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padmaI went for my 300 hour advanced teacher training at Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing in July 2014. It was my second stay at the school as I had received my 200 hour teacher training there in 2013. I really enjoyed doing my 300-hour training program at the school. The course gave me the opportunity to ponder deeper into the many aspects of yoga. I learned a lot about how we can use yoga to heal the body and the mind. I think that the school offers a unique opportunity to work with the combination of yoga and Ayurveda. Yogi Sivadas has a great amount of knowledge in each of these fields. I use many of the techniques I have learned at the school every day. Both to my own well being and for the well being of others. I will recommend others to go to Kailash Tribal School if there are interested learning more about the healing powers of yoga. Christina Stougaard Hansen christina.stougaard@gmail.com Denmark
ritaThe month of August 2014 was a month of incredible personal growth and learning thanks to taking the course at Kailash Tribal School. I really appreciated Yogi Sivadas’ emphasis on philosophy, which he brought to life with nuanced anecdotes and metaphors. In addition, Yogi Sivadas leads a gentle asana practice and encourages his students to be patient and compassionate to the whole self, body included. The asana practices are a nice balance of healing mindfulness along with challenging engagement. The facilities at Kailash are top notch and clean, creating an environment very conducive to learning. The small classes of Kailash allow for personalized learning and time for all our questions. Yogi Sivadas is a truly dedicated and genuine teacher, encouraging us to come to our own conclusions about things rather than spoon feeding us information. It is clear that he has done the necessary self work to balance his energies in order effectively guide others in balancing their own personal energies. I will carry the knowledge and practical practices I’ve learned from this program with me for the rest of my life, and I am endlessly grateful! I am open to any questions, contact me at codybri000@gmail.com Brianne Cody from USA
deepaI did the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Kailash Tribal School in September this year. Due to some personal circumstances I was almost not able to take part but in the end I completed the course and 'm so happy I did that! It has been a great experience, I gained so much more knowledge - Not only about how To master different asanas but also how to become a real yogini. Yogi Sivadas imparts his vast knowledge about yogic history, -lifestyle,-philosophy and ayurveda and he can also be a great therapist analysing some stuff about life in general sometimes!;-) I improved my asana practise a lot and had a really nice time with great people at Kailash School. I'm happy I met Yogi Sivadas who has such a great Heart and who is a wonderful and helpful person and I already miss watching the eagles from my balcony in the morning. I can recommend Kailash Tribal School To everybody who wants To get a great education in Yoga on a real Indian base in a beautiful environment next to the Himalayas!:-) Petra Bredthauer Yogini Deepa Germany. piiitraaa@yahoo.de
vimalaI am so grateful I found Yogi Sivadas for my 300 hours advanced yoga teacher training in the beautiful Himalayas. The Kailash Tribal School of Yoga programme was the perfect blend of asanas for the body, and tremendous insight for the mind and spirit; as we absorbed fascinating information on yoga philosophy, yoga psychology and yoga from a healing and therapeutic perspective. For me, Yogi Sivadas is “practically spiritual” – strongly connected to his spirituality, and yet also grounded and practical about how to bring that into your daily life. His parting wish for us was to "be a little lamp of conscious wisdom”, as we continue spreading the ancient legacy of yoga, on our personal path as yoga teachers. I’ve been doing exactly that during the few weeks since I've been home; and it is both humbling and rewarding to share some of his immense knowledge with my students, family and friends. I encourage you to expand your yoga experience through Yogi Sivadas’s practical wisdom, generosity, and deep knowledge of the vast subject of yoga. You are welcome to read about my time at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga on my blog http://www.yogaressa.com. Namaste, Julie (Yogini Vimala), a South African yogini living in the US.
