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anjaliIt's hard to put into words my experience at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. I didn’t expect the transformation that happened during my yoga teacher training program. It was both, physical, mental and spiritual. Yogi Sivadas provided the most informative, inspiring and fun environment that allowed all of the students to work and live to their highest potential. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations. I learned a lot about my own limits, and i developed a consciousness about the universe and about myself. I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all the 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. The ayurvedic massages helped even more to improve my body health. The Reiki Course and Sound Healing Course intensified the yoga teacher treaining since all is connected. It's been a gift to be surrounded by the mountains and eagles flying in front of the room and of course to be led by a wonderful teacher, Yogi Sivadas. I am so excited to bring all that I've learned and the love and light from India back to my students. In gratitude and love, Gabriela Zweng (Yogini Anjali) [info@omkarayoga.ch] Switzerland.
abhayaI Finished My 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and Ayurvedic Kundalini Yoga Massage course, at Kalaish Tribal school with Yogi Shivadas in the Himalayas. It was a magical and unforgettable experience. I learned a lot and I developed a new knowledge and consciousness about myself and the whole universe. I become unified with the whole world, beyond divisions!!! This yoga teacher training course is very deep and the personal approach of Yogi Shivadas can bring Yoga to the students beyond the asanans. Because Yoga is not just fitness or competitive practice of some sport ... It's a way of living... Living unified and fully in the presence with the whole universe. We learned about Philosophy, History and psychology for bringing better Yoga Teaching for this world, to unify us and the whole Universe! This yoga teacher training course and my meeting with Yogi Shivadas was an important step in my life. Now, I don't want and I can't Go back, look back... It's to late... If you are ready to accept a new visions and certain deeper realities of yourself, you will open and expand your consciousness and awareness in Kailash Tribal School...After that, you can't do like you don't knew about yourself, life and health with the wisdom you gained with Yogi Shivadas. After this course, you can not forget that we must live with mindfulness, but the most important for me is try to maintain my knowledge, health and peaceful state of mind I gained here and being better human being and sharing my wisdom of yogic living with others.!!! Thank for everything!!! With truthfulness, Tamara xxx Tamara Ouellet, Tamara.Ouellet@usherbrooke.ca
ushaMy time in India is near over as I begin my 12 hours bus journey back to Dehli this afternoon. I arrived to Mcloud Ganj a little over a month ago on a yoga teacher training. I came to this program with out expectations, except to get better at the practice, how little I knew that I had signed up for school of life. What I learned in one month is only the beginning to deeper self awareness. For now, body and mind is charged and ready for real life discoveries and challenges. I plan to teach yoga to friends and family, and to do Reiki or sound healing per your request. Along with the certificates, I was given a spiritual name “Yogini Usha” meaning: “morning, dawn, sunrise”, on this note, I will wake up each morning with deeper sense of self awareness and consciousness. Yogi Shivadas thank you for everything you taught me, I will miss your stories. Certified yoga teacher, Reiki master and completed Himalayan sound Healing. Maryam Hosseinnia ( Yogini Usha ) YTTC 200 maryamh@me.com Salmiya, Kuwait
anaI finished my 500 hour yoga teacher training with Shivadas. And it has been such an intense and meaningful time for me. I am also very happy that I chose to do the 5oo hours , because it gave me a bit more time to settle in the school, learn more and to improve my asanas more. I would definitely advise anybody, who has the time, to do a longer course with Shivadas. You will not regret it! Also the setting of the school is really beautiful and still in the center of the town, where you can find all kinds of good restaurants and shops. I loved my room that I had rented in the school too, very convenient and very bright…It became a real home. And that is important for me, after travelling for so long. I learned much from Shivadas’ approach to yoga; which is adjusted to the modern body and also to learn to be kind and soft to yourself. (That was a good lesson for me …;-0 ). Now I have more than enough knowledge and selfconfidense to teach myself. I am now a yoga teacher in Cambodia. Thank you Shivadas, for being such a great teacher. I loved how you were always open for all kinds of questions and that you didn’t keep any taboo! I have become more grounded, more balanced and so more happy! And that is, what is yoga about!! If you have any questions about the course, please contact me by email. Or if you are travelling through Cambodia and want to do some yoga with me… My name is An AYTTC 500 iamfreetobemyself@yahoo.com
