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Kailash Tribal School 200h+300h Yoga Teacher Training.

My name is Emil and I did the 200h and 300h yoga teacher training course with yogi Sivadas. As a novice yoga practitioner my personal goal of the course was not to become a fulltime working yoga teacher but rather to deepen my knowledge and practice
about the subject. I told my self that if I would reach the level of feeling comfortable teaching others, that would be a bonus.

I chose to take the courses with Sivadas through recommendation from a friend who did the same course 2016 but also because of the holistic approach of the
practice and theory.

With a background of doing a variety of sports and having a job which involves me standing all day, stiffness and minor old untreated injuries were brought into light through the practice. 10 weeks later the difference is definitely noticeable. In my left hip an old injury from when I was 15 made the area stiff and locked up. 10 weeks later the mobility is almost equal to the right side. Following the guide lines when it comes to diet and morning routines also have promoted a  increased general sense of wellbeing. Tuning the body and also losing 7kg was a bonus but not a goal.

In my opinion the course covered a vide spectrum of of the term "yoga". Philosophical, anatomical, spiritual, holistic, therapeutically, historical are a few. From my previous rather limited knowledge about yoga I can now say I have a deeper understanding about the subject and feel I can promote healthy guidelines weather it comes to diet, practice or practical lifestyle. I really appreciated the smaller group form, max 12 people, which gave us the possibility to communicate with Sivadas about specific thoughts/issues which might be impossible in larger classes.

Sivadas way of first teaching us a stable foundation then promoting us to rely/listen to our selves and deepen our knowledge rather becoming dependent on a external source was great as it promotes confidence and introspection. What I learned through out these 10 weeks is something I will take with me for the rest of my life, a magnifying glass that helps me to look within for balance.

For anyone who is interested in broadening their idea about healthy yogic living, theoretical or practical, I recommend the courses with yogi Sivadas.
Emil Jorming <emiljorming@gmail.com> Sweden & Norway
YTTC 500 in Dharamsala

 First of all, I decided to study with Yogi Sivadas due his vast experience on yoga and teachings, his yoga knowledge background, every course group is small (up to 12 students), the holistic approach of the practice and the very comfortable accomodations of the school. I came to get a firm practice and tools for teaching, so I booked for a 200-YTTC but then, during the course, I decided to stay longer and get the 300-YTTC because I knew there was a lot more to learn from Yogi Sivadas and the environment it was propitious for that.

I thanks a lot Yogi Sivadas to gave me the tools to improve my health and help others through the yoga path.


En primer lugar, decidí estudiar con Yogi Sivadas debido a su vasta experiencia en yoga y enseñándolo, cada cursos es pequeño (hasta 12 estudiantes), el enfoque holístico de la práctica y el alojamiento muy cómodo de la escuela. Llegué a conseguir una práctica de yoga sólida y herramientas para enseñar; así que me inscribí en el curso de 200 hrs; pero luego, durante el curso, decidí quedarme más tiempo y obtener el 300-YTTC porque sabía que había mucho más por aprender de Yogi Sivadas y el ambiente era propicio para eso.

Muchas gracias Yogi Sivadas por darme las herramientas para mejorar mi salud y ayudar a los demás a través del camino del yoga.

Iván Rodríguez Contreras,  From Chile <ivanrodriguezcontreras@gmail.com>

I attended 200h TTC in July 2017. I am Pilates instructor and studio owner. My plan was to broaden the horizons with one more way of 'workout'. I was also curious about pranayama and meditation but I haven't had clear idea if this would have been interesting for me to incorporate in my life. The course was above all the expectations on all levels. As a Pilates instructor it was important to me to understand what yoga is - its complexity but yet simplicity - suitable for everybody everywhere and at any time, and not just another workout. And this is how Yogi Sivadas teaches.

He is exceptional teacher who shares all his knowledge and at the same time he allows students to have their own opinion and way of thinking. Yogi Sivadas is very professional teacher with many experiences who in my opinion designed the course to fulfill expectations of every student no matter of their previous experiences.

