivadas, Thank you very much for this beautiful experience, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, for a wonderful month full of gentle yoga, understanding and discovering myself. I was really lucky I have chosen this YTTC and you as my teacher – very happy for that!!! It helped me to understand much better not only the physical aspect of yoga, but also yoga as a life path and a way of living in general. Thank you so much for your positive energy and your BIG HEART Hope to be able to come back one day… Wish you all the best, be healthy and happy. NAMASTE

yvetteI chose to do my YTT at Kailash Tribal Yoga School because I wanted to learn more about yoga so that I could corporate it into my work as a mental health therapist, thus enabling me to provide a more holistic treatment that resonated with my own beliefs and inner wisdom. Also being a student of Buddhism I wanted to be in Dharamsala, and in the vicinity of the Dalai Lama temple and teachings, which have been an extra bonus in my time in beautiful, peaceful McLeodganj village in the foothills of the Himalayas. What I gained in the AYTTC 500 hours was much more than how to adjust someone in their asana position, but how to live a better life and how to help others to live a better life as well. Yogi Sivadas is a great teacher with a wealth of yogic knowledge and a life experience that he shares with his students. When I saw his website and course curriculum I saw that Yogi Sivadas was a well rounded, real person and I am grateful I have been able to know him, to have him as my guru. I am very grateful to have had this holistic educational experience and to further develop and nurture my yogic lifestyle and sharing it with others, so they may live healthier lives...with awareness. I completed the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for 500 hours for Two and Half months. While there I also studied Reiki I Degree course, the Sound Healing course and Ayurveda Massage course with Yogi Sivadas.

SordorYogi Sivadas is a great teacher in many aspects of life besides yoga. In the asana classes and philosophy lectures, I felt comfortable learning things that are very new to me, and found the pace of the school to be very productive. After researching Sivananda and other popular yoga schools, I found that there is virtually no personal attention from the instructors because the classes are so gigantic. Ashram life is also very time-restrictive and for most of us, Indian food 3 times a day will be tiring on the stomach. At Yoga Tribe, you can have as much personal attention as you need, enjoy the beautiful green Himalayas, and eat a variety of international cuisines at the local restaurants. Don\'t think about it too much! Check out Yoga Tribe without hesitating. U S A.
omThe classes at Kailash Tribal School are truly amazing. I have seen myself and others transformed before my eyes. during both my trips to India I have had the great fortune to stay with and learn from Yogi Sivadas. He holds a wealth of ancient knowledge and a sense of openness that makes it all easily approachable. I have already sent many happy friends his way and will continue to send more. Love and Light Aum Prakash

Undoubtedly, any course with Yogi Sivadas will be life-changing for each and every spirit. Before arriving in McLeodganj, I understood the yoga teacher training course would be a transformative experience but had little idea on how my life would be impacted. I still recall Yogi Sivadasji telling us, "A leader is not someone who teaches his students to follow him or even someone who asks her students to join an organized group...A leader shows her students the path to their own liberation." From the Yoga Teacher Training to the Ayurvedic Massage Course to the Sound Healing Treatment, Sivadasji truly helped me discover how I can take charge of my path towards liberation. Further, what you will get out of Yogi Sivadas is the experience of a true Guru. He will not attempt to sell a particular brand of yoga; instead, he claims that when yogis truly commit themselves to the spiritual path of yoga, they're able to realize how, at its core, yoga has no brand. He encourages his students to work at a steady and comfortable pace, always reminding us that while yoga does challenge us, it also exists to relax our body, mind and spirit. In addition to practicing yoga in a physical form, we had a daily routine of discovering and practicing yoga in its devotional, philosophical and service-related aspects. Because the Western world has a history of appropriating spiritual practices and detaching these practices from their roots, you will receive an authentic and thorough understanding of yoga with Yogi Sivadas. I am incredibly grateful for Yogi Sivadas's teaching of yoga as a means for individuals to understand their dharma (or duty in life) as socially and environmentally conscious human beings. Namaste. sheena.sood1@gmail.com

isisI did the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and my experience was great. I think Yogi Shivadas brings the best from yoga according to the international standards. Living at the Himalayas is a wonderful experience and the yoga hall is perfect for practicing, learning and sharing. I highly recommend it and certainly would come back. tsopemayoga@hotmail.com

