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P11201811 "I had a very satisfactory experience with Yogi Sivadas. He is very well knowledgeable in all the aspects of Yoga and many other things that are important for a Yogic lifestyle. A nice to mention thing is the view of the Himalayan mountains from the classroom :) "

Jeanne Karle (Yogini Nanda) USA jeanne.karle@gmail.com
P1120182In March 2015 I have followed the 200h YTTC at the Kailash Tribal School to improve my yoga practice, open up some locks in my body and mind and learn more about the philosophy of yoga and its therapeutic values. But thanks to yogi Sivadas' teachings and approach the yoga teachers training goes way beyond that. His course leads everyone who takes it on a journey towards a new way of life; a life that focuses on self-respect and a healthy life-style, on respect of others, the nature and the whole universe. Yogi Sivadas is good hearted man and a talented teachers who spreads his immense knowledge with passion, intelligence and humor. On a more practical side, the school is located in a very charming little town, Mcleod Ganj and the room at Kailash Tribal School are very cosy, clean and well equipped.I am happy to share my experience with more details by email : dillingeraline@gmail.com. Alline Dillinger (Yogini Ekata)
1743665_10152248944617792_1811466222_n (1)Happy Chinese New Year! ?? ????
This huge city is almost empty, and even quieter than any other years before, now im sitting down in front of PC and facebooking haha
I have been teaching Yoga for 8 months, over 500 classes(90min/class) + 100 private = almost 600 classes...
Huge city, huge amount of yoga teachers out there, I needed to do my best to survive in this industry, and that made me step up more, started with minimum pay and I needed to handle classes as many as I could handle every day, sometimes 5 classes a day, each class 90min, at the beginning, I just felt my body tired, and as a new teacher, I demonstrated a lot, make people get used to my style of yoga, and some Chinese who don't understand English, and they don't do anything if I don't do anything, they just copy my every moves lol
Now they are getting used to my class and I don't need to do much as before,
Yes, it is like yoga machine, that is how Chinese works,
And I learnt a lot through that period of time, 8 months....
Now I even can read some people's mind little bit, some people come to class and just want to be lazy, practice without intention basically.
I taught so many people, and I really like to have that experience, I have met someone who has lower back problems, and I saw the progress through yoga, and I'm really satisfied with it.
If I talk about all the students i have, and the happenings in last 8 months, it might take a day to write all of it. haha
But now I'm realizing one thing is being Yogini and being Yoga teacher is 2 different things, looking at myself now, do I follow yogini life? Almost, I'm trying but it's little bit hard to follow yogini daily routine, I'm totally living as a yoga teacher, less practicing yoga, more teaching, more talk, (from start class until finish never stop talking lol) I can feel my energy is releasing through talking, anyway, my point is teacher needs to observe student, student's level, and mood, body condition etc, so the teacher can modify or change sequences as they need.
I learnt advanced level of yoga asanas, but barely I teach that now in my class... that means most people are beginners, I think the teacher need to guide them how to let them improve more, figuring out which way, and how to practice more effectively and let them into advanced level without damage their body.
One thing is admiring, keep saying good job, beautiful, cheer them up more, and say "it's ok" even though they couldn't make it.
Many people are afraid of their flexibility, some people think they can't attend class if their bodies are not flexible, especially men lol so I reduce stretching poses in class with male members (one time I had a class only with men, they were almost competing with each other, because I gave them all the hard and strengthen poses lol they loved it!) and the other thing is let them be careful of their body, heal your body through yoga rather than damage yourself through yoga.
More and more thinking about these kinds of stuff and more and more less practice yoga for myself. Now the asanas is not important to me anymore, I was searching for yin yoga, flow yoga, ashtanga yoga, anti aging, back and spine therapy yoga, whole bunch of yogas in this world, but conclusion is, asana is asana, make own program/session of yoga class for specific people, that was it.
And now I am realizing "self awareness, spirituality, discipline mind" those kind of things...
Actually your mind can control your body easily, but your body doesn't control your mind, so my point is how to discipline people's mind more stronger??
When I was having a hard time last year, I was doubting about my job, many people can download yoga videos, and they can practice by themselves, but now I know, they need my energy and my care, they can't have that from videos.
Talking about yoga, I can talk with you whole day haha
Thinking about my last 8 months, it is amazing, I didn't get what my master said last year at my yoga school, www.yogatribe.org now I reveal it myself one by one haha
One of my Chinese yoga teacher friends, asked me, "Aren't you happier than before you become a yoga teacher?" Actually yes!! Yes I'm happier, happy now even though my salary is lower than before, I'm happy from my heart
Jiyoung Alice Lee (Yogini Deepa) Korea & Shanghai China (maximooth02@gmail.com)
karlaThe intention that moved me towards the 500 hours teacher training course at Kailash Tribal School was not really the idea of becoming a teacher one day, but a strong desire to learn more about that fascinating art, from which I had experienced some amazing therapeutic benefits in the emotional field. The outcome was way beyond my expectations. Without knowing it, I embarked on a powerful journey of self-discovery and, to my surprise, by the end I found myself free from a long list of physical health complaints that I had presented to Yogi Sivadas just before our first day of class. The course is perfectly structured, Yogi Sivadas uses different media to transmit his knowledge and profound wisdom. Classes are not comprised solely of theoretical and practical lessons, discussions, readings and videos, students are also invited to embody yoga into their daily routine - we breathe yoga, we live yoga.