Now one month after I finished the course I have to admit that in the past I was always a little bit sceptic about yoga, it was that weird people thing. But now I am proud to be one of them. I love my morning routine, I love pranayama, meditation... I still have our chanting in my mind but I am still learning. So yoga become a part of my life and I am looking forward to grow with it.

Thank you Sivadas! Ziva Olup <ziva.olup@gmail.com>, Slovenia
I graduated from the 200 hr YTTC in May 2017 from Kailash Tribal School. I firstly want to express my deepest gratitude for Yogi Sivadas for this beautiful course, helping me to open my awareness more, understand the amazing philosophy of Yoga and teaching me to take care of myself, both body and mind. I personally struggled with the course due to my health issues and I don't think I would have been able to finish without the compassion, support and kindness Yogi offered me. I learned probably the most important lesson of my life: to surrender, to accept and to honour my body and its needs.

The programme Yogi Sivadas has put together is amazingly comprehensive and Yogis knowledge and wisdom keeps amazing day after day and his patience in teaching and answering questions of the complex topics is never ending :)

The beautiful town of McLeodGanj and the great premises of the Yoga school offer a safe haven to nurture yourself and take time for your process and learning. I really enjoyed staying at the school, the rooms were very comfortable with a balcony and away from the busyness of the city.

I'm so happy I ended up having my training at Kailash Tribal School, Yogi Sivadas teaches beautiful, mindful Yoga that is far from the Western fitness yoga and that is exactly what I came to look for. I feel I have now so much to give to my students and my own practise has evolved to a beautiful nurturing practise that is making me healthier and happier.

I hope to return to Kailash Tribal School at some point to continue my training.

Thank you Yogi Sivadas.

Namaste, Tuire Niinimäki

Holland & Finnland

In this era of Globalization, the world has become a global village getting inputs form each nation filling the global basket with latest technologies and innovations. One great philosopher said about the role of India as a nation  "Indians are coming to this global basket empty handed not because they don’t have anything instead they don’t know what they have." Stuck in a similar circumstance, getting intellectually eroded by the system becoming a rebel, I started seeking true knowledge. I thank the divine order to have made me meet Yogi Sivadas from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Here in Kailash Tribal School, I learned the fundamentals of spirituality starting form a balanced lifestyle and conduct, Moving into Asanas which were told and explained to us in the most scientific manner and not just by mere imitation. The philosophy classes quenched my deeper spiritual understanding of my own existence, the world and the cosmos. My stay in the school has been a transforming and an evolving process. Today I feel I have touched and am residing in a domain beyond explanation.

In today's unbalanced world I guess this knowledge of genuine Vedic and Yogic science is instrumental to create an inner harmony that for sure will get reflected on the outer domain too. I bow my head in reverence and thank Yogiji for his humble and enlightening discourses. The benefits are beyond my words, as it has reconstructed my individuality. Siddharth Banerjee <sid.ban03@gmail.com> New Delhi, India.
"I took Yogi's 200 hour Yoga certification course and it has helped me in reset my central nervous system. I now respond more than react, I am calmer and more happier as I catch myself when I begin to dip into unhealthy thoughts. I learned so much about life and my mindset. Yogi Sivadas taught us that Yoga isn't only about the physical, it is a lifestyle and a mindset. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the yoga lifestyle and mindset. Yogi Sivadas and his courses at Kailash Tribal School will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you Yogi!!"

"I had been playing with Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls for about a year before I took Yogisivadas's Sound Healing course. I learned more than just sound healing, I learned about the body and vibrational therapy, how sound impacts the body, the brain, the frequencies and overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system. I loved this course and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health. I also appreciated that Yogi dispelled all the myths about Singing bowls, he helped everyone in the course understand what to look for when buying a bowl and what not to listen to when someone is trying to sell you a bowl. Thanks Yogi - you helped me start my business as a Sound Healer!Kristen Firpo (USA & Bali) kristen@healanywhere.com
I came to Kailash Tribal School (Yoga & Holistic Health) from the UK, to learn more about yoga, but not only did I achieve that, I also learnt a lot more about myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I have also deepened my philosophical understandings, developed strength and fitness and gained considerable confidence in my ability to help myself and others holistically, with a much more solid knowledge base, grounding and understanding. Additionally, I have enhanced my daily routine to include some very beneficial tools and techniques to further improve my health, but something I can also share with clients. An unexpected bonus was the friendships developed through sharing the growing experience with like-minded yogis from many countries, and I am looking forward to the advanced course. Thank you Yogi Sivadas and Alice (Madam). Namaste Mike Hanna <mike@mindtransform.com>

