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«I studied yoga teacher training at Kailash early in the season of 2018 and it was in a more quiet time in Mcleodganj which I appreciated. I recommend staying at the facility as this enables the student to focus on the studies instead of spending time for transport and getting disturbed with the busy town. The rooms are nice and clean with a small-equipped kitchen to make your own food (which I prefer).

The training itself it perfect for anyone at any level. Like other schools Kailash don’t get hung up in a certain style but is more universal, which can translate into learning how to establish your personally fitted foundation and functional yoga practice towards a yogic life. On this foundation you can hereafter build and customize your personal need and preferred style of yoga for you future both in private and as a teacher. Instead of narrowing it down to a certain style and thus excluding the diversity of yoga, this training opens up for all styles and nuances of the yogic life. What I also liked very much was the link to Ayurveda and the understanding of the unique individual every person is, opening a whole new world of understanding myself and future students. This will certainly help me as a teacher to meet every student at their premises and what will be beneficial for their life and health.

Also I like that we’re maximum 12 students giving us more teacher time (we were even fewer giving us even MORE time to question and corrections), and practice and getting feedback from drop-in yoga practitioners putting the aspiring teachers to the task and challenge of handling the widespread differences from total beginners to experienced customers. This is very valuable lessons and confidence builders!

Last but not least I appreciate the way Sivadas encourages each and everyone to fit the yoga to their own personal health. Too often I’ve been comparing my flexibility and myself with others instead of working slowly deeper into what my body serves and deserves. Yoga practice is personal, and not for anyone else. This way, as a teacher, you can teach others to practice yoga for themselves and their own health, and not for pictures and numbers of likes on social media. This is so immensely important to emphasize! Listen to your body and its limitations and team up with your body and the reality of your personal health, and the good results will show with time and practice. Yogi Sivadas succeeds in teaching this, and he succeeds in teaching a gentle and including practice where everyone will find their expression, be able to work within their bodily possibilities and limitations and avoid injuries. Turning life to the better.

All in all i recommend the teacher training at Kailash as it is a very good foundation for your yogic life no matter your age, level of experience or body shape. This is a good start to the rest of your healthy, wholesome and balanced life.

Linn Elise Goos Rølvåg   (Yogini Jyoti) <lrolvag@gmail.com> Norway»
This yoga teacher training was everything I was looking for, and more. There are so many yoga courses out there, so I’m still astonished that I managed to find the ideal yoga course that teaches the real meaning and aspects of yoga. I love Yogi Sivadas’ holistic approach- fitness isn't at the core, it’s an important aspect yes, but yoga is so much more than that- a philosophy, psychology, and above all a lifestyle suited to your personal needs that lasts a lifetime. Yogi Sivadas has so much knowledge about all the aspects of yoga, about the history and philosophy of India, and more, so if you do this course, be prepared to have your mind blown with wisdom concerning all sorts of things. I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience the authenticity of Yoga and India. The accommodation is also great, I had everything I needed to be more than comfortable- hot water, electricity, a kitchen, big bed and a balcony. I already miss Mcleodganj and the school so much and I hope to return soon to do the reiki courses (I have only heard great feedback) Thank you so so so so much for all your valuable teachings and for helping me make such a beautiful transformation. I will share the wisdom with the world for sure, the world needs it. Namaste and until next time. Pia Unutzer. Bavaria, Germany<piaunuetzer@gmail.com>

Thanks again so much for your enlightened and engaged teaching. I had a wonderful time in your school, learning not only a lot about yoga history, philosophy and teaching but also about myself. I came back healthy, inspired and in tune with myself. In fact, all my senses have intensified during my stay at McLeodganj! I recommend your school to anyone who wants to get immersed in the art and life of yoga – rather focussing on the health aspects than on performance as a goal. Although I only  did the 200hrs course so far I do feel that I have already learned what it needs to help anyone – even those who are not fit yet – to get the best out of yoga.

So again: thank you from my whole heart! I do hope to be able to come back some time in the not so far future for the 300hrs course.

Bettina von Kupsch <bvkupsch@bluewin.ch> Switzerland.

I finished the Berlin Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Sivadas in January 2018. Picking a YTT is very difficult, because there are so many available. I really recommend you Yogi Sivadas. He is open minded, very spiritual, and very profound in his teachings! The holistic approach of his Yoga teachings is good for the body and the mind. However, who thinks this is some kind of Yin Yoga only, is wrong. It is a well rounded style, that offers something for everyone (believe me I am a "Power-Yogingi"). He explains all poses in detail and reasonates on the health benefits and the correct alignment on the basis of anatomic explanations. He is willing to answer ALL your questions, which I loved. The theoretical part is very spiritual and profound. You will learn a lot. His Teacher Training is really a journey and you learn not only about Yoga but also about yourself. I truly recommend him!

And from next year on, there will be 2 teacher trainings in Berlin, which you can also book! Take the chance and get yourself a really good Yoga Teacher Training for a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier with my choice! Jessica Kasprzak, Berlin Germany <jessy_ka@web.de>
I attended the 300hour advanced yoga course in November 2017 and it was the best decision I could have made. The exceptional and extensive,  wisdom and knowledge shared by Yogi Sivadas is appropriate for all those wishing to deepen their practice of a yogic lifestyle and hone their individual teaching techniques. My only regret is that I didn’t take the full 500 hour course to extend the experience.
The yoga centre is set close to town, so shopping is easy for food and there are good restaurants nearby that offer a wide variety of food. The course keeps you busy most of the time, but being so close to town means that you can enjoy the bustle of Indian life as well as the calm of the yoga centre, a perfect combination.
It’s scary to book a long retreat without really knowing much about it, but Yogi Sivadas is a kind and generous man, with a passion for helping us all to become the best we can be. Thank you from England. Lynne Mawby <lynne@tlc.myzen.co.uk>
4 weeks ago I passed the 200 YTT in Berlin. It took me some time to let things settle first before writing the testimonial, as there’ve been so many new informations and impressions to handle with. Although it was physically and mentally a very forcing course I would not miss this special time.