Yogi Sivadas has a special talent to guide his students through a discovery of their own path, respecting individual pace and empowering each one of us to find, to develop and be loyal to our independent personal style and beliefs. As he says: “be a practitioner, not a follower”. This course was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I had in my whole life, and I would highly recommend it not only for those wishing to teach, but for anyone who has a genuine interest in learning more about life, meaning and themselves.
Email: karlagrunewald@gmail.com Brazil / Australia / United Arab Emirates

abhayaIf you are looking for a place to learn how to heal yourself and others, you are at the right stop. Yogi Shivadas has an unbelievable experience teaching yoga as well as excellent expertise on a topic. He is very good at dicing complex philosophical theories into basic language, so anyone can understand. He is also very verse in all kinds of practices beyond yoga – such as reiki, sound therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. Besides that, yogi Shivadas and his awesome staff (Aneesh and Madam Alice) are very welcoming and supportive during the whole journey of one becoming a yoga teacher. They go beyond what is necessary to make you feel able and achieve your goal of becoming better person and great yoga teacher. This is the school you want to go through with your yoga training! Thank you Yogi Shivadas and Namaste! Tereza Stratilova t.stratilova@gmail.com (Yogini Abhaya) from Czech Republic"
dhiraI feel thankful to have had to opportunity to experience what I did during my 200-hour course at the Kailash Yoga Tribal School with Yogi Sivadas. I’ve gained insight and understanding into the yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle and the positivity that these ways of living can bring towards ones health, and subsequently to their lives. Over the course of this month I’ve broadened my awareness and my perspective in ways I hadn’t considered before. It gave me the space and time to appreciate the subtleties of my life and I am now motivated to continue to live in a healthy, content, mindful and balanced way both mentally and physically. Through the ever-present journey of self-discovery I have realised the personal importance of patience, meditation, physical and emotional individuality and universal oneness. Sophie Beecher from Australia sophie_beecher@hotmail.com
padmaI went for my 300 hour advanced teacher training at Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing in July 2014. It was my second stay at the school as I had received my 200 hour teacher training there in 2013. I really enjoyed doing my 300-hour training program at the school. The course gave me the opportunity to ponder deeper into the many aspects of yoga. I learned a lot about how we can use yoga to heal the body and the mind. I think that the school offers a unique opportunity to work with the combination of yoga and Ayurveda. Yogi Sivadas has a great amount of knowledge in each of these fields. I use many of the techniques I have learned at the school every day. Both to my own well being and for the well being of others. I will recommend others to go to Kailash Tribal School if there are interested learning more about the healing powers of yoga. Christina Stougaard Hansen christina.stougaard@gmail.com Denmark
ritaThe month of August 2014 was a month of incredible personal growth and learning thanks to taking the course at Kailash Tribal School. I really appreciated Yogi Sivadas’ emphasis on philosophy, which he brought to life with nuanced anecdotes and metaphors. In addition, Yogi Sivadas leads a gentle asana practice and encourages his students to be patient and compassionate to the whole self, body included. The asana practices are a nice balance of healing mindfulness along with challenging engagement. The facilities at Kailash are top notch and clean, creating an environment very conducive to learning. The small classes of Kailash allow for personalized learning and time for all our questions. Yogi Sivadas is a truly dedicated and genuine teacher, encouraging us to come to our own conclusions about things rather than spoon feeding us information. It is clear that he has done the necessary self work to balance his energies in order effectively guide others in balancing their own personal energies. I will carry the knowledge and practical practices I’ve learned from this program with me for the rest of my life, and I am endlessly grateful! I am open to any questions, contact me at codybri000@gmail.com Brianne Cody from USA
deepaI did the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Kailash Tribal School in September this year. Due to some personal circumstances I was almost not able to take part but in the end I completed the course and 'm so happy I did that! It has been a great experience, I gained so much more knowledge - Not only about how To master different asanas but also how to become a real yogini. Yogi Sivadas imparts his vast knowledge about yogic history, -lifestyle,-philosophy and ayurveda and he can also be a great therapist analysing some stuff about life in general sometimes!;-) I improved my asana practise a lot and had a really nice time with great people at Kailash School. I'm happy I met Yogi Sivadas who has such a great Heart and who is a wonderful and helpful person and I already miss watching the eagles from my balcony in the morning. I can recommend Kailash Tribal School To everybody who wants To get a great education in Yoga on a real Indian base in a beautiful environment next to the Himalayas!:-) Petra Bredthauer Yogini Deepa Germany. piiitraaa@yahoo.de
vimalaI am so grateful I found Yogi Sivadas for my 300 hours advanced yoga teacher training in the beautiful Himalayas. The Kailash Tribal School of Yoga programme was the perfect blend of asanas for the body, and tremendous insight for the mind and spirit; as we absorbed fascinating information on yoga philosophy, yoga psychology and yoga from a healing and therapeutic perspective. For me, Yogi Sivadas is “practically spiritual” – strongly connected to his spirituality, and yet also grounded and practical about how to bring that into your daily life. His parting wish for us was to "be a little lamp of conscious wisdom”, as we continue spreading the ancient legacy of yoga, on our personal path as yoga teachers. I’ve been doing exactly that during the few weeks since I've been home; and it is both humbling and rewarding to share some of his immense knowledge with my students, family and friends. I encourage you to expand your yoga experience through Yogi Sivadas’s practical wisdom, generosity, and deep knowledge of the vast subject of yoga. You are welcome to read about my time at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga on my blog http://www.yogaressa.com. Namaste, Julie (Yogini Vimala), a South African yogini living in the US.
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