I have waited for quite some time before writing this review. It is simply difficult to put my feelings about Kailash Tribal School into words. My experience learning from Yogi Sivadas was the most amazing experience I've ever had. That is saying a lot. I came to the school after 2 years spent teaching in Ghana. I learned much about myself in that time, but my time spent with Yogi Sivadas not only taught me about myself: it taught me about Yoga: Unity: the Cosmic Consciousness: Love. It changed me. I am not the same person I once was, and I am so grateful for that. My mind has been opened and prodded and found incapable of understanding all things. I find deep peace in accepting my inability to understand all things.

Today I taught my first Yoga class in Pennsylvania. The experience was beautiful. I was given the complement that the class was a "sacred ceremony." This is testament to what I gained from Yogi Sivadas. He is a brilliant yogi, whom I like to call a practical mystic. He takes the mystery of yoga and makes it scientifically understandable. Then he reminds you that science itself is still all a part of this great illusion. And you realize that everything is nothing: infinity is zero: everyone is you: duality is unity.

Do yourself a favor and learn what you can from Yogi Sivadas. I, for one, am not finished learning from him. I will be back, Yogi. That is one of the infinite possibilities that I choose to make a reality. :) Namaste.  Kristen Vogel USA <kmvogel91@gmail.com>

I opted for 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training course with Yogi Sivdas at Kailash Tribal Yoga School in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. I really enjoyed the experience with Yogi Sivdas. It won't be too much to say that this experience of 200 hours was more fulfilling and enriching than any other experience of my life yet. The chanting and meditation classes in morning put me at ease for the rest of the day. The Asana's classes in morning and evening made me understand my body and mind. It made me understand the strong points of my physicality and the week points as well. The solutions suggested by Yogi Shivdas were very helpful. The Asana's made more and more sense week after week. Every small detail was very well explained by Yogi Sivdas. The discussion about yoga philosophy was a very enriching course. There are numerous things that I took out of those discussions for myself. There are things that make sense to you and then there are things that don't. When things don't make sense Yogi Sivdas really talks about the subject in and out. We talked about almost everything meaningful. From a tiny atom to the entire Universe. I am glad that I opted for a Yoga course with Yogi Sivdas. He is an amazing teacher and a master in his subjects. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn something new and better. Thank you. Mumbai, India. Aniket Pande (Yogi Anand) <aniketgambpande@gmail.com>
I feel gratitude towards Yogiji for the kind of experience I experienced at Kailash Tribal School and the perspective knowledge I came across while learning yoga under him. The two important learnings from my experience in the teachers training course that I carried with me are: 1. Be it yoga Asana's or be it life, there is nothing that is 'supposed to be liked this.' There is obviously one particular pose for every Asana's, but Yogiji's teachings taught me it is no competition or a matter of being perfect than anyone. It is about the posture that is the best for oneself. The variations of Asana's he taught was for different body types. Just like in life, the phrase- 'It is supposed to be like this' is quite irrationally rigid. Every person is different physically, mentally and spiritually. Life is not ' supposed to be ' any particular way. Nothing is right or wrong based on a parameter of how it's supposed to be or not. His teachings about differentiating between the functional world and spiritual was one of the wisest point of views of the world I have come across. 2. He second learning was - ' To be an observer in Life.' Through his discussions, it was quite prominently highlighted as a fact. All the rich Philosophy all texts that made the same fact a thing of entirely different realm, Yogiji made the same fact understood in a comfortable and blissful way. By the end of my teachers training course in Kailash Tribal School I had gained a Holistic experience of yoga and gained immense and rich knowledge about yoga and life. I thank Yogi Ji for the beautiful and enriching course. Namaste! Allahabad India. Grusha Grace Victor (Yogini Anjali) <victorgrusha@yahoo.com>
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