Arriving in McLeod-Ganj I didn't know what to expect. I had ideas of a crazy yogi putting me into a pretzel and attaining "perfection" in every asana. As soon as I met Yogi Sivadas and heard his big laugh I was put at ease and felt at home. No he didn't put me in a pretzel! He taught me more than I expected. He taught me to have patience in my practice. He taught me it isn't about perfecting a pose esthetically, its about honoring where your body is at and being there, practicing from that place. He helped me connect to the divine within. His deep knowledge in philosophy and history of yoga were astounding. Not to mention his ability to have a sense of humor! If you are thinking of coming to train with Yogi Sivadas, stop thinking and just do it! You won't regret it, and you'll walk away a changed person. 001-604-817-5993 cmccooey@hotmail..com www.vasantiyoga.com
lucyMy time at kailash school of yoga has been fantastic. The asana classes happen at a really good pace. You are taught to listen more to the flow of your own body, not to over push and over stretch as it common in western yoga practises. I have seen a huge improvement on my physical strengh and flexibility over my month of TTC. Yogi Sivadas is the real deal, completely honest, open and full of so much beautiful wisdom, it has truly been a blessing to be part of his course. It was really amazing to study the true origin and purpose of yoga, studying patanjalis yoga sutras and Indian philosophy has really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Thank you Sivadas for creating such a wonderful course. Lucyjane.carter@yahoo.co.uk

Brooke and I came to McLeod Ganj in the Fall of 2009. After meeting with 3 Yoga teachers and speaking with many students in the area, we were happy to begin our Yoga Teacher Training retreat with Yogi Sivadas. I remember appreciating his candor and disciplined approach immediately. I was also impressed with his personality and realistic, gradual curriculum. “No over pushing!” We enjoyed the consistency of practice and the variety of subject areas, especially the chanting and singing, memorization of Sutras, and the two Asana practices each day. I think my mind and body have been changed for the better based on this practice, but as Sivadas points out the practice of Yoga is always ongoing. Overall I would say this experience has opened me to a world of experience and consideration that had been somewhat veiled before. During our month of practice, we also had Tuesdays free to explore the Himalayan Foothills and to enjoy the different cultures of Northern India. Lastly, the Yogi Cottages are a quiet, comfortable place to stay. The good atmosphere made it easy for us to focus on the Yoga practice, but we were always able to visit the town when we wanted. It was also great to have dozens of Golden Eagles soaring above our back balcony almost every day! Namaste, ISA Certified Arborist RM 7405A (303)906-8290 

George-AthertonI appreciated Sivadas' emphasis on taking it easy and practicing at a reasonable pace without over-extending, knowing that this actually helps us to progress much more quickly. I enjoyed the weaving of contemporary environmental/nutritional/socio-political awareness into the context of yogic practice. I think that touching on these subjects is very important, for it provides perspective and motivation to lead a dedicated practice in today's world. Sivadas' good-natured sense of humor was always present to keep things yogic. I can see that it serves him well and I will remember it as I go on to teach others. Thank you Sivadas! You're a great teacher. Namaste, website: www.geoglyphiks.com , www.viradical.com

