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20161008_180557-1On the 17th of October 2016 I arrived in Mcleodganj with the intention of staying for two weeks. As soon as I reached Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing and met Yogi Sivadas, I knew I was going to stay longer: I wanted to do the 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course with him. It was one of the best decisions I ever took and I will be forever grateful to have been able to study with Yogi Sivadas. It is and has been such a transformative period in which I have gained so much knowledge and insights. Where to start to share the experience?

One of the things I liked very much was the emphasis on the therapeutic and holistic effect of the “basic” asanas. You don’t need to tie yourself into a knot or bend over backwards to be a yogi/yogini. Yoga is for everyone and can be practiced by anyone. As Yogi Sivadas said: “If you cannot appreciate the basic asanas, how can you appreciate the small things in life”. It taught me to be patient, focused and aware. Practicing asanas is just a small part of yoga. I loved our lecture classes about philosophy, the sutra’s, anatomy, diet, Ayurveda, life-style, science, consciousness, the universe and beyond. With only a small group of dedicated people in our class we had the opportunity to discuss and ask as many questions as we wanted. Yogi Sivadas always took the time to answer all of our questions. Sometimes the answers would have a scientific background; sometimes an insightful and meaningful story would provide us with the answer we were looking for.

While doing the 200h YTTC, I took the opportunity to take Reiki classes and a sound-healing course with Yogi Sivadas as well. His guided meditations brought me to an inner place I had never been before and opened new insights about myself. I learned that happiness and knowledge comes from within. “All you ever need to know, is already within you”. Sometimes we just need a person to tell us this.

Regardless of the fact if you are a passionate yoga practitioner, a Reiki-healer, a student of Ayurveda, or none of the above, I would recommend to everybody to visit Mcleodganj and the school. The inner journey you go through is profound and will change you forever. You feel like you see the world for the first time, again. A world where the colours are more colourful, the people more beautiful and where one’s possibilities are infinite.

Namaste, Jeanine Sophie Curvers (Yogini Lalita) <jeaninecurvers@gmail.com> Belgium & Netherlands 
mariaI feel thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in the 200hr YTT at Kailash Tribal School in November this year.I already had my 200 YTT diploma since 2015  and practice yoga for about 6 years (hatha) , this time I was interested to complete 500 hrs YTT and of course learning yoga from a different perspective so I decided to go back to India and join Kailash school which was a great decision.Yogi Sivadas is the Director and Yogi instructor of the school, I trained with him and gained so much more knowledge, he is very talented teacher who imparts his deep knowledge about yogia history, lifestyle, philosophy, ayurveda, anatomy. Yogi Sivadas has a very solid asana classes with different variations, sequences, alignment and individual considerations based  in Dosha types or physical issues. I highly recommend Yogi Sivadas and Kailash Tribal school to people looking to learn yoga or deepen their knowledge in the yoga path focusing on the holistic healing.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and intend to visit the school next year again to complete my 500 hr YTT. Mariuxi Jarrin, Belgium. <mariuxijarrin@hotmail.com> Thank you Yogi Sivadas!
img_6447Yogi Sivadas is the director and Yogi (Instructor) of Kailash Yoga School. I trained with him during two seasons (Summer and Fall, 2016). I grew a lot during that time and delved deeply into conscious concepts regarding yoga philosophy and psychology (i.e., memory, Historical Foundations of Yoga {Pantanjali Sutras, Sanskrit, etc..). He delivered solid Asana classes and showed the students various variations/sequences, with alignment and individual considerations (i.e., Particular Dosha Types). I would recommend Yogi Sivadas to people.students looking to learn Yoga, and all its aspects- focusing on the holistic healing. Gian Michael Sarabia USA <sarabiabm@gmx.com>

To Yogi Sivadas
My Yoga Master

Thank you from all my heart for 2 and half months and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, full of learning, experiences and pleasure. It is my luck and honour that I find you as my healing yoga master. I'm exciting for continuing the learning and share this path with the world. Thank you for this gift! Waiting to meet again and to come back in the future for more learning. Namaste

