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Yogi Sivadas' blend of contemporary scientific knowledge and ancient mystical knowledge made this course really special. He goes into detail on the history and philosophy of yoga and also talks about modern scientific ideas related to yoga and health. Yogi Sivadas is open to questions and makes learning fun. He teaches us to be moderate in our practice and develop yoga classes that are beneficial to everyone. McLeod Ganj, where the school is located, is a beautiful town in the Himalayas that is special in and of itself. I thoroughly enjoyed my 200 YTT and I learned a lot! - Ivy Goldstein, YTTC May 2013, goldsiv@gmail.com

shashiJust returned to the States after completing the RYT200 course with Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal Yoga School in McLeod Ganj. Truly one of the most special months of my life. Yogi Sivadas offers decades of experience, abundant wisdom, and most important to me a complete lack of hypocrisy - a problem I was running into here in the States. I wanted to study with someone who offered knowledge of the original precepts of yoga and lived his/her life accordingly. I found that in Yogi Sivadas. Additionally, the incredible beauty of the Himalayas that surround McLeod Ganj is a daily inspiration. Leaving the U.S. to study in India afforded me a level of solitude and peace that would have been difficult to achieve at home where so many distractions exist. I highly recommend Kailash Tribal Yoga School and Yogi Sivadas.Tami Cilk tamicilk@gmail.com
jyotiMy month in Mcleodganj surpassed my expectations. I come to Kailash Tribal school confused by life, tired, stressed, anxious and generally feeling a mess. Having only done yoga ever in the gym with fitness being the main goal I was totally unaware that yoga was a whole way of life and potential to help me through all the things I saw as issues or problems. I am able to leave feeling 100% satisfied, excited about life in the present and find out what the future holds. Thank you for opening my mind.Luclucyabbs@gmail.com Lucy Abbs YTTC 200.

divyaAcharya Yogi Sivadas, Thanks for a very special month of yoga lifestyle training and guidance. I believe I was destined to join this specific course at this time as it really matched perfectly with where I am on this extraordinary journey in life. It has been very affirming and it was fantastic to gain such an in depth insight into Philosophy, the Yoga and Ayurveda connection and so much more. I will continue on my path better for this wonderful experience of the past month, enjoying the journey itself, living in the present, appreciating every moment, from the most simple things to the ad hoc adventure (like paragliding). I will continue to strive to ‘be the change I want to see’ and maintain a positive energy. Sincere wishes for the continued success of the Kailash Yoga School and may your own journey bring happiness and adventures. Louise O'Rourke YTTC 200.louiseorourke7@gmail.com
My experience at Kailash Tribal School, under the wise and compassionate guidance of Yogi Sivadas, was one of the most profound and transformative experiences in my practice of being a holistic healer, transformation that it is still unfolding and informing my practice months after leaving the peaceful Yogi Cottage. I live in a place that is full of yoga teachers and teacher trainings, and yet, from the first afternoon of lecture with Sivadas, I found that I had finally met a teacher who was in alignment with what I wanted to be learning about the practice of yoga. His approach is gentle and the space he holds for all levels of ability is broad and safe. I have spent many years now in the study of bodywork, movement, spirituality and what it means to be human, and one of the things I loved so much about this course was getting to understand familiar ideas and concepts in a completely new way. His approach to yoga is one which encompasses the multitude of aspects and it was an inspiring and refreshing change of pace from the "yoga as exercise" mentality of so much of the West. It left me feeling very excited to share this more holistic approach with my students and clients. During the YTTC I also had the great opportunity to study Sound Healing with Yogi Sivadas and Ayurvedic Massage. Both wonderful courses full of so much potent information! All in all, it was a great experience and one which plays such an integral role in the work I do now. Alicia Banister, CranioSacral Therapist, Reflections Integrative Therapy www.reflectionsintegrativetherapy.com
taylorMy daughter and I attended the March RYS 200 yoga teacher training course at Kailash Tribal School, taught by Yogi Sivadas. I had researched probably at least 50 schools throughout India and intuitively decided to attend Kailash Tribal School. It was absolutely 100% the best decision I could have made. It not only fulfilled my expectations, it surpassed them. Yogi Sivadas managed to combine his vast experience and knowledge with a practical approach that is easy to incorporate in one’s life. I went there with some chronic health issues, but despite the rigorous asana practice – with Sividas’s knowledge – I actually strengthened my body, so that by the time of graduation I felt stronger than I had in years. Now as I begin teaching on my own, I realize what a strong foundation he gave us, along with so much valuable information that we can share with others. Yes, Yogi Sivadas was a great teacher for us, but also just a genuinely good person, with so much positive energy. We stayed at his Yogi Cottages, which we highly recommend – not only was it clean and quiet and had a beautiful view from the balcony, it so helped to be so close to the Yoga Hall (in the same complex). We both just highly recommend all aspects of Yogi Sividas’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Marlena (Yogini Asha) and Rozzi (Yogini Leela) marlenamcnamara@yahoo.com
rayeesI just finished my 200 hours in Dec 2012 with Yogi Sivadas, it had been an amazing experience every day something new unfolds from the training in all the aspects physical, mental and spiritual, this course gives you tools for your day to day life, and really create a deep awareness of our true purpose in this human birth, Yogi Sivadas provide you with perfect routes to develop your own practice and instinctive ways to develop your Yogic Practice for a life Time... The surroundings support me in the most divine way this course, the weather and accommodations couldn't be better!!! I am filled with gratitude. Namaste Marcella Reyes Marcellareyes33@gmail.com
anjaliYogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. It was the best decision to come back after my TTC to learn more and again to enjoy the good energies of the Kailash Tribal School. The clean rooms with kitchen are an ideal place to study and recover. The transformation that happened during my ATTC was as well physical, mental and spiritual. It is not just a series of yoga classes or a set of yoga teacher instructions; its a complete physical, philosophical and spiritual guide to life. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego and teaches a gentle practice which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. You will return with an authentic and thorough understanding of yoga, with the wisdom to apply the teachings in your own life and you will have all the tools necessary to teach others. It has been a gift to be surrounded by the stunning Himalayan Mountains, by an incredible group of students and of course to be led by our wonderful teacher Yogi Sivadas. I am excited to bring all that knowledge I have gained and the love and light from India to my students and I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all the eight limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. Namaste Gaby Zweng (Yogini Anjali) www.omkarayoga.ch
aneeshaThose who have always been intrigued about the education of the body and the mind, Yogi Shivadas’s authentic Yoga teachings awaken you to new dimensions of a BodyMindEnergy World. Yogi Shivadas puts a strong focus on the aspects of anatomy and physiology by explaining meticulously the structures and functions of each system of the body. This helps the student to journey through the depths of self awareness and self discovery of the body and mind during their yoga practice and daily activities. He coaches you through a sensible and healthy lifestyle, introducing you to the old ancestral customs of India, teaching you how to commune and connect to the natural cycles of life while fuzing it with today’s modern ways of the living. Yogi Shivadas emanates vibrant energy and openly shares his fascinating knowledge about every aspect of life. He has created a beautiful sacred space where students practice a relaxing gentle Ashtanga Program in the morning and a light Hatha Program in the late afternoon. Through a gentle approach, the Yoga Program allows students to slowly discover their own rhythm of breath, pace of movement and capacity of strength and flexibility. The Yogi Cottage is situated on Baghsu road. It is a very convenient location where everything from local food markets, laundry facilities, restaurants and medical shops are within a 5 minute walk. Most rooms have a balcony with a gorgeous view of the Himalayan mountains. My accommodation did not come with a kitchen but I still managed to find a few healthy restaurants within the area. One nearby restaurant I highly recommend is Llamo’s, offering vegetarian and nutritional options. I also suggest buying some fruits from the markets (the papayas and pomegranates were my favorite!). I enjoyed them as an early breakfast before I started the 7 a.m. lecture class or had them later as a light dinner. To fully appreciate the program, it is best to keep an open mind and to fully engage in the materials and exercises that the course offers. By staying focused within the course, the students can transcend through many negative toxic behaviors and can naturally heal themselves psychologically and physically. The end results of the course will truly reflect the commitment and devotion that was put towards the readings and practices. I came to India to study under the Yoga Tribal School to received my 500 hrs Certificate with Yoga Alliance along with a Reiki Masters Degree. I am very happy to have completed the 500 hrs Program here as it gave me the necessary time to fully grasp the discipline of the Yoga lifestyle. I cannot be more grateful and thankful to have been given this life-changing experience. Yogi Shivadas nurtured me through a path of a natural and greater fulfillment of life. I am now leaving India with a feeling of wholesome balance, inner peace, courage and aliveness! I am eager to integrate and share this new and fascinating knowledge with my community back in Canada. Meghan Terrell - Yogini Aneesha (miss.megterrell@gmail.com)
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA"Be creative! Don't be worried of what you are doing. One has to do many things, but do everything creatively with devotion! Then your work becomes worship. Then whatsoever you do is an offering at the altar" - Osho. That is about Sivadas, a great techer from whom I had a pleasire to study! To study not only yoga and philosophy, but to study life to be more presice - to feel life and myself being in-one with the nature. I remember the phrase that became a guide for me on my way: "life is a journey, but it's not the final point which is important, it's the journey itself". The teacher training course gave me a lot, as much as I could and wanted to get, opening hidden sides and shining new light on things! Sivadas is like a book that you read and re-read again and every time find lots of new and interesting things! Great experience and huge source of inspiration - this is what I brougt back with me! I trully enjoyed every moment of practical and theoretical classes, chanting and meditetion! I also took courses of auyrvedic massage and soundhealing the practical knowledge of which I use now in my daily life! Apart from the positive physical and spiritual changes that the course gave me, I can say simply that my life became lighter and more enjoyable! And this I feel now after 2 month I'm back to Sweden! It's a constant work on yourself in living a life with no egoism, enjoying being "here and now", being grateful for what you have! The most important thing I got from this course is the direction! Now I know where I am going and enjoy every moment of my life-journey! Alena Ipanova (alena.ipanova@gmail.com)
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