mirandaThe journey I started for the YTTC on 01st March and ended on 29th March 2011 was for me an extravaganza voyage within 4 weeks I traveled from the Indian Mythology, Indian Philosophy, Patañjali Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda to Yoga Anatomy and the Modern World. On this path I had a great Teacher Yogi Shivadas who shared all these knowledge with me and the other students. The daily chanting, practice classes, theory and discussions created a moving and soothing balance of physical and meditative learning that have changed my yoga practice and my everyday life in unexpectedly meaningful ways. With Yogi Shivadas my practice changed; it became more mindful and focused you made me think more about myself and less about what everyone else was doing. I will never be the same person again because of the joy, wisdom and balance Yogi Shivadas shared. Namaste (OM Shanti).
fordI followed the 200 hr YTTC with Yogi Sivadas. Situated in serene and scenic Dharamsala, Kailash Tribal Yoga School is perhaps the cleanest and most comfortable studio in McLeod Ganj. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. Yogi Sivadas is also an amazing chanter! The Bhakti yoga was a wonderful way to start each day of practice. 
kiranThe TTC with Yogi Sivadas is a great expirience, to learn the teachings for childs, beginners & advanced students in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga. The lessons about Yoga Philosphy, Indian Traditions & Anatomie are very complete and I had a graet time at this wonderfull place. Thank you again very much Yogi Sivadas for all your inspirations. website: www.gayatri-yoga.net
brianna(Taking Yoga Teacher Training with Sivadas at the Kailesh school was a fabulous, mind expanding experience. The asana classes helped to solidify my personal practice and the daily lectures taught me all the ways in which yoga is more than a physical activity. I will always be grateful to Sivadas for opening my eyes!)
stephanieStudying in the Himalayas at Kailash School of Yoga is about so much more than becoming a certified yoga teacher. Yogi Sivadas is a humble, learned mentor, whose compassionate attitude permeates your practice and life outside the yoga studio. I cherish the experience and friendships cultivated there. website: www.saraswatiyogashala.com
yipYogi Sivadas is a great teacher with much wisdom to offer, I learnt so much about myself and the world during the 200 hr training. It really did change my life. I think differently, eat differently, practice differently...I feel like the work I did during that course was a major turning point in my life and I am have so much gratitude because of it. Om Shanti, My contact email: liana@tulaholistichealth.com Things here are going great, I am now teaching a handful of classes per week and have set my website up! (it is still being revised), www.tulaholistichealth.com Also, last year I was asked to be radio host and assistant producer on a yoga radio show called Drishti Point, we get to interview sooo many great teachers! I am soo honoured to be a part of it. www.drishtipoint.ca I have been meeting with Chelsea McCooey, she is also doing very well with her Trancendental Meditation teaching. Wanted to let you know that I have so much gratitude for the Kailash school and think of you and your teachings often. The teacher training truely was the foundation for so much growth, With Gratitude, www.tulaholistichealth.com
ana_1mayMy experiences in India studying for my advanced teacher training (AYTTC) under Yogi Sivadas were phenomenal. I grew so much as both a yoga teacher and a person. Sivadas has a well rounded program that challenged my mind and body. His studio is beautiful with an unreal view of Mcleodganj (often including large eagles swooping by and monkeys hanging out on the porch). ot only did I learn yoga from Sivadas, but I also had the opportunity to take classes in Ayurvedic massage, sound healing, and Reiki. My absolute favorite thing that Yogi Sivadas has to offer is amazing guided meditations. Overall, I learned so much at Kailash School and would highly recommend any of Yogi Sivadas' classes. annswans@gmail.com
kris_1mayI went to India to learn more about the philosophy and psychology of yoga from an Indian teacher. I also wanted to improve my own physical practice. Sivadas gave me all of that and more. He is a warm and welcoming man with experience and knowledge which he shares through his well-told stories. I was challenged and supported equally. My experience at Kailash Tribal School was perfect. I would recommend it and consider going back for additional training in the future. Namaste.
jasonYogi Sivadas will implore you to challenge your every assumption, to question your every expectation, to rediscover the very freedom from hegemony and ideology that is your godgiven birthright. To study with Sivadas is to uncover the self, the self that millenia of cultural brainwashing has laboured and laboured to sunder from every one of us. Yogi Sivadas will frustrate you, and anger you. He does this so that you can finally be you. To join his programme and to follow it diligently is to receive the greatest that one can: the freedom to discover a self free from the culture that systematically and nefariously has replaced any sense of unfiltered truth. Yogi Sivadas is generous and kind. But he is not easy. He makes a virtue of difficulty in order to deprogram his students from the constrictions we erroneously take for granted. Actualization is not easy. But Yogi Sivadas will show you how to embark on this difficult path. A path that every one of us owe's ourselves. Trust him and he will show you how to trust yourself ethically, to trust yourself like you never thought you could." All Best, & Namaste.