Noa Shihor, Israel Oct 2016 <noashihor84@gmail.com>
IMG_7245I completed the 200 hours teacher training at the Kailash school in August 2016 and throughout I learned something new in every class. Parts of my own, and universal, psychology and physiology were also revealed that I was previously unaware of, giving me an understanding and broader perspective that can be carried throughout life. The course includes an expansive and personally adaptable approach to yoga as a concept and there is an emphasis on integrating the philosophy of yoga within the different aspects of the training.Yogi Sivadas has also been approachable, knowledgeable, dedicated and eloquent and as such I have found him a particularly inspiring teacher.

I consider myself as a 'beginner' coming to the course and after my experience I think it is accessible and relevant to anyone with an honest intention to learn more about yoga and further the experience of their own practice. I know I will enjoy practicing what I have learned here for years to come.

- Joseph Grugeon-Dixon, England <plays_guitar@hotmail.com>
I completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training Program at Freistilyoga Berlin in January 2016. Yogi Sivadas travels to Berlin to provide the training course. The training was of highest quality, intense, and life-changing. How much it will affect your life depends on you, and that is the beauty of it, because only you can live what Yogi Sivadas has taught. The classes were supremely well organised. Some people say 4 week training courses are too much to take in, in the short space of time. Perhaps that applies to some teachers, but not so with Yogi Sivadas. He made it very possible to learn everything easily in 4 weeks: It was how he structured the course, how he lectured, and the discussions and questions that were allowed. It also gave space to provide your own thoughts, so that the teachings were unforced. They were gentle and stark at the same time. The practical parts were extremely excellent to develop you as a teacher, providing different aspects from meditative to vigorous. The buildup of the course was remarkably professional, leading you gradually to a more advanced state, mentally, spiritually and physically. I was grateful that Yogi Sivadas also introduced his personal experiences in his teachings, because that is powerful, deep and memorable. It goes beyond saying, that Yogi Sivadas can advance the world by his teachings, his wisdom and compassion. Dr. Gesche Heiss <gescheheiss@gmail.com> Germany.
5) Rodrigo Otavio Lima FernandesYogi Sivadas is a truly amazing teacher. If you are looking for someone who is not going to force any belief system but make you think on your own, he is the right person. Some of the thema of his lectures were absolutely mind-blowing and they made me change in many ways how I see yoga and life. Sivadas also motivates and guides you through a gentle and safe Asana practice, which made me being able to train within my capacities without injuring or overtraining. I am looking forward to finish the second part of my training with him in a few years.Thank you very much,Rodrigo Fernandes, Berlin <rodrigofernandes@gmx.de>
P1130292I recently completed my 300 hr training with Yogi Sivadas. I had a fabulous experience during this course. I have had a few years of my own yoga journey. I had this extensive quest for knowing more about this wonderful path. I had sourced all over, collect many books, studied with various schools and followed many traditions. Here with Yogi Sivadas, everything came into a better perspective. It was a power packed series of sessions for me. He encouraged me to ask questions without any hesitations. I was able to get most of the answers I was looking within a very short period. It is now time for me to get all these answers into perspective and thereby leading to further questions. I look forward to meeting him and spending time with him. He is a warehouse of abundant yogic wisdom. It is truly a blessing to have studied under him. Thank you! Karthick Natarajan Madurai India and USA. <kntrjn@yahoo.com >
I have completed 200 YTT in May 2013 and 300 YTT in October 2015, coming back second time around truly felt like I was returning back home. Yogi Shivadas has dedicated his life to teaching yoga and is unselfishly sharing all he has learned through his lifetime. He will be guiding you to practice with patience, up to your own capacity, but also to employ complete focus and dedication towards your studies.