From Yogi Sivadas we could learn a holistic yoga generating the best benefits for health. And furthermore he put yoga in its real context:

not only to practice yoga as a way to train your body but also to realize the positive effect on your mind and way of behaviour which means to install yoga as one part or your yogic life within a holistic way of thinking.

 Sivadas has such a profound knowledge on so many subjects like history, ethnology, medicine, alimentation or philosophy for example that it’s a pleasure to follow his lessons. And again: yoga is not taught as an isolated subject, but as a part of medicine, philosophy … and so as a part of everyone’s life. And the transfer of knowledge is done in a very pleasant, humorous and open-hearted way, sometimes in form of metaphors or stories.

Hope I will have the possibility to join another course in the future.

Dr. Christine Maria Manuela Baringer<christine@dres-baringer.de> Bavaria, Germany.
It's been a couple days since I finished my 200 YTT with Yogi Sivadas in Berlin and, boy, I feel like I will need a lifetime to process all the knowledge and wisdom he shared with us during the course. His way of breaking complex and confusing philosophical thoughts down to their essence and bringing them to life in beautiful stories and metaphors was inspiring. He encouraged us all to not only learn the content and be able to repeat it but rather to make the knowledge of Yoga and Indian philosophy our own and to integrate it into our individual lives. The same understanding is visible in the way he teaches the physical aspects of yoga: as a holistic practice adaptable to the individual needs of a person.

To me personally however, Sivadas philosophical teachings were the most valuable part of the course. In the Western context I feel that spirituality, mindfulness and yoga are often understood as ways to optimize the ego, to ever improve it and never grow past it. Sivadas however – in my subjective and humble understanding – told us that, yes, you need to get to know and understand yourself but that actually in the end you need to get over yourself (!) to be able to see the beauty around you and enjoy it! I will cherish this awareness in my personal yoga practice and pass it on to whoever listens. I am very grateful for a challenging yet wonderful time! Maria Linsel <mia-linsel@gmx.de> Berlin, Germany YTTC 200 our course January 2018
Hello & Namaste!

I am Aniket Pande, 300 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher from Kailash Yoga Tribal School, Mcloedganj, Dharamshala, Himanchal Pradesh, India.

I would begin with thanking Yogi Sivadas for sharing his wisdom and enormous experience with me.
I wanted to adopt Yoga as my lifestyle and go deep into the practise of asana and philosophy. That is the reason I visited Yogi Sivadas for the second time.

I knew that the meaning of the word 'Guru' is "the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance". It was first time that when I met Yogi Sivadas I also understood the meaning of the word 'Guru' in its full essence.
I learnt not only the fundamentals of Yoga poses and practises but also the nuances of Yogic lifestyle. Yogi Sivadas brought into notice my problems and provided me with explanation of the solutions to overcome them. His efforts to make an individual independent is something I admire and respect.
My learnings at Kailash Tribal Yoga School stay with me and guide me in the direction of progress of my individual self and society. My way of thinking towards my body and mind has become better and I thank Yogi Sivadas immensely for this.

My stay at Kailash Tribal Yoga School was very pleasant and rewarding. The valley of Mcloedganj is witness to some wonderful sunrises and sunsets. The weather stays pleasant and the nature is all around you. The town of Mcloedganj is pretty.

Hi my name is Genna and I completed the 200+300hr YTTC in November 2017.

I had done very little yoga before I started, and my goal for the course was to build more of my own personal practise as well as learn about the Yoga philosophy and way of life.

I found the entire course very functional, and Yogi Sivadas teaches in such a way that makes it easier to apply to your every day life. As well as being functional it also allowed one to be able grow individually and not become too reliant on Sivadas. I particularly liked that I was never forced into any poses, everything was done at the individuals own pace and comfort, and we were always reminded to take our time. Through this I really felt I had more benefits in the long run.

Now having completed the course a month ago I feel more than ever how it has affected me in such a positive way, both physically and emotionally. There is still so much to learn and Sividas has given me an understanding of Yoga and its philosophy that I can take as far as like.

The accommodation was simple with exactly what I needed, clean sheets and basic kitchen utensils - and Mcleod Ganji is a pretty place where nature is only a 10 minute walk away.

If anyone has any further questions about the course please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail gennatozer@gmail.com

From Zimbabwe.
I attended the 200h TTC in August 2017. I decided to study at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga because I wanted to improve my own practice as well as getting the foundations to teach others. My interest was to deepen my knowledge of the yogic philosophy and of the anatomy. Yogi Sivadas is an experienced teacher who keeps his students engaged and focused on all different aspects of yoga. I feel both the course structure and the teacher met my needs and I believe learning from Yogi Sivadas has helped me to modify my own approach of yoga to a more holistic one. I believe I now have a better understanding of my own body and can modify my practice accordingly. Since I have come back home, I feel I want to share my knowledge and help others to develop their own practice in the same way.

The school offers a safe and nurturing environment, and the rooms are a nice and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to further deepen their own practice. Nadege Soula nadegesoula7@gmail.com France & England
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