Yogi Sivadas brings a lifetime of study and seemingly many lifetimes worth of real-world experience to bear on questions both universal and personal. It's not just a series of yoga classes or a set of yoga teacher instruction manuals, it's a complete physical, philosophical and spiritual guide to life. You'll return home with the wisdom to apply his teachings in your own life and, better still, you'll have all the tools necessary to teach others. I can't imagine a better, more inspiring, or more practically valuable training program.
The 28 day program was a challenging and life changing event, the amount of knowledge I learned really helped me to not only learn more about the philosophy of yoga but about myself, learning to meditate and pranyama. Yogi Sivadas was an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable in the philosophy of yoga and taught me the patience I needed for myself in my own practice and thus helps me to be patient when teaching others. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested as you will be about to begin a new and exciting phase of your life. 
I have studied with Yogi Sivadas Reiki Master Degree and Ayurvedic massage. I was inspired by his wide knowledge of Ayurveda and Meditation. He lives his life in Himalayas, being focused on spreading his amazing knowledge and skills. I have also attended to some of his Yoga classess, in beautifully located school in Mcleod Ganj. I was always very rejuvenated and relaxed after those sessions, which taught me the real meaning of Yoga, the presence and awareness. Sivadas classes are very versatile, everybody can find spirituality in his school. Thank you Sivadas. With love,
keikoI joined YTTC200 in March.2011. Really it was great experience for me I learnt a lot of things from Sivadas. Nobody teach me yoga philosophy, Patanjali's Sutra before. I liked his class so much and it was with nice members as well I never forget that. I can start bright new life Thank you Yogi Sivadas. I will have own Yoga class soon and I will visit Dharamsala every year for improve my skill. I would love to join kailash tribal school again. Dhalamsala is my second home town now. I really appreciated. Namaste ! www.facebook.com/om.shantiyoga.uk
laceyI completed the 200 hour YTT at Kailash Tribal School in March 2011, and can easily recommend it to anyone who is looking to go deeper in their understanding of the history and tradition of yoga, the philosophy, and practical application. Yogi Sivadas is a well studied wealth of information, eager to empower people to practice in a way that is practical and sustainable for their individual bodies and lifestyle. I definitely feel like a more well rounded yogi after having completed the course, and am grateful for the teaching I received there. Not to mention the beauty of Dharamsala, what an incredible place to spend a month.
sarahIt's hard to put into words my experience at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. The transformation that happened during my advanced yoga teacher training program was both physical, mental and spiritual. Yogi Sivadas provided the most informative, inspiring and fun environment that allowed all of the students to work and live to their highest potential. One of my fellow trainees said he will forever hear our teacher's voice in his head when challenging times in yoga and life come up and I second that! It's been a gift to be surrounded by the mountains, by such an incredible community of students and of course to be led by our wonderful teacher, Yogi Sivadas. I am so excited to bring all that I've learned and the love and light from India back to my students. In gratitude. www.jayamayoga.com www.sarahlucycoleman.com
coraI chose Kailash school of yoga for my 200h teacher training mostly based on intuition, and it turned out to be the best choice I could have made. The studio has the same good vibes as I expected from looking at the photos, which is a reflection of the atmosphere of the whole course. Yogi Sivadas is not only very knowledgeable of all things yoga, but also open-minded, kind and he has a great sense of humour. During the course I learned a lot and also laughed a lot.. I felt that the size of the group was ideal to maximize learning. We quickly gained the confidence to teach and had the chance to ask any question on our minds, and we got plenty of personal corrections to our asana practice. In addition to this personal attention I also appreciated the balance between the different elements of the course. What Yogi Sivadas teaches is yoga far beyond fitness, but at the same time his knowledge of anatomy is very precise. I really hope to return to Mcleodganj one day!