Yogi Shivadas is teaching classical Hatha Yoga, incorporating all the 8 limbs of yoga with his teachings. Apart from expected asana training you will cover concepts, ideas and practices such as pranayama techniques, meditation, yoga nidra, bandhas, kriyas, nada yoga, bhakti yoga, anatomy and physiology, study of yoga Sutras, yoga philosophy, and introduction to Sanskrit, Ayurveda and much more. It is a holistic training, with theraputic focus which takes you on a journey of self-discovery. This course thought me how to incorporate a yogic lifestyle, into my daily routine. You will learn how to better care for your physical, mental and spiritual health by understanding ayurvedic concepts on body type or constitution, eating the right diet, applying cleansing techniques, learning to listen and interpret your body responses, and finally to reach state of mindfulness and contentment. Yogi Sivadas teachings incorporate wisdom of both East and West, assisting students to evolve and gain better understanding about themselves. At times his teachings may challenge your views, ideals, preconceptions, assumptions that shaped you through years of conditioning. You will learn to view yourself as part of the infinite consciousness and not as stand alone, selfish human being. Yogi Shivadas is helping his students increase awareness and knowledge about themselves and the world around them. He would often say that he wants us to achieve independence, find our own guru inside and not to follow blindly his or anyone else’s teachings.
Worth mentioning is that this training is delivered in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, in the foothills of amazing Himalaya Mountains. The little village of McLeod Ganj is continually bursting with activity, colour and interesting people. It a melting pot of cultures, Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese. There are many beautiful hiking treks that you can explore in your free time. In terms of accommodation you can stay with the school or book your own accommodation in the village. If you stay with the school you will have the most beautiful view, and be able to cook your own food as most rooms have cooking facilities. Alternately there are many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants around.
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and study with Yogi Shivadas. The quality of his teaching has prepared me well and gave me confidence to pass on my knoweladge to others. I will be more than happy to assist you with any further questions.
Biljana - Yogini Rita
12233162_10153248022610959_118693792_nNamaste! Congratulations on finding this gem of a yoga school and this one of a kind teacher: Yogi Sivadas is the reason to come to the Himalayas to study Yoga.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to study for 500 hours with Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal School. This school is a comfortable and compassionate oasis, and feels like home. This is a place where you should come if you want to develop your body, mind, and spirit, all with equal love and attention, without the competition or stress. When you come here, you truly get into harmony with your true nature.
Yogi Sivadas has the kind of innate and indigenous knowledge that is most difficult to find, and his familiarity with the western mindset makes him the perfect person to deliver the knowledge in a way that is understandable, graspable, and inspirational as he leads by his own humble and authentic example. He emphasizes tribal knowledge, as the name of the school suggests, encouraging us to remember and embrace our global tribe. Yogi has the most incredible life story that will make you realize that the world is ours, and will make you want to shine your light on as many others as possible, and dance in the beauty of this existence.
Kailash Tribal School is all about tailoring the yoga program to the person, and helping you discover what you need in order to make your life balanced and harmonized: in Yoga, in your diet, in your relationships with yourself and others, and branching out to every other aspect of your life. Yogi Sivadas makes sure to always remind us that practice with patience leads to perfection, and practice without patience leads to pain and problems. Join this special yoga family for a truly therapeutic journey, and step closer to discovering the highest version of yourself.
I loved the Yoga course so much that I decided to also take the Sound Healing and Reiki Master course that Yogi Sivadas offers, and I would highly recommend them all to anyone with interest in these subjects. I think everyone should take them, as they are like massages for the soul! I felt like my time here at Kailash Tribal School helped me to recharge my batteries and come to a much deeper sense of peace than I have experienced before, for which I will be eternally grateful!
If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be very happy to answer any questions and share my experiences. If you want to learn more about my healing journey, or follow my gypsy life, feel free to check out my blog as well; I am featuring an interview with Yogi Sivadas coming soon! Contact info below :)
Love, Peace, and Freedom,
Dia ~ Yogini Deeksha ~ Gypsy Soul
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