adyaWords can't even begin to explain all the was my experience at Kailash Tribal Yoga School. I originally came to this school to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training, but loved it so much I decided to stay and do my full 500 hours advanced training with Yogi Sividas. My level of yogic understanding, my personal practice, and the health of myself and family has all greatly benefited from this course. Yogi Sividas creates such a well balanced learning experience that focuses greatly on a holistic approach to well being and general health. He also is extremely adaptable and is wonderful at creating a course that fits your specific needs and requirements. Also the reading material and resources he supplies you with as part of your course tuition I have found to be invaluable. So much to learn and I know have the tools to continue learning far beyond this course. Also the small intimate course sizes are extremely beneficial. You get plenty of one of one with the instructor and are able to ask and have answered any questions you may have. I highly highly recommend Kailash to anyone interested in deepening their yogic practice, it will be a profound experience. I know it was a life changing one for me! Kari Gustafson USA. dreamwranglers@gmail.com Namaste, Yogini Adya
sunitaWords cannot express how grateful I am to have studied with Sivadas. I am French and have been trained in USA for the 200 hours. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga in a more traditional and holistic way so I decided to fly to the Himalayas to do the advanced teacher training. Familiar with yoga, healing and shamanism I was expecting a "normal" training.. But in fact the journey and growth had been immense... This experience as been life changing! :) More than just an amazing teacher, Sivadas is a true master, a beautiful being! He has SO MUCH knowledge and share his light with lots of clarity, of simplicity. He takes a really good care of his students and teaches us how to be more aware, more present. I learned with him precious tools for my everyday life and for my yoga teaching. I will keep for ever in my heart and in my soul his teaching. If you ever have the chance, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn with the most amazing and simple teacher I ever met. please contact me if you have any question: elsa@le-bonheur-est-en-nous.com Elsa, Yogini Sunita FROM France. (one with good morals) www.le-bonheur-est-en-nous.com
santhiNamaste, I completed the 200hrs of yoga teacher training with yogi Sivadas in August 2014. It was an experience that i'll never forget and changed my life for the better. I feel now that I have a strong foundation for teaching yoga but the course provided me with much more than that. Yogi Sivadas will give you the tools to live a happy and healthy life and help others do the same. He was a genuine and compassionate teacher and I feel so lucky to have had him as a teacher. Our class size was small and personal and the setting was magnificent. I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to learn a yoga lifestyle that is happy and sustainable. Yogini Shaantih :) Carly Lansens Canada. cllansen@uwaterloo.ca
jyothiI came to Kailash Yoga School 5 years after attending drop in classes there while traveling around India. I dreamt of coming back to do a more comprehensive and intensive course to further my practice. I thoroughly appreciated Yogi Sivadas' holistic teaching style and overall approach and loved the school environment and studio. I completed my first 200 hours of YTT in July 2014 and am very grateful I did so. It taught me how to adopt the yoga philosophy as a lifestyle and consolidated my personal asana practice. I hope to return to the small Himalayan village and humble yoga school one day to see Yogi Sivadas and study further, I highly recommend taking a month to study here for some self-analysis and deeper understanding, it will challenge your perspective on things." Madaline Seely (Yogini Jyothi), New Zealand. madelineseeley@gmail.com
nitaMy time at Kailash Tribal Yoga School was a humbling experience. Having previously partaken in a 200hr TTC elsewhere, I came to the Himalayas to complete my 300hr TTC. What I gained from my 300hr was far greater than any certificate on offer. I was immersed in an environment where I was encouraged to learn and develop an intimate understanding of my own natural qualities. With yoga and ayurveda I am aided to live a healthy and happy life free from the past and future. Yoga is for each and every one of us and it is up to the yoga teachers of the world to show that we all belong on the spiritual path to enlightenment. I now have a greater understanding of how yoga is to continually be adapted to each individual and their environment. Living in a modern society in Australia I am confident I can pass on the ancient wisdom of India mindfully through yoga asana, meditation and positive energy. Studying yoga in India has been essential in developing my awareness of the imbalances shared in our world and has left me inspired to pursue a career in yoga therapy. I highly recommend you take the time for yourself to come to Kailash Tribal Yoga School and with your breath as a tool, undergo a transformation that will leave you with a clearer perspective of yourself and our interconnectedness. Rosie Wilson (Yogini Nikita) rosie.wilson@hotmail.com Melbourne Australia.
kylaI attended the Intensive Advanced Reiki Master Training at Kailash Tribal School this spring, before the rain. I am STILL integrating the presence of gratitude & self healing that Yogi Sivada encouraged within and around us during our month together. Our time was spent discovering that within ourselves that required awareness as well as the cosmic dimensions beyond the concept of self; a state of relating & being interdependent & connected to everything else. Through the means of Yogi Sivadas' gracious lineage, we learned the traditions of Dr Mikao Usui & Vedic wisdom conveyed by a Guruji who has wandered the world, understanding himself and others in relation to science AND spirit. I would return throughout many lives to learn from him! It was a gentle process of energy work that began within ourselves in order to serve everything, everyone else. Kyla Lyn Shimkus, Canada kylalynshim@hotmail.com
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