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divyaThe 4 weeks with Yogi Sivadas was an amazing learning experience on many levels. I have learned much about yoga and its philosophy so I can continue learning and spreading the lifestyle further towards myself and others as well. We have been provided the necessary tools and information, which I consider to be the essential part of the course. I hope to take this opportunity and continue and broaden what I have begun to learn during these 4 weeks. Once again, I am thankful to you Yogi Sivadas for your knowledge, patience and I hope to plant and nourish the seed so that everyone and I can enjoy the “sweet fruits”. ~Yogni Divya~ Adriana Solarova (asolarova13@gmail.com)
vidyaThank you for guiding me on this beautiful journey! The 200 hour Teacher Training Course was an unexpected and surprising and truly enlightening experience! Your guidance and insight truly helped me to realize that it has been inside of me all of my life! Thank you for showing me truth, but still understanding that this is the beginning. The teacher training course and the Reiki course has provided me with the proper tools towards freeing my mind and living a life that is not only beneficial for me but also those around me! Even though I was only here for 4 weeks, in the grand scheme of life, I feel like I have received a lifetime worth of knowledge! Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience! ~ Yogini Vidya ~ Antonia Wollert (toni.bologna27@yahoo.com)
padmaI finished my 200hr TTC with Yogi Sivadas end of September. I am very happy I chose Kailash Tribal School because not only did I improve my practice but I learnt so much more about the philosophy of yoga (which most people dont know about). We also spent many hours talking about so many things like health, food, spiritualism etc.. and also ended a few nights a week with interesting movies/documentaries. I came home with a different frame of mind and only then did I realize how much that course had done for me, not just physically but more so mentally and spiritually. Although it's difficult to practice consistently and to keep a serene mind in the real world with everyday stresses, I feel better equipped now. Thank you Yogi Sivadas for that! I hope to share the knowledge I got from him soon. Love and Light. Dorji Yuden (Yogini Padma) From Bhutan. dorjiyuden@gmail.com
ushaOnce again I came back to Kalish School of Yoga to complete the advance teacher training course. The structure of the advance course and being able to once again seat in the 200 course from the morning chants to afternoon lectures was refreshing and extremely beneficial for me. In the advance course, we went further in the Philosophy, ethics and lifestyle of Yoga along with studying the anatomy and physiology of Yoga, Sanskrit and teaching methodology. Having the opportunity to return to Kailish school has deepened my understanding of asanas and yoga therapy. By the time your finish with the program, you are ready to bring back new knowledge, and new tools as guidance toward the spiritual path and to pass it on to others. This is truly an life changing experience toward bringing peace, comfort, happiness to your life and surroundings. Namaste. Permanent Mailing address: 3208 west lake street #124 Mpls, MN 55416 Current Mailing address: P.O. Box 3323 Safat, 13034 Kuwait Mobile: +965 65175460 Email: maryamh@me.com website: maryamhosseinnia.com
amritaHaving done online research for about a month before finally deciding on Kailash Tribal School, I now know I have made the best choice. Not only was Yogi Sivadas forthcoming with answers to my queries, but his replies reverted so quickly even at odd hours ( I soon learnt that he does not sleep much)! Thoroughly grateful for deciding to undertake the 10 week 500hr YTTC, as the additional time spent here has made me much more grounded, centred and just peaceful. The breadth and depth of knowledge that Yogi Sivadas possesses is most astounding; and I was much impressed by the spiritual integrity that was the basis for every aspect of the course. In the 10 (short) weeks that I’ve experienced Kailash Tribal School, I have felt a shift in my inner being. YTTC is more than learning to teach yoga, it is about learning to live your yoga. This unique course has given me a much deeper understanding of yoga and myself. I have learnt how to use yoga as therapy to aid various chronic disease and physical ailments, and also how to incorporate Ayurveda into tailoring a yoga programme for different individuals’ physiological, mental, emotional needs. I have also gained a deeper understanding and respect for Patanjali’s sutras, through the many weeks of intensive lectures. Yogi Sivadas as a teacher is always approachable, forever open to any questions big or small, deep or ridiculous; and as a fine and gifted teacher with the most dedication of any YTTC I’ve researched on. I am extremely satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms and compound, safe and well maintained. Yogi Sivadas maintains standards with complete professionalism; the course was thorough and I really feel well prepared to begin teaching as soon as possible…Having been blessed with numerous chances to practice instructing. Thank you for orchestrating the course and putting in the tremendous effort to share the wisdom of life, the universe, body mind and soul. Spread the love and light! I will most definitely return again to be immersed in the school’s welcoming energy and valuable teachings. Gwendolyn Kam (Yogini Amrita) Singapore, Sydney, Sri Lanka Gwendolyn.kam@gmail.com
padma2Dear Yogi Sivadas, I'd like to thank you soooooo very much for a wonderful experience while at your school! I've learned so much from you, not only about yoga but about life! I deeply admire your determination to make a dream come a reality in your life and how that inspires other people who visit your place! Above all I admire your integrity and respect for your students! Looking forward to learn lots more from you and to be amused by your stories! I wish you all the best life has to offer! Om Shanti! (Yogini Padma) From Kuwait.Ivanna Khorramshahgol ivannashahgol@hotmail.com.