tracy"I just returned from the Kailash Tribal School and I really enjoyed it. The teacher has decades of experience and has a balanced and moderate approach to yoga. He won't push you beyond your limits or into any positions you aren't ready for. I especially loved that aspect of it because I think that yoga is all about breath, moving at your own pace and finding a good center. Some yoga videos I've done move so quickly and just seem "too fast." He'll hold downward dog for several breaths and you'll quickly work up a sweat. I feel like I gained so much in the course. We spent 4 hours a day doing yoga. We had 2 hours of Ashtanga in the morning and 2 hours of Hatha in the afternoon. We also spent an hour a day learning about cleanses, breathing, meditation and chanting. Then, another 2 hours of lecture in the afternoon. It's a pretty intensive course, but it is a great introduction to teaching yoga. I know people who did the 500 hours and their knowledge is about double and a half mine (literally because that's how much more they do!). I'd say I'm glad I didn't do the 500 hours there. I think for me it will be better to break it up. I'm thinking I might get my next 300 hours later after I've processed what I learned. It definitely depends on what you're looking for. If you want to teach professionally, I'd recommend 500 hours and it's probably easier and more cost-effective to do it all at once. I don't actually feel confident enough to teach alone and independently at this point. I'd want much more practice - probably 300 hours worth! I feel ready to teach family and friends and perhaps understudy with an experienced teacher, but I think 200 should be considered entry-level/intern level. There is soooo much involved in the world of yoga and ayurveda. You could literally study it for years. And, it also depends on how much you already know about yoga. If you are experienced, you'll be able to start studying how to teach it faster. I am not as experienced, so I spent the first two weeks learning how to do the postures properly. The on-site housing is fantastic. We had a kitchen and wonderful porch with a stunning view of the valley/city. The rooms are clean and bright and all the cooking/bathroom supplies are provided. The town itself is tourist friendly with lots of places to eat vegetarian food and hike. Although, I'd recommend turning inward for the experience. There were some days I never left our little yogi cottage area because the yoga room was just upstairs. It feels like a little haven compared with all the shops and tuk-tuks and excitement of the streets, which are all the things that a tourist in India loves, but are also things that can distract you from your yogic bliss. I think the most important aspect of the course is that everyone internalizes yoga differently. And, this is especially important when teaching. What is helpful for one person, may not be helpful for another. And also, just because you enjoy a certain position or can move your body one way, it doesn't mean that it is the best way to teach it. Our class was in constant dialogue about what worked for us, why it was helpful or why it was not. I loved hearing about how yoga works for other people. I also loved the focus on yoga for your dosha (element). Some people need vigorous yoga, others need slow yoga, depending on their constitution. And, they don't always crave the kind of yoga they need. So, that is a very interesting topic. Yoga in the west is quite different than yoga in the east and I think that's the benefit to learning yoga in India itself. You will connect with yoga in a way that is closer to how it originally evolved before it left the east and traveled to the west and was digested and expressed with a western flare. I think it is always better to learn from a different perspective so that your own becomes stronger. Oh, you mentioned teaching for kids. He does cover teaching for kids a bit. I was also interested in that topic, so we discussed for a day or two. I think if you're interested specifically in children, you should let him know and he could probably give you more information. Although I think the best approach is to take the information he provides and then practice and gain experience later through attending and teaching classes. Teaching yoga is like teaching anything. You learn the principles and then when you step into the classroom, you begin to apply them, but not usually before or maybe just in your head! Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to help. If you do decide to go, say hi to yoga shividas from me. I am so glad I attended his course. I think it will impact my life positively for years to come. He has helped me to view my life through a more balanced lens and also showed me how to think critically about the kind of yoga that I practice and why." Tracey Goldner, traceygoldner@gmail.com Tracey Goldner, 540 NW Silverado Dr, Beaverton OR 97006.