padmaI attended Kailash Tribal School of Yoga & Holistic healing because I wanted to learn more about yoga and how to teach it to others. I think that the way Yogi Sivadas teach the art of becoming a teacher yourself is very dedicated and personal. For me the yoga teacher course have been a process of personal transformation which I contribute to the style of teaching at the school. YTTC 200.


alenaThat was my second trip to India and the second TTC I took with Sivadas. Still feel that there are so many things to explore and to learn! Coming from Russia, living in Sweden and travelling around the world enlarged my scope a lot, but the deeper understanding of life and the meaning of the knowledge acquired I got when being in India and learning yoga not as a fitness, but as a style of life. One should experience this, as it's impossible to describe all the transformation processes going on inside after philosophical discussions and practices that the course involves. The fact that I came back to study at the same school means that there is much more to learn and to explore about self and the world around, and I truly enjoyed this time devoted to self, being far from the usual routine and learning how to live life fully and being present in each moment. After the course I continued my traveling in India and Nepal, and once when heard the phrase "If you meet Buddha on your way, kill him", was a bit confused how to interpret it, but then found out the direct link of this phrase to the course I took at Kailash Tribal School. The meaning of this phrase is that whatever Buddha says to you, take it with, but don't identify yourself with this and don't think that this is the only true knowledge. One should process things in own way without copying others, but learning things and defining what works for oneself". This is about the course I took - I learnt a lot and got a good guidance, and now feel like having a good base for building my life in own way based on deeper understanding and awareness of how things work for me. I believe that one can take a lot from the course and raise the quality and enjoyment of life. Happiness, peace and love! Alena Ipanova (Russia/Sweden; email: alena.ipanova@gmail.com)
daraI can easily say that the 200 hours yoga teacher training at Kailash Tribal School in May 2013 was the best month of my life - at no point during the entire month did I want to be anywhere else or any other time past or future. I was fully present because I loved and was fascinated by everything we covered from the morning chanting, the thorough practice (Hatha and Ashtanga), the lectures on various topics going from the yogic philosophy, the yoga sutras, the yogic lifestyle, diet, ayurveda, the human anatomy, you name it! Yogi Sivadas is a true yogi, full of knowledge and wisdom from ancient times that he knows exactly how to expose and relate to our contemporary world. And the icing on the cake is the beauty of the yoga hall, overlooking the slopes of the Himalayas, birds chirping away, cows, goats, monkeys hanging out outside in the fresh, pure air of the mountains. Priceless..." Perrine Renard perrinerenard@yahoo.com
harita2 years ago in July 2011, after feeling the gentle nudges from my ancestors, I decided to embark on the YTT journey with Yogi Sivadas. I came away from the 200-hour training a transformed spirit! Yogi Sivadas encouraged me to embrace yoga not simply as a physical fitness program but as a way of life. Yogi Sivadas truly serves as a vessel of the universe’s magnificent lessons, for he showed me how to honor yoga as a liberating and an ancestral, life-affirming practice! Since leaving the Yogi Cottage, I’ve been able to nourish and grow these initial seeds of wisdom into abundant, healing trees by applying them to my own life. I’ve allowed myself to experience a deeper sense of self-awareness and balanced control over my happiness. In that way, the course was an ongoing experience that never ceased for me; honestly, this training carries the same potential for you too! Such is why I knew I needed to return for a second round—for the advanced course in 2013. Once again, Yogi Sivadas planted seeds of spiritual wisdom. His advice on how to practically apply spirituality to the modern world is grounding. Yogi Sivadas is a living example of how yogis/yoginis can live as spiritual beings in a society that lacks spiritual balance. I truly enjoyed learning more about myself, yoga as a philosophy, Ayurvedic therapy, and how to use Yoga and Ayurveda to heal and treat illnesses and diseases. The Reiki and Sound Healing courses aligned perfectly with the training. Also, Yogi’s stories are so captivating and entertaining that I never get tired of hearing them! Guruji, I cannot thank you enough for this journey! I have a great deal of respect for you and the work that you do for society. May Kailash Tribal School continue to be blessed with abundance, wonderful students and life-giving energy and vibrations! Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti! Yogini Sheena “Harita” Sood shantisheena@gmail.com
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