jenSending immense gratitude to Yogi Sividas for his extensive and supportive yoga teachings. My academic residence at his Kailash Yoga School offered a truly life-enriching experience. Yogi Sividas is not just a wonderful teacher and person; he also holds expert training capabilities as well as a vast knowledge of all aspects of yoga, including philosophy, physiology and anatomy. As a yoga teacher working and living in New York, I was seeking to travel to India to complete my advanced studies; the Kailash Yoga School offered the ingredients to make it all happen. From the moment I arrived at the school in Dharamsala to the moment I departed, my soul was stimulated and nourished by the beautiful surroundings and all the offerings of a Classical Yoga education. Yogi Sividas’ curriculum is extremely well rounded and includes a current understanding of the role yoga plays in our lives today. Yogi Sivadas offers his guidance and attention to your evolution as a student by offering various assignments and different experiential learning methodologies. The school facilities are beautiful, and open with stunning Himalayan views that inspire the body, mind and soul. The town of Dharmasala itself is small, friendly and very easy to live in and navigate. During my stay at the school, I was able to complete my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training as well as become a Certified Reiki Master. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the asana, energy healing and academic educational training I received at the Kailash Yoga School. I look forward to returning to support future trainings. Jen Maneesha Warakomski RYT 500. NYC, NY USA www.jenwarakomski.com/ or jjen@jenwarakomski.com
I completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Course in April 2012. This course helped me to deepen my own practice and really understand what yoga is as a holistic way of life - not just conceptually, but experientially. It is through this understanding and personal experience that I feel confident to teach others and share my experience. I'm really glad I opted to do the course in India; the Himalayas are beautiful, and I really felt a sense and flavor of the history/roots of the ancient yogic way of life. I don't think I would have felt this had done the course in my home country. I experienced yoga in a safe, blissful and healing capacity through the YA 200 hour course at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. Yogi Sivadas is a wonderfully inspiring & wise teacher; the course is taught in a variety of mediums to suit all learners and really encourages independent learning & thinking, so that yoga can be applied to a number of settings in the modern world. I came away from the course feeling bright, light, renewed, inspired and ready to teach! mouniraalmenoar@hotmail.com Mounira Almenoar - Yoga Health Wellness http://mouniraalmenoar.blogspot.com.au United Kingdom. Thank you Yogi Sivadas
adyaThis is a school that deserves recognition. Yogi Sivadas has his own style of teaching that encompasses all his students needs. Classes are not taught from a manual but from his knowledge, intuition and insight. Each class is unique while following the curriculum of YogaAlliance. Classes are small and group discussions are encouraged, along with sharing of ideas and knowledge. Even if you are an experienced yoga teacher, I believe you will still learn so much and be an even better teacher. In the asana classes we are constantly reminded to listen, feel and understand our bodies. When we follow this philosophy ourselves our students will benefit. No-one will suffer injuries if they hear what Yogi Sivadas is saying. It is not about what you can do, it is about what you can understand. Nutrition and an understanding of anatomy play a major role in our daily lives and this is explained and reinforced. Former habits are re-evaluated. Philosophy, history, mythology and ancient teachings are explained and adapted to modern times. An infinite world of possibilities are opened to us and we are offered the tools to seek what we need and encouraged to continue learning and adapting with awareness. Accommodation is clean, bright and conducive to peaceful study. The town will meet your daily needs for meals and supplies. You will definitely get value for your money with any of the courses offered at Kailash Tribal School. AYTTC 500 hour, Reiki Master, Sound Healing and Ayurvedic Massage course Graduate of Kailash Tribal School. 
ninaThank you soo much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you x 'Ask me a question about anything! anything in the world' I have never known a teacher brave enough to ask such a question...let alone answer them all with such vast knowlege and understanding, and most of all patience! Having completed 200hrs teacher training and Reiki to master level under Yogi Shividas I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. His knowledge, imagination and open mind, have opened mine! If you are reading this wondering if this is the right school stop wondering! I'm so glad I did. The only distraction from the inspirational teaching being the incredible mountains and eagles soaring outside the studio! You couldn't ask for a better setting. I leave here after doing things I never thought possible, full of energy and a whole lot of love. Thank you. please feel free to email me on ninapulford@hotmail.co.uk I am more than happy to answer any questions xx
deviI was privilege to have private lesson- Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki I. and II. level with Yogi Sivadas,Tribal School. ....Yogi Sivadas is a great Yoga Teacher....a great teacher not just teach but also inspire and motivate student to learn about Yoga & Lifestyle & Well being. ...I`m professional Medical Aesthetician/Therapist.My work include Anti-ageing Treatments,Weight Management&Well being Body and Mind....Including Yoga and Reiki Program would be definitely beneficial for my clients to get better results of treatments. ....I was happy with accommodation provided by Tribe School .....safe ,close to shops and restaurants. ....Also Thank you to Management of Tribal School ...very helpful and kind. ....Look forward to take Advance Yoga Teaching- and Reiki Master III level Course. See you next year. Many Thanks and all the best.
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